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No pun intended but the name Dingbang surely tops the list when it comes to funny Chinese names that are used for boys.
There are certain Chinese baby names that sound like something that you would expect to find on a Chinese restaurant menu. There are some Chinese names that seem as though they are just impossible to pronounce for the non-Chinese masses. Then there are certain Chinese names that sound like one of the calls made during martial arts. How would it sound if someone where to say “This is my daughter, her name is son.” This is downright funny for the English speaker although the name son is a common Chinese name for girls which means bending. If you want to make a pretty Chinese girl names, these girls' name is for easy reference.
Alexandre Lechenet of the French newspaper Le Monde created baby name maps that show the evolution of France's most popular baby names -- from 1946 to 2011.

While Emma does rank high on the social security's list of baby names, it has only taken first place once since 2004, with Emily as America's most popular name in the same time frame.
Get a load of some Chinese names that will have you rolling on the floor.Certain Chinese names have the tendency to sound quite funny to the average non-Chinese listener. This name, which has the tendency to make English speakers burst out into barrels of laughter actually has quite a virtuous meaning. The name Manchu for example is quite similar to the famous Chinese dish “Chicken Manchurian.” Most of the non-Chinese people are only scantly familiar with the language and the majority of us have the items found on a Chinese restaurant menu as the extents of our Chinese vocabulary. The name Hua for example comes across as a call that you would get to hear from someone engaged in practicing martial arts. Paris used to be the region where baby name trends orginated, but that's becoming less and less the case. This can be said about names from any culture as they may seem to sound alien to other cultures.

Even if someone were to tell you how to pronounce this name you wouldn’t be able to unless you are familiar with the Chinese language.
Due to its martial arts connotation this name has a distinct Chinese flavor but nonetheless comes across as funny to the non-Chinese. The name Ho for example is so short that it actually sounds like a reflex action rather than an actual name. This is what makes some Chinese names sound funny without them necessarily possessing funny meanings.
Ho, which translates as goodness makes you think of Santa Claus and his reindeers going Ho-Ho-Ho.

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