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Baby Bottles are a big source of discussion for us, we have tried so many brands to try and get one that not only baby Emma likes, but one that helps her feeding. Baby Emma has never been diagnosed with reflux, but she suffers bad wind and is sick a lot. The ActiveFlow™ Venting Technology is clear to see when you take the bottle apart, it has two seperate bits, a plastic bit, and a silicone bit, which you put together before you screw the cap on, this helps the air get released so your baby doesn’t swallow it along with the milk.

It was after the second and third feed that I quickly placed an order for more of the same bottles as she seemed so content on them. So when we were offered a Born Free Deco Bottle to review for Mummynews, I was happy to oblige, as we  have tried so many other brands and spent a small fortune on finding one she liked.

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