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Parents Poem in English: Thank You God for giving me the Precious Gift of this World “My Parents”. This Valentine’s Day, if you are wondering what gift you want to give your boyfriend, then have you considered the option of giving him a short poem? If love were always sweet to tongue Or fragrant to the nose, Each day would be like Valentine’s, And we would go insane.
A Valentine just hangs around Waiting to be kissed Long after special days have passed And every days are here.
Here among the lovers I wait willing, Alone because I cannot be with you, Pensive in the press of people filling Promenades with passions spent and due.

A poem on Valentine’s Day can express how you feel about your boyfriend and if it’s your first love, then poems can make memorable gifts.
Yet I am happy in my melancholy, Vested in a love that like the night Arrays itself in dreams that veil me wholly, Leaving me contented till the light. Let’s Do something special on this Day by making Wishing Cards and written words on its own.
You can either write your very own poem, neatly frame it as a present, or you can also take a small excerpt from your favorite poem that tells your boyfriend exactly how you feel and give it to the one you love.
Even were I with you, I would wander Near the things that would, but cannot be, Taking you with me towards that inner wonder In which we find the truest ecstasy.

Are you seem to be Beautiful Thoughts, Inspirational Quotes, Short Poems, Short Speeches and Parental Songs, then we are here for you with the motivational Thoughts For Parents, Quotations, Love Speeches For Parents and much more. Often, we do not even think about the fact that there were most likely two people who were most influential in making a person who they are.

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