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Abby Wambach's dramatic and stunning goal against Brazil in the 2011 Women's World Cup quarterfinal has defeated all other challengers to win the best moment of U.S. Wambach's stoppage-time score that pulled the USA even at 2-2 at the very end of extratime in a match that the Americans eventually won in penalty kicks, triumphed in all six of its matchups during the 64-moment bracket-style competition. More than 10,000 fans voted on the final match-up to crown Wambach the winner, while more than 210,000 votes were cast overall. The two most famous American goals of the modern era went toe-to-toe on the final day, after both saw off semifinal competition from the USA's 2012 Olympic semifinal victory against Canada and the 1996 Olympic gold medal victory for the WNT, respectively. In an effort to create a fair and reasonable process to determine the All-Time Best XI, U.S.
The committee determined the list of eligible players for selection to the Best XI, as well as the criteria to be considered by the list of voters. USA-Brazil women's soccer: The national team's win wasA one of the most thrilling, and deserved, victories in recent sports history. The USA women's triumph over Brazil was one of the most thrilling, and deserved, victories in recent sports history. There's a tension in women's sports, and in women's soccer in particular, between athleticism and empowerment.
No game is perfectly fair, and the last hour of USA-Brazil seemed to be a contest to determine the far end of the unfairness scale. At this point, Team USA was down 2-1 and seemed to be playing 10 against 12: the Brazilian 11 plus referee Jacqui Melksham. It was appropriate that this game ended on penalty kicksa€”the most-dramatic, least-fair mechanism by which to end a sporting event.
The game was won by Hope Solo, whose full-extensiona€”and legal!a€”stab against Daiane was even more spectacular than her disallowed second-half stop. In the 2007 World Cup, Hope Solo was benched before the United States' semifinal game against Brazil, a game Team USA would lose 4-0. Football is deeply ingrained in Brazilian culture to the extent that much of world sees the nation through the lens of the Brazilian National Football Team. Football came to Brazil in 1894 on the shoulders of two British visitors, Oscar Cox and Charles Miller. The international success of the Brazilian National Football Team was rooted in the initial squads of the 1930s and 1940s.
Brazil finally won their first World Cup in 1958, led by a young Pele and Garrincha, Dominating opponents with speed, flair, and creativity, the Brazil squad played the game as if beautiful music were flowing through the stadium. The Brazilian presidential election of 1960 was one of the most contested elections in the nation’s history.  National Democratic Union (Conservative) leader Janio Quadros, whose credentials included governing Sao Paulo, was elected President. After years of living under the liberal rule of Protasio Vargas, Quadros’s democratic election was a revolutionary step away from communism and towards conservatism. With a government in turmoil as a temporary President took power, civil war appeared imminent. The government played had little interest in football as a means of a social or political control; rather, the state merely saw football as a source of tax revenue.
Brazil did not disappoint, displaying an extraordinary style of play that enveloped opponents and excited fans and the media. Of course, football has also had a similarly powerful impact within Brazil’s borders, and as these examples show, the success of the Selecao during the tumultuous political times of the 1960s and 1970s provided something positive that all Brazilians could rally around, regardless of their political persuasion. In the final round, Wambach's 122nd-minute header off a cross from Megan Rapinoe - which at the time was the latest goal ever scored in a FIFA competition - edged Landon Donovan's historic strike at the end of the last match of group play against Algeria at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Soccer will also announce the results of its All-Time Best XI, as the Centennial celebration year comes to a close.

