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Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. Any integer would work the same for times that clearly span at least one midnight (ie C greater than D) but without some way of knowing which day a time is associated with this just assumes that if D is a later time it is the same day as C and if an earlier time it is the day after C.
Times in Excel for Windows are represented as a fractional number of days from the beginning of January 1st, 1900. Technically speaking, older versions of Excel for the Mac defaulted to the 1904 date system, which used January 1st, 1904 as the first day. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged excel date time or ask your own question.
Is the use of the term "bugged" to refer to software bugs in English a worldwide or regional use? If we feel it's hotter when humidity increases, then why do we feel it's colder when inside water? How to calculate the quantity of products (that composes beverages) in the sale of beverages? Basically, a sale has many beverages and each beverage is made by certain quantity of products. It is part of an inventory control, where I will have to compare the sales (in terms of products, not beverages) to the purchases.

Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged sql database oop database-design inventory or ask your own question. Why is accessing an element of a dictionary by key O(1) even though the hash function may not be O(1)?
First comment, you don't need = new TimeSpan(); - you're only discarding this anyway when you set ts again further down. I think time difference is to small for seconds, it might be in mili seconds or even smaller.
There is nothing wrong with the code you have posted (except I would suggest that you join declaration and initialization of your variables). I'm not sure about Excel 11.6 (I don't use Mac), but this is pretty easy in Excel 2010, so I think it will apply. Set max as midnight at end of last day (you'll need to calculate as above), or you can leave it as auto and it'll update as your data does). FWIW, with time values, the X-axis will get scrunched pretty fast, so you may not get much discernible detail on exactly where the points fall unless you're very zoomed in. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged charts date-time microsoft-excel-2011 axis or ask your own question.
Why does it take months, sometimes years, for the BEA and NTSB to complete aviation accident investigations?

I can't find anything that would work if the first time is yesterday or less than the second time. Time between Noon and Noon might be 0 hours, but also any multiple of 24, if the dates are not known.
The 1904 date system can be enabled even in Windows Excel using a setting in the advanced tab of the Excel options dialog. Conversion to a delta in another unit is as simple as multiplying unless you care about leap seconds, etc. Ah it seems is have changed a value by accident in my if statement now the value is filling up correctly. I think I could extend the query to join the purchase_line pl and then calculate the difference SUM(pl.qty) - qty_sold.
The query below joins up the sales, sales line, beverage, recipe, and products tables, and then calculates the quantity sold based on the quantity of beverages sold and the amount in the recipe.

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