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Originally Posted by Nihilistic Ascension Wait didn't you say the feminist movement was for gender equality so wouldn't their lobbying not have provided males with similar facilities?
Also equality is something we will never have in this nation as long as women's breast are censored and male nipples arent!
In all honesty censorship is something different, you keep concluding that bad things you see towards men must be due to females without realising that male nudity was accepted in early hollywood, because movies were geared towards men, who weren't offended by bare chests on males.
Originally Posted by Nihilistic Ascension Another thing, prostate cancer research, the rate of its incidence in male is similar as the rate of incidence of breast cancer yet we get a fraction of the federal grants. Now I told you I agree that patriarchy is bad but i don't see how a matriarchy would be any better to me as a man. So we can keep pointing fingers at one another or start working together towards what should have been our goals all along, gender equality. The feminist movement is trying to remain relevant in today's world the only way it knows how, by demonizing men and subverting the capabilities of women.
Or maybe the ladies should help the guys out buy buying i love balls bracelets to offset the inherit male stupidity.
Originally Posted by Nihilistic Ascension I actually like that commercial a lot and to settle the last beer debate with my friends we usually get another bucket and give the last one to a girl at a bar as an ice breaker. Originally Posted by Nihilistic Ascension Now I told you I agree that patriarchy is bad but i don't see how a matriarchy would be any better to me as a man. Originally Posted by Nihilistic Ascension Another thing is men don't have any power with sex, we are actually powerless. Originally Posted by Nihilistic Ascension The feminist movement is trying to remain relevant in today's world the only way it knows how, by demonizing men and subverting the capabilities of women. Originally Posted by Nihilistic Ascension interesting, I was talking more of the money allotted by the government to breast cancer vs what is given to prostrate cancer research, I just find it if they're similar and can be studied simultaneously then why is there a need to separate them instead of calling it breast and prostate cancer research.
If a girl goes to a party there are no group of men holding her down and pouring vodka down her throat. If the fact that a woman can get black out drunk then regret doing so and get people incarcerated because she can't remember if she consented or not is the reason women hold all the power in sex.
The biggest problem about feminism imo is this: people are fucking perfect and do no wrong. But the truth is, it is just a way to ensure your support even though their hole gender equality things becomes more irrelevant by the year. This was a misunderstanding i read black people and I thought you jumped that a gorilla is offensive to black people which is a racist view. I think with the thing about black out sexual interactions, is that when you're blacked out, stuff like you being sick happens or you not being able to properly consent to sex or you falling off of surfaces. Drinking a lot may be irresponsible, but in the same way walking on a dark road is, it shouldn't mean something bad deserves to happen to you if you're a woman.
With the Glass Ceiling thing, no one is saying that men are stopping women from getting jobs and holding them back. Jessica Knoll’s Luckiest Girl Alive was the best-selling debut of 2015 and was optioned for a movie by Reese Witherspoon. Jessica Knoll's Luckiest Girl Alive was the best-selling debut of 2015 and was optioned for a movie by Reese Witherspoon.
From science fiction to hard-boiled detectives to westerns, Ohio author John Hegenberger has written them all. Playing over 100 dates every year, singer-songwriter Peter Mulvey travels almost constantly.
Equally mysterious is the creative process and the surprising ways that music gets produced. Laura Lippman is the author of six New York Times bestselling novels and an award-winning short story anthology, and the creator of the Private Investigator Tess Monaghan series.
Listen in for our discussion of Wilde Lake, how Laura writes about her hometown, and what it’s like to have a novel adapted for a movie. Listen in for our discussion of Wilde Lake, how Laura writes about her hometown, and what it's like to have a novel adapted for a movie. Home-runs and stadium chants do not typically fill the pages of a poetry collection, but then again, Jill Bialosky is not your typical poet. Catch Jill Bialosky at Ohioana Book Festival on Saturday, April 23rd, where you can talk to her about her four poetry collections, three novels, and a memoir: History of a Suicide. Writer John Scalzi is an Ohio resident and the author of several award-winning science fiction novels. One of his upcoming projects falls under the Young Adult banner, a new genre for the writer. Though writing is a craft, Scalzi emphasizes the need for a business mentality when pursuing a career as a writer. Scalzi may be new to Young Adult fiction, but his other writing has garnered significant praise. Here he is mainly referring to the difficulty of genre writers, such as those who write science fiction, mystery, or romance, for breaking through and gaining mainstream critical praise. John Scalzi will be a featured guest at the Ohioana Book Festival on Saturday, April 23rd at the Columbus Sheraton Hotel.
