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Back in the old days, lead generation meant picking up the phone book and cold calling everyone in sight.
Networking upped your intake of rubber chicken, but you never had a strategy for what to do with all these new lunchmates. You wake up one day with 1000 friends on Facebook, but similarly you have no idea who they are or how you’re supposed to make these connections work in your business.
A Profit Path is a roadmap of how you’re going to monetize your connections and exactly how to set goals when meeting new people.
A leverage opportunity is one that allows you to step up in front of someone else’s audience. Great post!  When it comes to welcoming new clients I build relationships through my newsletter, social media and offline activities. The offline (such as mailing snail mail goodies) often result in clients and JV partners sooner as so few people take the time to reach out this way, it makes me memorable and they’re more likely to open my emails and engage through social media.

My best referrals come from clients who got great results and enjoy partnering with me and is part of the philosophy behind Extreme Client Care and Escalator Marketing. Great, simple and direct which makes it all very actionable which is what it is all about!! Nancy Marmolejo teaches entrepreneurs who want to change the world how to reach more people, more effectively, in less time. In business since 2003, Nancy is known for her innovative ideas, razor-sharp insights, and the ability to spot opportunities. Then came face to face networking, then came social media, and alas we have lead generation tools at our fingertips. I always advise people to default all their contacts  to “referral” before ruining a relationship with a premature sales pitch or offer.
These can include joint ventures, media, and other “platform” type online visibility and offline visibility opportunities.

With a specialty in market positioning, Nancy’s expertise has been shared in 3 social media books and over 100 media spots including Smart Money, The Arizona Republic, The Orange County Register, Redbook, and Univision TV. Her clients include industry leaders in coaching and consulting who've broken out of the shadows and into the spotlight by following her expert advice. The best way to learn about creating mutually beneficial referral relationships is through old fashioned connecting. Having a solid media plan and topics you are known for will help you attract great leverage opportunities. Read the posts on PR and Publicity to help you in this area. Try picking up the phone (read my tips here on how to take your online contacts into offline conversations) and go from there.

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