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Zoella Stevenson (born as Zooey Carraher) was born to the Evil Queen(Cora) and Stanley Carraher, a king, as Zooey Carraher. Stanley died a month after, all the money he had being given to Cora as it said in his Will. After giving away her baby Quinn Fabray and her mother move to the small town of Mystic Falls for a fresh start.
Quinn was a lot more closed off and secluded then she had been in Lima, deciding maybe it was best to keep a low profile.

I'm searching for boyfriend through demonic realms and I'm known for changing into different demonic characters. But almost 5 years later when Cato, Zoella and Thalia were 19, Zoella and Cato were forced to get married, by law Thalia couldnt object. She falls into an easy friendship with Elena but she can tell that the girl is hiding things from her. Then enter Damon who notices his brother paying more and more attention to the pretty blonde and decides to sweep in.

He starts paying the blonde more attention and watches as his brother grows more and more jealous.

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