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If you would have asked me one year ago whether I would write an article on soccer, I would have laughed at you, mocked you, called soccer a boring sport, and gone on to tell you that I would have rather shoved a rusty screwdriver into my right eye while jabbing a knife into my left ear, than watch the sport let alone write about it. Incredible how my view towards soccer has changed over the past year. The first time I was dragged out to Saputo Stadium, home of the Impact and my first experience in an outdoor stadium, I quickly fell in love.
This brings us back to Sinclair and the Canadian women’s soccer team, who have made this entire country go through a boatload of emotions these past few days. This was the team’s second Olympics, having qualified for the first time back in 2008. In 2010, the team won the CONCACAF Women’s World Cup qualifier, by defeating the Mexican team and finishing the tournament with a perfect record of five wins in as many games.
To replace Morace, in came John Herdman, who had coached the New Zealand women’s soccer team, and not only did he get the team back on track, but he helped the women raise their game to a whole new level and capture the bronze medal as these Olympics.
Of course, we would have all liked to have seen the Canadians compete against Japan for the gold medal.
Sinclair shared her thoughts on how she expected the bronze medal game to go versus what it actually ended up being. “We thought that the emotions of the bronze medal game would take us through it, but I think most of us realized maybe half-way through the first half that we were absolutely gassed. She also added, “There’s been a group of us who have been on this team for some time who have experienced the highs and lows of international soccer and nothing compares to this. Coach Herdman had nothing but great things to say after the game about his team captain and star, Christine Sinclair.
Born and raised in the Montreal area, Steve is an Associate Editor and Senior Writer at All Habs. Steve also works as an analyst for Rogers Communications and enjoys the fact that his downtown office is only a five-minute walk from the Bell Centre. All Habs Hockey Magazine is the premiere digital media source and trusted brand for news, opinion and analysis about the Montreal Canadiens. Canada's Tara Whitten competes in the women's omnium flying lap event, during the 2012 Summer Olympics, Monday, Aug. Canada’s Emilie Heymans and Jennifer Abel celebrate their bronze medals for the women’s synchronized three-metre springboard at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Carol Huynh won Canada's first gold medal of the Beijing Olympics when she defeated Chiharu Icho of Japan in the women's 48 kg freestyle wrestling match. He craved gold, he settled for silver, but he was so gracious in his disappointment that he deserves gold for sportsmanship.
11 Olympic medals (three gold, five silver, three bronze).The women’s eight have been enhancing the brand, too. With no medals in Athens or Beijing, Canada’s Brent Hayden capped off his career with a bronze in the 100-metre freestyle. Canada's Rosannagh Maclennan performs during the women's trampoline qualification at the 2012 Summer Olympics, Friday, in London. Gold, trampoline She burst from relative obscurity to capture Canada’s first and only gold medal.
Canada's Christine Girard competes on the women's 63Kg weightlifting competition at the ExCel venue at the London 2012 Olympic Games July 31, 2012. If Diana Matheson is the Paul Henderson of Canada’s bronze-medal winning women’s soccer team, then Christine Sinclair is Phil Esposito.Seen through the prism of our national sport, Matheson’s cool rolling in of Canada’s winning goal against France is Henderson scoring on Vladislav Tretiak in 1972. It has been established, time and again, that when it comes to sports, women are no less than the men. The women’s teams bring to their nations the same pride as the men’s teams do, with every award they win and every great game they play.
Players on the Canadian women’s soccer team are planning to boycott future matches, possibly even World Cup fixtures, unless the Canadian Soccer Association and head coach Carolina Morace can settle their dispute over the future of the program.
Morace submitted a letter to the CSA Friday indicating her intention to resign after the World Cup concludes in Germany in July, citing differences in philosophy with the governing body. The players intend to travel to a training camp in Rome later this month and will prepare for the Cyprus Cup in March.