Soccer appointed a committee of soccer historians and former players, coaches, media members and administrators at the National Team level. Voters for the Best XI comprise former players and administrators as well as media members. The United States' victory in the 1999 Women's World Cup, capped off by Brandi Chastain's triumphant, shirtless pose, was perceived in America as less of a sports-world triumph than a vehicle for inspiration—one small kick by the national team, one giant kick start for millions of young girls. First came a questionable red card on American defender Rachel Buehler, who kinda, sorta took down Brazil's star Marta in the box. With time running out, Brazil's Erika engaged in the classic end-of-game maneuver of faking your own death, then springing back to life due to the restorative power of soccer's magically curative stretchers.
The United States took the lead on a Brazilian own goal in the second minute, and midfielder Carli Lloyd could havea€”perhaps should havea€”been given a red card for handling the ball early in the second half. American Shannon Boxx, up first, had her shot blocked by the Brazilian goalkeeper Andreia, but the referees ruled that she had moved off her line too soon. Not only did she miss the decisive penalty, she's also the Brazilian who kicked the ball into her own net in the first half. Since football was brought to this South American country 115 years ago, Brazil has transformed football into a beautiful art form and tool for social cohesion.
Strict tactics and deliberate player motion characterized early styles of play, and teams were made up of members from the Brazilian societal elite. Although Brazil was knocked out in the first round of 1930 World Cup, the team’s best player Preguinho shocked onlookers with his brilliant and exciting style of play. The Brazilian National Team would go onto have even greater success, winning the World Cup in 1962, 1970, 1994, and 2002. His presidential victory was opposed by the election of former Vice President Joao Goulart, a man whose leftist political leanings were often interpreted as radical Communism. Although Quadros’s inauguration was highly anticipated by the citizens of Brazil, the majority party of Congress, still loyal to Vargas, opposed him from the very start of his presidency. As Joao Goulart’s reign as president began, his radical leftist leanings were controversial, especially to the military commanders in the President’s cabinet. As the nation’s leadership was undergoing a very unstable transition, the Men’s National Football Team was enjoying great success. In a 2-0 victory over Mexico, Brazil lost star footballer Pele with an injury; however, this did not stop the Brazilian squad as they defeated Spain, England and Chile to advance to the final. The federation will reveal an All-Time Best XI for the Women's National Team Thursday, followed by a Men's National Team Friday. This time, ESPN's faux-impartial Ian Darke and Julie Foudy assured us, it was the correct call.
They'll now play France in the World Cup semifinals, a game that should be preemptively cancelled, as it can't possibly live up to the opening act. With 5 World Cup Championships, Brazil is commonly regarded as one of the best, if not the best, football nations in the world. The waning of European influence in Brazil over time led to a more democratic strain of football, with the game filtering down to the lower classes. Brazil’s exciting style of play excited fans and was a breath of fresh air to the methodical, formulaic European style of play. In an attempt to expand the powers of his office through executive orders and political clout, Quadros lost creditability with many of his supporters and failed to enact the policies and platforms he had supported as a candidate.
War Minister, Odilio Denys demanded that Congress declare the office of vice president vacant and hold new elections in an attempt to limit the power and influence of the recently inaugurated President. Having recently been victorious at the 1958 World Cup in Sweden, the Brazilian squad traveled to Chile with great expectations.

Manuel Francisco dos Santos, nicknamed Garrincha, dominated play, scoring four amazing goals and leading his team to the World Cup Finals. This was the booing of sports fans scorneda€”the refs are against us, the other team is cheating, and this is all just so unfair.
As a result of her angry comments, Solo was kicked off the national team for insubordination. Quadros was eager to break ties with the United States, and he opposed American attempts to interfere with Fidel Castro’s communist affairs in Cuba; additionally, he made a strong push to gain the political backing of the Soviet Union.
Despite Congress’s refusal to act upon the concerns of these military commanders, an insurrection by pro-Goulart military leaders prompted the legislature to compromise with the anti-Goulart military commanders. In the 1962 World Cup final, surprise finalist Czechoslovakia attempted to upset the defending world champions. And it was a Brazilian, Joao Havelange, who ascended to the Presidency of FIFA in 1974 an transformed the organization from a clubby, Euro-centric body to a truly global sporting and marketing superpower.
The pass that freed Marta for her brilliant strike was delivered by a player who might have been offside. She eventually earned her way back on the team, and she is now an American sports hero because she, along with her teammates, reacted to an injustice in the exact opposite away. Whereas previously football was reserved for upper class whites, the game was picked up by black populous and truly became a game of the people. Bellos explains the history of football in Brazil, from the grassroots beginnings through the 20th century.
In 1961, in an effort to strip the Presidency of its power, Brazil adopted a parliamentary system of government, transferring most presidential powers to the newly created post of prime minister. Unlike the fans, who jeered the great Marta every time she touched the ball, the Americans never fell back on cynicism. With all the calls going against them, they would've been justified to sulk and to curse and to ask what they'd done to deserve such a fate. The effusion of football through Brazilian society was characterized by a transformation in how the game was played, and a drastically new style developed. He creates a personal, politically-based story of how football took root in Brazilian culture.
After surrendering a goal to the Czechs early in the match, the Brazilian squad responded with 3 unanswered goals to take the match. And there can't be many teams in the history of balls, cleats, and nets that have deserved to win more than this one.
Despite playing with 10 women for 55 minutes, Team USA kept defending, running, crossing, and running some more. The new game was highly flamboyant, with the defensive posturing and tactical movement of English football replaced by speed and flair.
The national economy was suffering from hyper-inflation, the gross national product was declining, and the costs of living were rising sharply. When Abby Wambach headed the ball in off a beautiful cross from Megan Rapinoe in the 122nd minutea€”the latest goal in Women's World Cup historya€”it was hard not to feel like everything bad in sports had been defeated by everything good.
And it was certainly poetic, as thousands of wags pointed out on Twitter, that the clock would've already run out at this point if not for Erika's fainting spell.

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