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I usually chalk up these nagging social issues to women looking to move up the social and economic ladder. But recently, I came across this WSJ report that seems to turn that theory upside down.  It appears in Hong Kong, the real action is not of poor Chinese women marrying rich foreign men, which I understand, but rich Chinese women seeking out to marry white men.
The above picture apparently caused quite a stir and went viral in Hong Kong cyberspace recently. It started with an advertisement that depicted a young Asian woman smiling at a Caucasian man, who eyed her while holding a martini glass. The ad went viral online, infuriating some who decried the event as degrading to native Hong Kong men and women alike.
While there was no explicit mention of race in the invitation for the event,  social-media commentators homed in on the issue. The founder of Hong Kong Speed Dating, Rachael Chan, said Hong Kong’s five-star Mandarin Hotel refused to host the weekend dinner party just hours before the event, which was open to 20 diners total (both men and women), and the event was moved to a venue in Soho, an upscale bar-heavy district. A Mandarin Oriental spokeswoman said it wasn’t a hotel event, and declined to comment further. So far, about 10 men have signed up for the event, which isn’t restricted based on nationality for men or women.
Are these even the right questions to ask?  Perhaps I am making too much of a big deal out of stories like this. A single, rich women is often older, while most single, rich men in her age group are likely dating someone younger.
In fact, I would daresay that most of the professional women I’ve met are not bothered by this. From my experience, there are very few traditional Chinese educated men willing to have non-Chinese speaking children. This is one of the major reason proportionately few Chinese men than women marrying outside their ethnicity. For some European men, they do not have these concern, they can almost be certain that his children would grow up in a culture he is familiar with. Answers like this tend to obscure the fact that this is also a human rights issue and a problem of justice and fairness.
Many of these women (there are actually surprisingly few considering the British colonial history of Hong Kong and even fewer are rich) have been seriously brainwashed. I am not surprised at some women who only go after white men though, because expats in Asian nations are typically wealthier than the locals and there are gold digger everywhere.
Specific issues aside, I do too believe inter-racial marriages are a great thing, as long as the couples are happy.
I believe such an individual generally would have a deeper appreciation for cultures that make up that person. Also, the assumption that those who oppose the disparity is against IR has been used by those very people that take advantage of the disparity (whites) to delegitimize the reasons given against the disparity.
FIRST… the vast majority of the women were mainland Chinese women not local Hong Kong women. THIRD… this is comfirmed by the interviews, this also explains why the advertisement was written in simplified Chinese. The Chinese women who would want to marry foreigners out of love as opposed to financial security is actually pretty rare. How would this story be reported if it were China asking Apple for a way to get into a Terrorist’s phone?
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The life of a Chinese girl varies greatly depending on her level of status and position in society.
I personally was at a park a few years back doing Kung Fu when an older guy approached me to talk before telling me that his granddaughter worked in a bank, giving me her contact details, and writing mine down to give to her. Hot Chinese girl can sit at home and open MoMo or WeChat and wait 30 minutes, after those 30 minutes guaranteed there will be at least 10 guys trying to talk to her and all of those 10 would be willing to date her, buy her dinner, and bang her. This all relates back to maintaining face in public — your social standing, essentially.