This past December, local graphic artists Dara Naraghi and Brent Bowman released Persia Blues Volume 2: Love and War on independent publisher NBM. DN: I wouldn’t say directly, but a lot of them are composites of either my experiences with my parents, my cousins, or friends that I know. AR: How fully realized was your idea for the whole trilogy going into that first book and has it changed at all since that time? It’s not often that trees, orchards, and apples find themselves at the center of a conflict, but that is exactly the case with Tracy Chevalier’s newest novel, At the Edge of the Orchard.
Chevalier regularly places historical figures into her fiction pieces, believing that it adds a new and believable element to her stories. Appleseed, escaping from children’s songs, is more of an actual human being instead of a mythical character. Just as historical figures can add weight to a story, Chevalier believes in truly knowing her settings. Tracy Chevalier is the author of eight novels, including Girl With a Pearl Earring, which was an international bestseller and adapted into a major motion picture. Appleseed, escaping from children's songs, is more of an actual human being instead of a mythical character.
Growing up on a healthy dose of Chet Baker, Paul Simon, and Willie Nelson, Myles found inspiration everywhere. One of his best folk known songs, “When It Comes My Turn,” was nominated for a heap of awards. Though he is best known for his folk music, Myles is not afraid of stepping well outside of the genre. The Guardian touted David Myles as “one of Atlantic Canada’s most highly regarded singer-songwriters.” His music has won several accolades, including the coveted Juno award given to top Canadian music.
Coconut Cowboy is the 19th installment of New York Times Bestseller Tim Dorsey’s serial killer series, but don’t let that genre label fool you. Dorsey, an adamant believer in extensive book tours, enjoys taking in the specifics of small towns he discovers in his travels. Though his books consistently sell, Dorsey has branched out his brand into other fields, including hot sauce. Tim Dorsey will be at the Bexley Library on March 1st promoting Coconut Cowboy, which is now available at bookstores nationwide. Career politicians, backroom deals, and Congressional contention are not exclusive to today’s political landscape.
Listen in to hear Bordewich disclose the little-known controversies of a brand new government and draw parallels to today’s tumultuous climate.
For Trent Wagler and The Steel Wheels, “Winter is Coming” and it doesn’t have anything to do with Game of Thrones. Listen to our interview and then catch them in town on Friday, February 12 with Six String Concerts. The band’s own curated Red Wing Roots Music Festival marks its fourth anniversary this year, boasting a lineup with bigger names like Shovels & Rope.
After being gifted 30 rolls of the now discontinued Kodachrome film, photographer Stephen Takacs set out to capture images of businesses impacted by the digital photo transition. Stephen Takacs has lectured at The Ohio State University and is a member of the interdisciplinary STEAM Factory.
During the interview, we discussed his picture of blacksmith Adlai Stine and herbalist Scott A. Melanie Benjamin will appear in Columbus with Thurber House on Wednesday, January 27, 2016.

Many people think of Truman Capote as the campy talk show guest or the inspiration for the character of Dill in To Kill a Mockingbird. Singer-songwriters Anna Nalick and John Gorka will appear in Columbus on January 17 and 22 at the Rumba Cafe and Six String Concerts, respectively. You can have privilege in some areas but none in others, men have a lot of control in many areas such as sex and money which are equated to freedom. The feminist movement has proved time and time again they primarily pursue women's right and not gender equality. Prostate and Breast cancer are linked and usually studied in the same labs as the cancers act similarly and move similarly (not from the prostate to the breast, but to similar glands).
I actually find your view a little racist that it was offensive to black people because I saw a mexican luchador and a gorilla not a single black person. This is offensive to men because it implies that men become blubbering wrecks and incapable of human thought when an attractive female is around.
If she drinks too much is because she is an irresponsible dumbass, especially if she drove. Are you really that dense that you can't see that many males are actually scared and intimidated to hit on or even be around women because we don't know if she is bipolar, crazy, gold digger, or sane and if tomorrow when she wakes up she won't claim the night before was a product of rape.
The feminist movement has convinced women that every opportunity they lacked, every dollar they spend, every mistake they make is the fault of men.
