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Charlie and Dee's romantic involvement with two members of a wealthy family fosters jealousy from the rest of the gang who desire the wealthy lifestyle. Always Sunny got freakin' hilarious this week with a tale about the cruel intentions of the rich and powerful. The exterior of the Taft house is the same house used in the movie "Hall Pass" which also features Alexandra Daddario.
Breaking Nomad Carabiner Charger - NomadClip Review Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer #1 & #2 (Update) Archie vs. Everything comes to a head at the big announcement party for Taftco industries going public. When Charlie and Dee invade the rarefied world of the 1%, they find a romantic connection with two members of one of Philly's wealthiest families. Charlie and Dee are in Dee's car, watching The Waitress at her new job, delivering Indian food on a bicycle. Back at Paddy's, Charlie and Dee are telling the rest of The Gang about what happened, and Dennis seems very skeptical. Dennis tells Frank that he will play tennis on Ruby's team and "extract her plan" to humiliate Charlie from her.
At the party, Mac and Dee are dressed very casually, in contrast to everyone else, in black tie. Dennis then says that Ruby is "playing her games too", and he won't let her humiliate Charlie. A handbag the Waitress is carrying around was designed by the friends of Mary Elizabeth Ellis. Mary Elizabeth Ellis: "I went and shot on my set this year of my apartment, which used to be like really cute, and now it has graffiti in the hall. Tchaikovsky's "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" plays three times in this episode - the same version from 02x04 and 04x04. Charlie's obsession with cheese has a long history on Sunny, but this is the first time we actually see Charlie eating cheese.
Sweet Dee uncontrollably gags every time a handsome guy (or Bill Ponderosa) starts to talk to her. A list of things that Charlie regularly does for the Waitress is another example of his goddamn illiteracy! The Gang has been dealt with the others "frat kids" back in "The Gang Reignites the Rivalry". The movies mentioned by Dennis are: Dangerous Liaisons, Cruel Intentions, She's All That and Can't Buy Me Love. According to Dee, historically Reynolds were a "railroad family" and they has the Vandervelts as a distant relatives. According to Mac, at the time Lady Di was "plucked from the streets like the trash she was". Most likely, Frank's robber outfit - it's a reference to Danny DeVito's unhealthy obsession with "PR". The small baseball bat Dee carries as she goes to confront the driver who rear-ended her resembles the one she used to beat the shit out of the masturbating bum in Bums: Making a Mess All Over the City. The Waitress somehow got Dennis' cell phone number, even after he changed it after the events of 07x08.
When they catch wind of the fancy dinners, tennis matches and big parties, Mac, Dennis and Frank try to get a piece of the action. Charlie Kelly has always been my favorite character, and his incredible duplicity in this episode was simply badass. Charlie and Dee find love in similar, but different places, which leads to Dennis, Mac and Frank getting jealous and causing havoc on the whole situation. Dee on the other hand wants to continue to follow her, but upon trying to make a U-turn out of her parking spot on the street, slams into another car.
It’s at this point that Dennis figures out the scheme, the Tafts are only hanging out with Charlie and Dee so that they can make fun of them in front of their friends at some big party later in the week. Dennis interrupts the announcement to call out the Taft siblings for the cruel joke they are playing on Dee and Charlie. Charlie is aghast when he sees her leave her bike unattended, and not locked up, and he jumps out of Dee's car and chases a guy who is walking down the street (and apparently just walking down the street) away. Charlie and Dee are trying to act sophisticated, but it looks like it's going to be a disaster. Dennis says that the fact that things seem to be going well doesn't make any sense: "Can the girl not smell Charlie?

When Trevor and Ruby see the rest of The Gang, they ask if Charlie and Dee have brought some friends: Dee denies that they are friends of theirs, calling them some "hobos", but Trevor invites Frank, Dennis, and Mac in anyway to play tennis. There's a problem, though: Frank (understandably) cannot read Charlie's list of tasks, which is written in his usual style of weird pictures and fractured English.
