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The design brilliance of a website is a pretty deceptive indicator of the time that would have been invested into it.
Facebook ads are quickly becoming the top choice for targeted online ad campaigns.A‚A Whether your goal is lead generation, sales, or improving brand recognition, a targeted campaign will always have better results.
Google Adwords used to be the king of online ad campaigns because they can target users based on their current search priorities.A‚A Facebook ads are the next generation of targeted text ads.
Facebook has servers of data just waiting to be leveraged for your next online ad campaign: age, gender, location, likes and dislikes.
Twitter offers an API which you can use to pull information from twitter for your own uses.
So you’ve written a great press release, properly formatted it and packed it with all the newsworthiness you could muster. Tutorials, reviews, case studies and other tips to help website owners and website developers master the Joomla content management system. The second option - self registration - is useful if you want to force users to register before allowing them access to certain content.
One reason this is useful from the user's perspective is they do not have to go through the registration process.
Facebook authentication is possible on your Joomla site; however, you'll need a third party extension for that functionality.
I can log in with my domain suffix but users who have the 2-Factor thing on are getting blocked.
Just wanted to update that for this to work you need to use the Application-Specific Password (ASP) from your google account.
BTW, have you turned off the standard Joomla authentication, or are you using both at once?
Even easier, they offer a little javascript widget which automatically uses this API and returns simple HTML of your recent tweets. After being roundly smacked about by our readers for leaving out some of the larger (and popular) Joomla template design websites, we’ve decided to try and redeem ourselves with yet another article about finding quality Joomla Templates.

A‚A These are fun to do, but if you really want to go all the way and to make people think you’re shooting film, this is the last (and really most important) step. You can usually count on getting terrific results by tailoring your email press message to specific journalists, much in the same way a highly tuned email sent to your customers who have opted into your online newsletter can work for you. From a marketing perspective, this is handy because you get to capture their email address and can then follow-up with them at a later stage. There are other authentication methods available so if you have a specific need, check out the Site Access category at the Joomla Extensions Directory. I do use the two-factor feature, but not in conjunction with the plugin mentioned in this article.
Building a website can be a challenging proposition, but there are only 7 things you need to do to get your .Leader in Responsive Web Design Tools and HTML Software. The normal process for this is a user registers on the website and an email is sent to them. This takes advantage of Google's GMail service and can be used to allow access to anyone who has a GMail account. But if I login using an address that exists in the associated Google Apps domain, it works. Yes, it may have something to do with SSL, but I think you're going to need to ask Google that question. Once an account has been established you could create your own password for joomla but the user must type the domain in with user name to use this password.
Your website is often the first impression that clients have of your business, so you need a professional web design agencyA?a‚¬a€?not some guy who pirated a copy of Dreamweaver with a stack of business cards using a VistaPrint template. They click a link in that email which confirms their account and they can now login and access the restricted content. Have a look at the User Manager and note that their email address is captured when they login.
But if the owner is using Google Apps with their domain, they can take advantage of this plugin.

Incidentally, this works if the full email address is entered, or just the first part of the address. This is of course with appropriate suffix setting in the gmail plugin otherwise the user will have to memorize the random 16 key code generated by google. Go to the settings for the plugin and note that there is an option labelled Apply Username Suffix.
This means when you add a new account to Google Apps, that user automatically has access to the website too. If you make this mistake and find yourself locked out of Administrator, you can re-enable the standard Joomla authentication plugin using phpMyAdmin which is usually available inside your website hosting control panel. One option skips the confirmation part which is useful if you trust that users will enter a genuine email address, or if you don't care.
Set this to Always use suffix and enter the Google Apps domain into the Username Suffix field. There is another option where you specify that an Administrator has to manually approve all registrations. This is authenticated at Google and if successful, they will be granted access to Restricted content. If you want to use this feature, you probably want to disable the standard Joomla authentication plugin*, although you can use both.
You'll probably also want to disable public registrations by going to any of the User Manager pages, selecting Options and changing Allow User Registration to No. This removes the Create an Account link in the login module and even if someone knows this URL, they are unable to register.

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