I have shared many aspects of modern society that are actually female privilege because of the feminist movement is not a gender equality group it is a pro women group. I'll refute it amicably because I feel like our misunderstanding made this post be a little more personal for you and I understand that. If women think they are too good for some professions and believe they have obstacles in others than they are going to concentrate in a few professions. Personally, I've been to a few parties, and when someone has been very drunk, even if they were quite quiet it was pretty easy to tell from a short conversation.
Now a disabled person may not be the best person for a certain job, but if it is unrelated to their disability I'm sure they'd want to be judged on the basis of how they could work, and not on other factors. Firstly, I already feel like I belong in many places all over the place, I also feel like I'm helping society advance in many other ways than anything I were to say which was my opinion. Not because of manipulation or degradation or raising to new levels of hierarchy but simply because I agreed with and understood some of their aims and beliefs and I did not find them irrelevant. We will be offering a happy hour price from 7pm till 9pm and giving away Wynwood Brewing glassware for every two pints of Pops! Get stocked up for the weekend and enjoy 50% off growler fills during our Growler Power Hour 12PM-1PM. Learn about the history of Wynwood Brewing, how we created the industry in Miami, and of course, the process of making handcrafted ales. Before his May 13 appearance with Six String Concert series he will play in Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, and Sheboygan, WI. I talked with them earlier this year about their music, their songwriting, and how their background consciously (and unconsciously) influences them. My heart screams for more But my head's to blame - -Stranger In Your Arms by Honey and Blue - Honey and Blue, made up of Stephanie Amber and Adam Darling, is a rising local band. The Ohio native’s latest collection, The Players, uses the baseball diamond as a landscape for thoughts on motherhood, gender roles, and the legacies of family. Her son played baseball competitively throughout his childhood and was recruited to play at the college level. The story interweaves ancient Persian mythology with the story of young Minoo Shirazi coming to The Ohio State University for graduate school.
Columbus has a great arts scene in general, but there’s a really big comics community here. You’ve got the beginning and the end, but you have to get there somehow and still make it interesting. The book follows the saga of the Goodenough family in 19th century America from a northwest Ohio orchard to Gold Rush Era California. Chevalier will read and discuss her novel at the Thurber House on Monday, March 21st. Chevalier keeps his strange clothing and vegetarianism, but her Appleseed is a sharp businessman.
In writing the book, Chevalier traveled to Calaveras Grove in California to put herself in the same landscape the Goodenough family would have experienced. Though he played trumpet through his adolescence, he found his love for singing in an unexpected place: a Chet Baker cassette tape.
The track is one of his earliest written tunes and was recently re-recorded in Canada for his newest compilation, So Far. In 2008, he collaborated with Canadian rapper Classified to create “Inner Ninja.” The song, fusing folk-fueled hooks with hip-hop flow, went quadruple platinum in Canada and has become a live staple for Myles on tour. The geographic setting of the novels, always in Florida, provides natural inspiration for Dorsey. These hidden treasures often make it into the book, like when Serge and a friend take a detour in Greenville to visit Ray Charles’ childhood home and a statue in the town square. During a book fair, Dorsey made promotional t-shirts with fake hot sauce bottles printed on the back.
Bordewich is the author of seven non-fiction books and has contributed to the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and more.
The band’s most recent album, Leave Some Things Behind, was released in April of 2015 and focuses on the classical idea of an odyssey. After travelling as a touring band for years, the band wanted to bring some of those experiences home to their own community. His cross-country journey started in Portland and ended in Parsons, KS at the last space available to process the Kodachrome film. Listen to the interview to hear about the bittersweet process of working with a defunct medium and the change inherent in photography and visit his website. Samantha Tucker, a humorist and essayist enrolled in Ohio State’s Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program, has the answer. She has worked as a theatre and culture critic with other publications, including Show Business Weekly and Springs Magazine. Melanie Benjamin wanted to know more about the author in his prime, before his high society tell-all book ruined his social standing in New York. They do not have equality in feelings areas which are downgraded to the level of sensitivity and stupidity. But I would say, suicide has always seemed like something you do when you have no one to go to, and no one to talk to. They have also managed to create this perception that male rights activists are trying to set them back when we are trying to off set the imbalances created by the feminist movement which is in turn offsetting what was create by the patriarchy. Is it really a good idea to create a new movement which alienates women as they are 'feminists' when feminist isn't a gender?? Being black out drunk and unable to consent and being raped is some how making a stupid decision It's not saying men are lying in wait for these things to happen, it's pushing the issue of consent. I'm so appalled by the fact that you found my view racist, I said nothing about a gorilla or black people, thank you very much. If her friends abandoned her them they are equally as irresponsible to let their wasted friend behind. I wish I could blame all my problems on something and never really be responsible for my actions.
