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Gedetailleerde verkopersbeoordelingen informatie is niet beschikbaar wanneer er minder dan 10 beoordelingen zijn. Originally published Friday February, 6th 2015 in the wonderful Brooklin Town Crier, I’ve posted it here, because, well, not everyone lives in Brooklin. A time of love, romance, roses, and chocolates, relationships bloom in the frigid temperatures of a Canadian winter, but what makes a relationship? The talk was entitled Infidelity: The Truth About Love, Lust, and Loyalty, and as always when Perel is involved, it made me question society’s beliefs about the institution of marriage.
Apparently, we live in the swingers’ capital of Canada, though I’ve yet to see any actual proof of this. Savage described his relationship with his husband Terry as ‘monogamish,’ saying that they were more monogamist than not, but they allowed for freedom of exploration within the relationship.
In her book, Mating in Captivity, Perel titillates with the concept of ‘inviting the third’, whether that third person is welcome within the bedroom or a part of the couple’s outside interests and pursuits. Savage was quick to point out that commitment does not necessarily mean monogamy, and that often, having outside sexual interests is what keeps a couple together, actually supporting lasting commitment. This entry was posted in A Writer's Musings, O and tagged Dan Savage, Ester Perel, French Institute Alliance Francaise, Garage Doors, Infidelity, Mating in Captivity, Monogamish, Monogamy, Open Minds, Relationships, Stars, Swingers, Valentine's Day.
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Overview: Online Dating Genie is a software application for the PC (Mac coming soon) that consolidates the 5 major dating sites into 1 intuitive interface AND sends users of your choice highly detailed, custom messages on complete on autopilot. Genie uses bits and pieces of data taken from your prospects profiles to craft highly specific messages for as many daters as you like.
The Professional version will automatically follow up with daters up to 5 times who did not reply to the first “introduction message”.
With Genie I was able to perform with a consistency and volume never before possible and it has completely changed the game for me and my clients!
Ease of Use: Genie ships with a detailed built in user manual and links to several tutorial videos for getting a firm understanding of the software quick.
The first time you run the program the interactive tutorial wizard guides you through setting up the software for the first time and configuring your user accounts. With a few mouse clicks I was already searching for hot girls in my home town of Miami and automatically messaging dozens of them across all the sites that I was a member of.

Performance: Online Dating Genie ran flawlessly on both my Dell Laptop (Windows 7) Intel Core i5 and desktop PC (Windows 8) Intel Pentium Dual Core systems. However I do recommend that you use a dedicated computer for Genie that can be left on “un-interrupted” 24×7 for best performance.
Other than that the software is a capable work horse that can deliver up to 250 unique messages a day on all supported sites and does so flawlessly.
I would recommend this software to any casual or serious online dater with no hesitation at all! The video, recorded at the French Institute Alliance Francaise, featured Esther Perel and Dan Savage. Depending on culture, upbringing, and personal experience, we all come into marriage with a list of preconceived notions, one of which involves a moral aversion to adultery. There are wonderful rumours that if a star is placed somewhere on the outside of a home, it means swingers live there, or if that fails, one can always examine the garage door, for if it sits half open, you better guard your keys because the swingers are open for business. Savage believes that for many, marriage is doomed to fail if there is a binding, clad in stone, no wandering eyes or other body parts policy.
She feels it can add an element of the erotic and spark renewed passion in couples who may be experiencing the strain and lack of mojo often found in long-term, committed relationships.
He believes all people want to sleep with other people, some of us just don’t want to admit it, and trying to ignore the elephant in the room only leads to deception and cheating.
One can be emotionally monogamous with their partner, keeping all the love, security, comfort, and joys of raising a family, and building a life together within their committed core relationship, yet remain free sexually to explore eroticism outside the typical boundaries and notions of a traditional marriage.
Is it time to renegotiate the contract, open the garage, and introduce a little monogamish into our lives? Most of my stuff is seriously PG, but on occasion, I will be posting sexy scenes and tidbits from my works in progress.  Some of that content may warrant an R rating.
If you feel this is in error, please try again in a couple of days or contact a site administrator. Then the software sends those custom messages to every profile you saved and on all 5 dating sites at the exact same time; so you can be off doing other things. The Basic version can send 50 messages a day and the Pro version can send up to 250 messages a day; across all 5 supported sites. I just entered the account information for the 4 of 5 sites that I am a member of and finally saved them after the software tested they were valid and worked. Every button and option in the program is clearly labeled and a simple mouse over will reveal what that function does. It’s clear the developer put a lot of thought into designing an elegant and easy to use piece of software with massive performance under the hood.

The developer has let me know the system requirements are quite low and can run even on older machines with less memory and CPU than mine.
Almost a perfect rating but had to hold a little back because the software can be a little confusing the first time you start using it, if you don’t pay attention to what you are doing. The only time the software “fails” is when the 3rd party dating site itself prevents a message from going through (usually due to reaching your daily maximum) or censoring a bad word in your message (Plenty of Fish).
Online Dating Genie is a bargain at the price they are selling it for and has the power to land you the hottest girls on the internet when combined with the techniques outlined in my system. The developer even offers a 90 money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied, but with Genie there is little not to love! For the sake of this conversation, my good friend Webster defines relationship as: a romantic or sexual friendship between two people. In fact a Gallop pole cited in the discussion discovered that 91% of Americans felt that cheating was the most morally reprehensible act out of a list of options that included, among others, suicide, polygamy, and cloning. He believes humans are not monogamist by nature and feels marriage is often a time bomb waiting to detonate. If you are not of legal age or are easily offended, you are required to click the exit button. I put in a support ticket to ask about the program functionality and I found a reply in my inbox within 20 minutes of submitting the support ticket.
You actually have to save users in to a search group before you can message them [UPDATE: This is pretty easy]. That casts a wide net to include parameters such as: same sex, married, common law, dating, casual, and open. In fact, he encourages many of his readers (he has a syndicated column where he gives poignant and blunt sex and relationship advice) to cheat, or become open to a polyamorous relationship, acts which he believes can actually strengthen and save a marriage.
The response I received was right on target and the tech quickly solved my minor issue which turned out to be user error.
Not only are we looking for the ‘other’ to complete our need for acceptance, validation, love, safety, and comfort, we want variety, adventure, fun, and passion to boot.

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