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The Canadian Women’s Foundation Leadership Institute is a multi-year pilot project undertaken in partnership with the Coady Institute at St. The Leadership Institute builds the leadership capacity of emerging and mid-career women leaders working on community economic development (CED) issues in the women’s charitable and non-profit sectors across the country. The program is delivered using the Coady Institute’s innovative and blended approach to asset-based leadership development. The Canadian Women’s Foundation is ideally positioned to understand and address the leadership needs of women working for social and economic change in Canada.
The Foundation knows that if it invests in strong leaders, these women will mobilize and lead strong organizations and communities, resulting in transformational and systemic change for women across the country.
The ultimate goal of the Leadership Institute is to support women and their organizations and communities to participate collectively in developing solutions to the challenges they face.
Women deserve a full measure of freedom, in all of its glorious meaning—freedom from fear, violence, and repressive stereotypes.
Thanks to you, the Canadian Women’s Foundation is helping women and girls to recognize their inherent strengths, and to gain the confidence and courage to live without limits. Welcome to the premier issue of SHE — the Canadian Women’s Foundation magazine! SHE is full of inspiring stories about how your gift to the Canadian Women’s Foundation helps women and girls in Canada to move out of violence, out of poverty, and into confidence.

Women and girls have come a long way but still experience shockingly high rates of violence and poverty. Read more about protecting teens from dating violence; the success of Shelter from the Storm and inspirational stories of women and girls whose lives have been changed by participating in programs you helped us fund. Read more about Shelter from the Storm, our Women Moving Women Sisterhood Soiree and the crisis of girls sexualization. Read more about our five year plan, an interview with donor Nani Beutel and learn about the many corporate partners and corporate donors who support us year round. Educational methods incorporate a participant-focused, flexible learning agenda underpinned by strong adult education principles, technical expertise, and technological support. The program is a wonderfully intense learning experience but it is demanding in nature, both in terms of time commitments and expectation to participate in all aspects of the program. Founded in 1991, the Foundation empowers women and girls in Canada to move out of violence, out of poverty and into confidence. Francis Xavier University in 1959, Coady International Institute is a world-renowned centre of excellence in community-based development and leadership education.
The Centre is a unique focal point for dedicated and quality education, partnership and network building and action-oriented research on women’s leadership and empowerment both in Canada and around the world. The good news is that women around the world and right here in Canada are overcoming their fears, supporting one another, and speaking out.

You’ll meet Lethbridge resident Christopher Rout, who speaks out against violence on behalf of his mother, Joanne. However, traditional female strengths such as emotional intelligence and collaboration are quickly gaining respect.
In addition to taking part in the residential learning and distance learning components, participants are expected to demonstrate increased leadership potential within their organizations and apply their learning on the job.
Coady International Institute works with innovative people and organizations to create effective, practical, and sustainable solutions to reduce global poverty and injustice.
Participants are also required to assess their participation and reflect on their learning experience. Francis Xavier University to all participants who successfully complete the program requirements.

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