It wasn't really offensive to me as a white male, the ones showing man as worse than a kid are deeply offensive though. Also a lot of women simply make those objectives unattainable by starting a family before high school even ends due to either sheer ignorance or desire.
Now this is obviously anecdotal, and I guess the being sick thing is a standard, but at the same time I think manevuring someone to have sex with you, would take a little bit more than that interaction, so you probably would know that this was a very drunk person, and it also leads to the thought that you probably didn't ask them if they wanted to have sex. I don't need to have an enemy, in fact I wish I didn't have an enemy, I don't have an enemy. I think the fact that even on this board whenever a woman says something about a group of men she is labelled a man hating feminist, and the fact that in the esteemed field I want to go in, there is maybe one woman role model means I won't continue fighting. These guys are slangin Mediterranean food tonight till 11pm like it’s nobody’s business! We will also be hosting a competition for the best photo with #cardboardpops , the winner will be featured on our social media and will receive a prize the following day! Our Flagler Saison is a part of our Origin Series highlighting Henry Flagler, an American industrialist.
My favorite thing about music is that it happens in the air and that it is intangible,” Mulvey told me during our talk.
My favorite thing about music is that it happens in the air and that it is intangible," Mulvey told me during our talk.

Check out their YouTube channel and catch them in town at Natalie’s Coal Fired Grill.
Jill Bialosky will be a featured guest at the Ohioana Book Festival on Saturday April 23rd. At the Edge of the Orchard includes characters inspired by real people like Johnny Appleseed and William Lobb.
Similarly with Lobb, an English naturalist and botanist, who spent time in California in the 19th century and collected and sent saplings to an English nursery that focused on exotic plants and trees.
Calaveras Grove is the home of giant sequoias, the incredibly wide trees whose 30-foot diameter trunks are famously hollowed out to allow cars to pass underneath. Known as an “acoustic guitar crooner,” Myles does not let any label restrict him, as he explained in his Craft interview.
He got his hands on acoustic guitar, learned some three chord songs, and began looking at music in a more serious light.
After several fans asked how to purchase the hot sauce, Dorsey decided to make the spicy condiment a reality.
Bordewich would be quick to point out, “the great American tradition of political trench warfare” was just as prevalent early years of the United States.
Very few people had confidence that this new government created by the government would work.” The book details the country’s formative years truly as “an experiment,” with President Washington and Congress simultaneously figuring out their respective roles.
Regularly leaving and returning home as a touring band typically does, the band found themselves constantly in transit. In her first collection of essays, The American Dream Starts Here, Tucker recalls visiting her first spa, being raised in America with a Korean sense of modesty, and teaching English in Korea. Check out the interview to hear about Tucker’s humor writing, Tinder, and a short story from her upcoming collection. Her research resulted in The Swans of Fifth Avenue, another of her trademark historical fictions in the vein of The Aviator’s Wife and Alice I Have Been.
Her research resulted in The Swans of Fifth Avenue, another of her trademark historical fictions in the vein of The Aviator's Wife and Alice I Have Been. A man grabs a woman's boob and he is a creep a woman grabs a man's crotch and it's an invitation. The feminist movement hasn't proved again and again it only cares for women's rights, as the feminist movement isn't one person with one set of beliefs. I was talking about the darkening of the skin and long hair used to convey a 'jungle' person, on the original actor, rather than hiring an actor who was the race they were going for, or just not darkening the skin. Now I don't know if you've ever been to a party with alcohol, but 90% of the people drink, in college parties even more so.
I think women are capable of anything but yet they set obstacles of why they can't do it which ultimately leads to the evil men denying them opportunities? I'm sorry if I was overly offended, but rape as a thing just is very triggering to me, and when conversations steer to it I get very cagey.
For example someone said to me that 'Fathers aren't really needed as much as mothers' and that's so angering, it's a huge issue that fathers are distant but we're teaching them that a child should be taken care of soley by their mother. Now inferring on why you lost a job 'Oh he's a sexist pig' with no evidence doesn't help, but as long as these inequalities exist people really don't have much way of knowing.