The point of courtship is to create a solid social connection that supplies both sides with some form of social value. There is more to it than that but in a nutshell those are the most important things to Chinese people. The majority of average wage earners find it very possible get an incredibly average girlfriend. Foreign guys have a lot of assumed value already, regardless of actual value, and girls find them interesting simply because they’re different. Stay tuned for my future articles where I teach you how to talk to, and attract, top tier Chinese girls the right way. As I mentioned previously, Universities will be one of your better bets, especially in the smaller cities.
She chose to join online dating sites because she believes that the man for her is living in the other side of the world.
See hot chinese ladies with china girls online in a chinese dating site for your china bride.
View beautiful china girls plus hot chinese women in china personal ads to date chinese girl. If the relationship last and works out for both parties, it’s a win-win for all – who cares about if two people are of different races?
Created by a Hong Kong speed-dating company, the flier was intended to promote a matchmaking event over the weekend that asked women to pay HK$4,800—more than US$600—to meet expatriate men, who were urged to attend and dine for free.
Only in Asia,” says the Facebook page of Kamy Yeung, in a post that accompanied a picture of the ad. Chan defended the event, saying that asking women to pay US$600 was a way to screen attendees and an attempt to help serve her customers better. She refused to disclose the location, out of fear of sparking further backlash, but says that the event shouldn’t be construed as just a way for men to meet good-looking women. How prevalent is this phenomenon of economically well-off Chinese (or more broadly Asian) women seeking Western men in other regions of the world: Taiwan, Malaysia, Europe, America? While I’m generalizing now, one of the reasons I used to date white women was because it felt refreshing to only have to deal with her, rather than her and her family.
The reality is that it’s still a male-dominated culture, both in the West and in China (and really everywhere) and a woman has every right to do what she wants. That’s why it is much easier for them to choose spouse who are Arabic, Japanese, Indian, Chinese etc.
If the relationship last and works out for both parties, it’s a win-win for all – who cares about if two people are of different races? There would be no problems if there was a balance between the the numbers of AM and AF dating or marrying outside. Western men are seen as more successful even when on average they are not (at least in Hong Kong) because success is conveyed through popular images: those images are of the wallstreet type, the business tycoon, European royalty, dotcom tycoon, etc, all of which are commonly portrayed as white males fulfilling these roles. It is a strawman argument that tries to portray those against the disparity as backward racist (a common tactic of racists themselves). Taiwanese girls don’t necessarily find western men more attractive anymore than iranian or iraqi women are going to find western men more attractive, no my experience was more that they preferred taiwanese men, and not just in terms of finding a good man to marry, but also as a sexual partner as well. Average to ok looking not-so-rich girls will be constantly pressured to fulfil their parents expectations in terms study, work, and then marriage. Having said that, I feel I must also throw out that Chinese girls do have a lot more going on than you think. Chinese people seem to identify more with their status level and how much money they have, which causes many people to be very very similar. In China they have parks where the older folk go to advertise their sons, daughters, nieces and nephews.
It’s a common practice for a Chinese woman to have a secret bank account and squirrel money away into it just as a back up in case the marriage fails. If you disagree with me then please read Memoirs of Casanova (a mere 1500+ pages long) and take a trip to France and Italy. This means that Chinese people end up being very similar to each other, as opposed to in the West where people are a lot more individualized.
In these relationships, though, women overwhelmingly wear the pants because they know their guy probably can’t do much better.

Chan said this weekend her company is hosting a dating event that matches female flight attendants, who will attend free of charge, with men who will pay HK$5,000 to mingle with them. Because in most inter ethnic marriage between European males and Chinese females, the children will most certainly grow up under the influence of the males’ culture unless the couple stay in Chinese dominated neighbourhood.
Despite so much talk of inter ethnicity dating or marrying, people from the same background usually clicked easier.
If you think the foreigners here mean Pilipino, Bangladeshi workers, over aged, over weight under paid European expatriat etc, you are way too naive. Wouldn’t truly rich women in hong kong have other resources to meet foreigners if they wanted to? But the fact remains that there is a disparity and that that disparity is caused by racist forces. They usually go between getting their nails done, shopping, getting their hair done, and eating, with the occasional table at a bar or singing at KTV thrown in. Rich girl shopping is where you buy a bunch of stuff and then get coffee or eat something with friends so you can show off what you bought.
This is due to a lack of religion and security …having money means you have security and people envy you. Face is why lots of girls are more selective about who they marry, they need their parents approval to marry. There are exceptions but as a general rule any girl that is hanging around with a foreign guy is assumed to be banging him. Even girls in my country, Australia, get really excited over European guys making it pretty clear how widespread this phenomenon is. If you chose to comment on anything we write then we only ask that you stick to basic rules of civility. So throughout the world, it is people who are of similar background that get together the most.
Of course, the picture of the supposed Chinese lady is also misleading (it seems the organizers realized that too) because obviously we have men having to pay to meet attractive world travelled young ladies. Nothing affects a person’s dignity and self-esteem more than how they are portrayed as worthy of attention, affection, from the opposite sex. It is not hard to understand their desire of breaking away from constraints and looking forward to a more (seems to be) easy-going life-style. Lastly: The best way to meet and attract Chinese girls, plus how to juggle a relationship with them. In these parks, People plaster signs in these park that display a person’s hight, salary, university, and even age. It is also a stab at an earlier video made by some guys complaining about not being able to find a wife because of the gender imbalance. Sure, there is a larger middle class in China than there would have been in Medieval times… but China is pretty much on par with 14th century Europe. If they marry without their family’s blessing, they can be ostracized from the rest of their family.
In Malaysia and Singapore, I would say over 99 percent of Chinese marry within the same group, it is the same for Malay and Indian.
Rich guys in China very often have multiple women on the go …so this makes average looking girls relatively invisible in comparison.
Inter ethnic dating of overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia nations like Malaysia, Singaporean are also predominantly between Chinese women and Malay and Indian men.
Come have a free dating dinner,” one Hong Kong-based user wrote on Weibo, China’s Twitter-like microblogging service. Asian men are the targets of the worst PR campaign in this regard in the world and that western media image is so popular that it has become a slogan even in some parts of Asia such as colonial Hong Kong. What I am saying is that beautiful women in China get A L O T of attention, like whatever you think x1000000.

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