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The best part of online dating is that many obstacles to your first encounter have been removed. The most common characteristics people want in their partners include integrity, sense of humor, open-mindedness, honesty, stability, and to share common hobbies and interests.
Next, its time for you to dig deep, and do a little soul searching about the kind of person you are, who you want to be, and what you’re willing to offer a relationship.
The part about finding the person of your dreams should make you explore areas in both online and offline dating methods. Various studies and surveys have revealed that Christian singles both men and women have found the online dating method more comfortable, convenient and efficient compared to offline methods. Membership fees for online Christian dating may vary from  15 dollars to 80 dollars a month depending on the service that you desire and depending upon the reputation of the site and its database of members as also the testimonials of the site including its positive reviews in the forums. It is believed that one in 7 couples who meet online go on to form long term dating relationships which is actually a good conversion considering that there could be multiple meetings  a person has online while short listing other singles and finally decided to link up with one of them. Giving due respect and honor to the opposite dating partner is the hallmark of a good Christian dating relationship and Christians should always endeavor to nurse a relationship which has mutual respect instilled in it. Get My Best Work!Join my community of over 100,000 for updates on special events and the best of what I do. In my 22+ career as matchmaking professional and online dating expert, I’ve had the privilege of interviewing over 60,000 singles immersed in conversation about their dating and love lives. My best guess is that 90% of those I speak with have “tried” online dating (even if it was just to create a profile to browse around) while the remaining 10% are either too afraid or simply not interested in ever trying online dating. As I listen to their fears, I instantly think to myself, perhaps this is WHY we are having the conversation in the first place; at this time and in this moment.
I firmly believe in my ability as a professional coach and matchmaking expert, my work with singles will have a positive and lasting impact to their love life. As with anything important to you in your life, you need to do your homework and take responsibility for where you’re at, especially if it’s not where you want to be.
Keep in mind that you’re on a Christian Dating site and you want to choose photos that are recent, pleasant, flattering, clear and respectable. Choosing at least one photo where you are participating in an activity or doing something you love that creates curiosity about you.
Be sure that you are also doing your part in searching for someone using the matchmaking filters to indicate your preferences and actually reach out to those you are interested in. I find a huge mistake singles make when they’re online is to message someone they are physically interested in without actually reading though their entire profile. You can do this by mentioning to them what it is that you found interesting about their profile. You first message should never be a common salutation such as “Hello.” These types of “one-liners” do nothing to show you’re truly interested in getting to know the person and are almost always going to get NO RESPONSE from your love interest.
A common concern I hear from Christian singles is for their privacy and meeting the wrong types of people. I always advise that you have a list of qualifying questions answered before you ever decide to take your conversation OFFLINE. One of the greatest benefits of being on a Christian dating site is that you already share a very important value: your faith.

If you approach online dating with a negative and defeated attitude, you will likely experience and draw negativity towards you. Prayer, partnered with action, persistence and positivity is bound for the kind of results you want in your love life. Of course, the team at Paul Brunson’s Agency are happy to support you with your goals of finding someone special! This post was written by Carmelia Ray, an author and award-winning matchmaking and online dating expert with over 22 years experience in the dating industry.
I remember years ago my nephew who was then about 5, asked me Auntie why don't you have a husband? The unique meeting place offered by the online dating community is often the perfect setting to meet like-minded individuals, and embark upon a happy and rewarding relationship. The setting, your initial nerves, additional time, and friends chantter have been diminished.
It’s very important that you sit down and take the time to create a list defining exactly what you want on your ideal partner and relationship. Network with people in your own community and use traditional methods first by joining local Christian singles groups and keep your mind open to Christian singles everywhere.
While offline methods are good for a start before you go online, people have realized that online Christian dating is both advantageous and convenient because you can scan through a wide and huge database of other Christian singles 7 times a week, 24 hours a day from the comfort of your own home and at a time schedule which you can decide. You may also consider taking trial memberships on such sites first before launching yourself in full flow. Also you are basically connecting to an unknown stranger whom you will get to know much later. Whenever you treat your Christian single partner with respect you automatically strengthen Christian values and become an ambassador of Christianity for the world to emulate and follow.
Just remember that developing a good Christian friendship and taking it forward to love and matrimony should be your way forward in this world where everyone is seeking a partner not knowing how to do it in the most easiest way. I take the time to learn about each person and focus specifically on what’s been working or NOT working in the area of their personal relationships which brought them to seeking “professional” help.
Their fear is based on third party stories and beliefs created from the warnings of caring friends and family members who think online dating is somehow bad. Anything is possible for you and your life if you’re willing to put in the effort and do the WORK necessary to achieve happiness, love and the results you desire.
Christian singles over the years have discovered love online and there are countless marriages that have resulted in their online dating efforts. The great news is that it can ALL change starting with making the CHOICE to change it and follow up with the ACTIONS to see it through. Paying attention to these tiny details will have your profile photo stand out from the crowd.
All too often I witness Christian singles that are posting photos which are a little too revealing and where they are not smiling.
He certainly gives you to the tools to seek and attract your ideal partner, but it’s up to YOU to do the work. There are many fun and cool features on your dating site including mobile apps that make online dating fun, interactive and really engaging.

If you are going to take the time to message someone, you want to make sure that your message indicates evidence you’ve read through their entire profile.
Then end with a question about something you are curious about, in order to invite conversation. This means ANY and all forms of communication outside of the online dating site via email, Facebook, twitter or telephone number exchange. The interesting thing about perspective is the impact of how you view things is REAL and you should view online dating and all your dating experiences (good or bad) as an opportunity to learn and grow as a person in an effort to find your true Christian partner. She’s personally interviewed 60,000 singles and helped over 7,000 clients with their search to find someone special. Acknowledging your spiritual commitment before seeking a partner will enhance your experience, and increase the chance of meeting your souls mate. Getting involved in volunteering activities and mission programs or ministries in your church and through family and friends  is the basic approach. Like minded people being on the same platform makes it easier for you to search and locate such people who may be looking for the same thing as yourself. Trial memberships can help you get to know the online dating process without paying upfront as such trials are normally given by websites for free. Also profiles can be misleading and may be manipulated to give a rosy picture of the person involved.
Each Christian contributes to the outlook of Christianity and together we build our reputation as Christians to the world . I explore all of the avenues they have tried to meet people and get into the details of their past failed relationships to gain deeper insight about their experiences in order to create an effective solution. I have found that Christian singles seem to be very reserved about trying online dating and quite often share with me,”God is going to deliver my partner. Online dating and professional matchmaking are some of many ways you can take action and control over the number of people you meet and increase your odds to finding your perfect Christian partner. If you’ve created your Christian online dating profile, don’t sit and wait for someone to notice you. Whether it’s online or offline, searching for a desirable partner, forging a lifelong friendship and building that relationship into a lasting and happy marriage takes a lot of work. You could eventually expand on that by going through Christian internet dating which is the online focus on Christian dating services.
All you need to do is use the search box to type the criteria for likes and dislikes, and find new friends quickly and easily. Since you do not meet someone in person, unlike offline methods, there could be some secrecy issues on marital status, educational qualifications, past history, health issues, financial status and other such personal data which could be far from the truth. The following Christian dating tips for men and women are designed to help Christian singles approach online dating more effectively.

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