Charlie tells Ruby that there's a girl who's the "love of her life", and that he must let her go before he's able to go further with Ruby. The Waitress tells him that she's thinking of amending the restraining order she has against him: she's not going to get rid of it, but she might let him come within 50 feet of her, not 100. Also, this episode's cold opening starts with some background music - as well as 02x04 and 07x04 does.
In actually, Lady Diana's family, the Spencers, is one of the oldest and most prestigious families in the British nobility.
The waitress makes another appearance, and looked extremely good this week, so that was nice to see. This car contains two members of the esteemed Taft family, who are well known in Philadelphia, and very wealthy.
She starts to pull out, and her car is rear-ended by a very expensive looking Aston Martin. Mac tells them that is a "great opportunity" for Dee and Charlie to get into the Taft family—and, by extension, it's a great opportunity for the rest of them.
Charlie asks if it's true that their family came over on the Mayflower, and when Ruby confirms that they did, he launches into a bizarre discourse, which Dee joins in, about how they must have killed a lot of Indians, but he has "distaste" for Indians, and Dee says they "needed to be exterminated." Dee and Charlie also lie about their families being wealthy. Dennis plays tennis horribly, hardly impressing Ruby, who seems repulsed by Dennis, even after he "pops off" his shirt.
Just as Dee is about to bang Trevor, Mac bursts in, leading Trevor to take a martial arts stand, which Mac also does.
She's going to keep calling and trying to get to Charlie, so she will have "a front row seat for the final moment of humiliation", which will destroy Charlie forever.
The Waitress shows up, very upset, showing that her hair is falling out, accusing Charlie of poisoning her. Trevor tells them to go sit with some of his "frat brother's guests"—and points to a group of very geeky people. At that point, Dennis steps forward, tell him that when he does, "the SEC is going to be all up in your ass." He says that while they all thought they could "play their little games", they've gone too far, and he says that Trevor has given Mac an insider-trading tip.
He then puts The Waitress on the phone, and The Waitress says that if Charlie can make what has been happening stop, she needs him, and she wants him back in her life. This does mean that he has to leave, but he says he'll see her tomorrow, which The Waitress says is OK, "from a distance though". Initially, Dennis, Mac and Frank see this an an opportunity to mooch off the rich, but then become flabbergasted when Trevor and Ruby aren't completely and utterly repulsed by Charlie and Dee during a fancy double dinner date. And Charlie eats a shit load of cheese and Dee does a weird dance that would not turn anyone on… ever.
Charlie immediately takes interest in the girl and Dee the guy, which leads to a double date.
Taft is recording on his phone, clearly to show his friends later, but Mac doesn’t care.
Taft telling Mac all about the fact that the company is going public, before the announcement was made, thus bringing about a lawsuit about insider trading. It’s got to be hard to come up with consistently funny episodes after 8 seasons, so I hope it continues.
She asks Charlie what he is doing, and Charlie explains that he is protecting her bike from being stolen. He asks Charlie and Dee what their plans for the date are, and Charlie says they will "just be ourselves", which Dennis scoffs at. Dee asks Mac to leave, but they start sparring with each other when she tries to make him leave.
So, to keep The Waitress away, Dennis tells Frank that he needs to start doing the tasks Charlie was doing for her, while he does "something very important". Meanwhile, Dennis is in a tanning bed, obviously a reaction to Ruby calling him pale earlier (and probably a sign that he is trying to bang her after all). When Ruby corroborates Charlie's story that he's been with her the past couple of days, The Waitress angrily demands to know who "that bitch" is.
Suddenly Dee realizes what's going on, and leads Mac to the room where Trevor and his frat buddies are watching the tape of Mac and Dee wrestling and mocking it, calling them the "biggest losers ever." Dee and Mac are crushed, but just then Dennis comes up to them, saying that "They're not the only ones who can play these games", and telling them to come with him. He plays a video, recorded in his room, in which Trevor tells Mac that he should buy stock because Taftco is going public.