He was also a key figure and founder of Standard Oil and what became the Florida East Coast Railway.
Not only 50% off for Growler Power Hour 12-1pm but… All Day 25% off draft beers if you can prove you Live, Work or Attend School in Wynwood!
Stock up for the week with 50% off core beer growler fills during GROWLER POWER HOUR (12PM-1PM daily) using your Wynwood Brewing growler. Check out the full interview for information about The Players, the Ohioana Book Festival, and more. The title itself is a bit of a play on words; it refers to the players on a team, as well as the central characters of a family dynamic.
Everybody [in Panel] had their own projects that they worked on, but we would also collaborate with each other and publish little comic anthologies twice a year. Chevalier found herself marveled at the smaller, more intimate details that could only be picked up on if actually present in the grove. The hot sauce, each bottle individually signed by Dorsey himself, is now available in three flavors. Bordewich’s new book, The First Congress: How James Madison, George Washington, and a Group of Extraordinary Men Invented the Government, discusses, well, exactly what the title suggests as it takes a gritty look at the founding fathers. They left friends and family back home while they went on cross-country adventures, soaking in innumerable experiences.
His other project, titled “Travelling Picture Show,” utilizes a homemade, life-size camera obscura that travels around the country. Throughout, she tackles difficult subjects like the death of her brother in Iraq, finding humor in even the darkest places. Tucker is submitting the final edits on The American Dream Starts Here for review in the coming months. Listen in to learn about the scandal that essentially ended Capote’s literary career. The fact that the very base of feminism is the pursuing of equal rights, means that the movement couldn't prove that again and again. This counts if they are black out drunk and you haven't discussed it before, if they are your spouse and don't feel up to it, or if it is ordained by the law that they cannot give consent. Sure we all get drunk and black out but the people around you don't know that you are blacked out and have no way of knowing. Anyways, maybe you aren't ready to give up the feminist movement because you like it, it makes you feel like you belong, it makes you feel like you have an enemy, and most importantly it makes you feel like you are helping society advance.
If you can't remember what happened when you were drunk but you wake up to someone, usually in these cases the person you wake up with didn't ask for consent but also didn't know they were doing anything wrong. Now women aren't solely putting this on men, and men aren't solely telling women to stop doing maths. Our hours today are 12pm till 5pm & 9pm-12am We are having Late Night Happy Hour 9-12am because there is a PRIVATE PARTY 5pm-9pm and we will be closed to the public for it. For the most part, every member of the group had worked with somebody else, except for the two of us.
From observing the ways people looked at the trees to the decades-old piles of pine needles, Chevalier captured the essence of what it’s like to experience a location in person. Though it was intended to resonate with younger people, Myles has found that it holds a special place for those closer to his parents’ age, or on the verge of a different life chapter: retirement. Feeling almost like in-orbit astronauts looking back at their far-away blue marble, they captured the conflicting feeling of simultaneous departure and arrival over the course of an album.
Tucker comes from a background of writing for performance, and that dynamic is omnipresent in her writing. If you mean by that the 'followers' of feminism, you are in fact degrading the whole movement by only focusing on one type of people. It's horrible to act as though the reason to work on the research is in order to make sure women still have breasts, that is not the sole incentive!
So all I'm saying is that in application this means that rape, when you put aside people framing each other. What they are doing though, is what society has told them, and is putting forward these beliefs because it's all they've ever been taught. She advocates diversity of voice in humor writing, labeling her writing as so funny it will give you a kidney stone, as happened to one of her professors. Those things make me livid because it takes responsibility from a girl being stupid and irresponsible and cast men as predators always waiting for the pure girl to stumble to come in with his evil intentions and take advantage of her. I've seen a lot of feminist literature that actually demoralizes and demean the female sex and makes men be smarter than what I actually witness on a day to day basis. But the response to this I think should be to educate them on what happened, and prevent those who are being incarcerated. I do think there are always going to be instances where someone seemed extremely sober, but we should work to keep these minimum and make sure consent is the forefront of everyones mind when it comes to have sex. We have lots of specialty beers, live music, good food and great people to make the day awesome. Being black out drunk and unable to consent and being raped is some how making a stupid decision It's not saying men are lying in wait for these things to happen, it's pushing the issue of consent.

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