At the same time as the planned boycott, the players have hired a lawyer and plan to file suit for arbitration against the CSA for how the players are paid. Sinclair said both issues are pressing, but the players will return to the pitch if a deal is in place between the CSA and Morace. The player uprising comes just days after the CSA passed a new governance model at a meeting in Ottawa on Saturday.
Saskatoon's Amber Fusco played on the pitch with Team Canada stars Kaylyn Kyle and Kelly Parker.
My friend Mike played a huge role — he currently coaches at the U16 level soccer on the south shore and is a season ticket-holder for the Montreal Impact in Major League Soccer (MLS).
I never imagined you could have such great ambiance within an outdoor stadium, and much of this ambiance was initiated by the Impact’s diehard fans (Ultras), who are constantly out in great numbers, vibrating the stadium with their numerous chants and creating smoke hazards with their flares, but nobody really minds. They had reached the quarterfinals, only to be knocked out by the heavily favored Americans and finished eighth overall.
Many of us are still left with a bitter feeling from the match against the Americans, where a certain Norwegian referee decided she was going to leave her mark on the game, but I think we should spend our energy on what they accomplished, rather than dwell on what could have been. Just like the Americans had done to them in the previous game, the Canadians took the lead in extra time, with Matheson delivering a loose ball to the back of the net with only seconds remaining in the game. A lot of credit has to go to our staff, to all the hard work we did in Vancouver, because without that I don’t think Dee [Matheson] would have been inside the 18-yard box with a chance at the end.
I don’t think any of us at the end of last year’s World Cup would have thought this is possible. Steve started playing hockey at the age of four, played as a goaltender as high as Junior AAA and was drafted to the QMJHL. All Habs is building a world-wide network of hockey fans who are informed, engaged, entertained and connected.
Their performance was he most significant accomplishment for the country ever in the sport, taking the dominant Americans to extra time in the semis. Olympic Committee. The entire women’s team of United States was named Sportspeople of the Year 1999 by the Sports Illustrated. A Pursuant of Master’s Degree in Aeronautical Engineering with vivid interest on Technology, Art, Science, Literature, Mythology and almost about everything in this blue planet.
Team Canada captain Christine Sinclair said the players are backing their coach — the team voted unanimously Monday to walk out on any upcoming games in support of Morace — and are demanding the CSA try to smooth things over with Morace so she will stay with the team long-term. However, if a deal is not in place with Morace before their first game March 2, the boycott will commence. The women’s team rattled off 11 games without a loss between September 2010 and January 2011, including eight straight wins and the CONCACAF championship. They are willing to let the compensation fight work itself out through the courts, if there is no immediate resolution. The fact that the Impact made the jump from the United Soccer League (USL) to MLS also made it a little more interesting to follow the sport, without forgetting how Montreal was able to get the likes of home-grown Patrice Bernier to come play out of Europe, who I had the honor of briefly playing hockey with at the Bantam AA level when we were both younger. Unfortunately however, the team ended up in a difficult group having to face Germany, France and Nigeria. The Canadians had been badly outplayed for the entire game, converting their game-winning goal on what was only their fourth shot of the game, France having ended the game with 25 themselves. When he isn’t writing about the Canadiens or twiddling with HTML code on the website, you can usually find him sharing his sarcasm on Twitter where he enjoys the never-ending hockey arguments. He was a sprinter.After failing to qualify for the Canadian team for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, de Jonge, who is from Halifax, had pretty much decided to hang up his paddle. He had won gold in Athens in the 500-metre version of the same event, since banished from Olympic competition, and trained like a madman to take a second gold in London.
Some players had long been familiar to Canadians, first coming to the country’s attention when they were just juniors. Matheson, a 28-year-old product of Oakville’s minor soccer program, started the play in midfield and finishes it, giving the most popular sport in our country – in terms of participation – a signature moment.

Women have proven to be powerful, tenacious and skillful, both physically and mentally, and have displayed Great Spirit of sportsmanship and fair play in different sports. It is the responsibility of the nation, the media and the people to ensure that the women footballers receive their due share of encouragement and appreciation, so that they can move forward and present the sports history with greater moments. While having deep rooted interest in varied subjects, from Sports to Literature, from Art to Computer Games, from Scientific Discoveries to Social Issues, name anything and it will be stored in the brain bank to share tiniest secret available on that subject in this planet. Sinclair said the boycott will last “as long as it needs to” and the team is willing to sit out the World Cup, if it comes to that. The squad has just three losses in its past 21 games and has high hopes for the upcoming World Cup. None-the-less, shots don’t win games, goals do and Canada ran away with the bronze, and in the process captured the hearts of so many Canadians. When the game plan came up a little short, he smiled then congratulated his worthy golden rival, Eirik Veras Larsen of Norway.“He’s a classy guy and I respect him so much and trust him implicitly,” van Koeverden said, his silver medal dangling from his neck.
Sinclair was Esposito: the emotional core, the person who spoke up when it needed to be done, except instead of pleading for support from Canadian fans she called out an out-classed Norwegian referee.
Even in a game like football which requires immense power and constant athleticism, women have shone.
She had qualified in second place.“It’s going to haunt me for a long, long time,” said the Montreal native with a ready smile. Every football-playing nation has a women’s team, and these teams work rigorously to match up to international standards. It was all about individualism, me, me, me, having little empathy for the loser and resenting the winner. Where Sinclair stepped over the line is suggesting the referee had determined the result ahead of time. Thankfully, that era is either dying or dead, as shown by the Canadian paddlers at London 2012. If he had been one-tenth of a second faster, he would have taken silver, but pronounced himself delighted with the result.Bronze was all the more special because he broke his index finger in a weight-training accident in mid-April.
Some sports, especially, the smaller ones, are tight-knit global fraternities, where rivals can be great friends. But in a sport rife with gambling scandals, such matters are not to be taken lightly.There is a backstory to this medal, of course. He missed a few races, but kept going, training in pain, bent on making the London Games.“I am so happy to get on the podium,” he said. The core of the team captured the country’s attention in Edmonton in 2002 at the FIFA U-19 Word Cup, rekindled its interest with a solid showing at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and then crashed out of the 2011 World Cup. Just back slapping, sincere expressions of congratulations, a few tears and a lot of smiles.
There is reason to be worried: as Canadian head coach John Herdman said, we have fallen behind in developing 12 to 17-year-old soccer players. If that’s the beginning of a trend, the women’s program will fall into the same netherworld as the men’s program, where Canada is Plan B for players of dual citizenship.At a news conference on the day after their bronze-medal win, Herdman sat on a platform with Sinclair, Matheson, Marie-Eve Nault and Rhian Wilkinson. Later, in an aside, he essentially predicted that one of the four will eventually take his job.“My job is to do myself out of a job, in that way,” Herdman said, chuckling. Women’s professional soccer has never taken off in North America, and not all of these players finds jobs in Europe.
Matheson – who went to Princeton – was pretty much telling the truth when she told reporters in the mixed zone that “soccer is pretty much all I’ve got on my resume.” Sinclair has been linked with a move to Frankfurt’s women’s team, and based on how she wowed the soccer cynics in this country, she could probably waltz in and play for any women’s team.

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