Though Charlie says he's done, Dee wants to follow his ex, but when she pulls out she gets into a car accident with a handsome man named Trevor and his attractive sister Ruby. At the start of the date Charlie and Dee are trying to act sophisticated to impress their new found love interests, but things take a turn when the cheese plate is rolled next to Charlie and he can’t contain himself. The Waitress tells him that she is "done" with this and that he needs to stop stalking her. The driver of the car, however, admits fault, and introduces himself as Trevor, and also introduces his sister Ruby. Frank and Mac also tell them that they should not be themselves: Mac especially warns Charlie to avoid cheese, and tells Dee to not be a "drunk, punchy whore". Even worse for Charlie, two large platters full of cheese are wheeled over to the table, which sends him into a frenzied state. Dennis explains further: this is a game that bored rich people play, and they are toying with Charlie and Dee and will crush them for their own amusement. Mac and Trevor seem very concerned about explaining the "context" of the video, that they are wrestling, because the video then appears to show them banging. Ruby seems genuinely hurt by this, and tells Charlie that this wasn't a game, and she really likes him.
Not having any self control, Charlie immediately buries his face into the cheese, eating as much as possible. Taft wrestling with their shirts up and covered in oil… definitely did not look like wrestling.
Charlie tells her that her life would be a "mess" without the tasks he does for her, including protecting her bike, putting vitamins in her shampoo, and testing her food to make sure that she is not being poisoned. The temptation is too great for Charlie, and he starts wildly shoveling cheese into his mouth, finally just lowering his face directly into it.
After Dennis hangs up again, The Waitress hears Frank in her apartment, and Frank, after claiming to be her neighbor, runs her off.
Charlie, in a truly shocking turn of events, tells her he knows she really likes him, and he was using her to make The Waitress jealous. Taft to take his shirt off and oil up for some wrestling, which really just looks like anal sex. Then, as Dennis is trying to save Charlie from the Ruby, she expresses that she actually does like Charlie and was not playing him like her brother was.
They all seem to be attracted to each other, as evidenced by the ultimate sign that Dee is attracted to Trevor: she gags. Dennis is worried about Charlie, because this will crush him, but not so much about Dee, because she's been crushed like this before. Further, Charlie says that the fact that she let him bang her so quickly means she is not a "woman of quality", and she is acting like "a stupid little rich slut." Ruby is devastated, but Charlie doesn't seem upset in the least, and leaves the party. Mac says they're royalty, and everyone at the bar tells them to keep their lower class behavior to themselves. Can the guy not see Dee?" Dennis was totally confused, until he realized that the entire thing was an elaborate 1% "Dinner for Schmucks"-style mind game designed to humiliate the poor and revolting. This leads to a more relaxed date and shots all around; Dee and Charlie may have finally found people that actually like them. Charlie then comes out and says that he knew that, but in fact he was the one playing her in order to get back with the waitress, which kind of worked. Dennis says they need to "dig a little deeper" and find out what Trevor and Ruby are really up to. On the dinner date, Charlie and Dee are easily outclassed, and when they find out that the Taft's came over on the Mayflower the two suggest that the Native Americans deserved to die. The waitress agreed to lower the restraining order from 100 feet to 50 feet and allow Charlie to continue to follow her and do all the weird things he was doing for her. The dinner date gets awkward when they reveal their trues selves, but that works for them as Trevor and Ruby want them to be normal. On the tennis court Dennis is humiliated playing tennis and unsuccessfully tries to hit on Ruby. Mac and Dee wrestle for Trevor (a give each other a lot of crotch shots), and Trevor invites both to a party. Frank didn't have much to do in this one, but I did laugh heartily when, after being discovered by The Waitress in her apartment, he said, from behind a wall, "I'm your neighbor" before jumping out and screaming at her until she ran out the front door.

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