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We guess the point of this study was to find out stuff about your date in the least awkward way possible without being too obtrusive.
For ladies, there are some other questions you can ask to figure out if the guy you’re out with will have sex with you.
Out in paperback this week, The Guardians is Sarah Manguso’s elegy for a friend who eloped from a psychiatric ward and jumped in front of a Metro-North train. Out in paperback this week, The Guardians is Sarah Manguso's elegy for her friend Harris, who eloped from a psychiatric ward and jumped in front of a Metro-North train prior to his thirty-fifth birthday. Tennyson’s conclusion to his seventh canto evokes desolation by dismembering its last line into eight monosyllables that break the iambic flow. It comes as no surprise that Manguso dwells on her lack of closure and on trying to find explanations. In between these explorations of senseless loss, a picture steadily coalesces of Manguso’s friendship with Harris and what he meant to her.
Sign up for The Airdrop, our weekly newsletter full of book giveaways, interesting article round-ups and fun event notices! Coincidentally, each couple met originally through a dating service and had no prior experience with each other. Rick asked his girlfriend, who wasn’t Kristin, to marry him two days after Marcia was asked but the day before the couple who were engaged in August. The five couples, in no particular order, were the couple who went to dinner, Kristin and her boyfriend, the couple who got engaged on Wednesday, Allen and his girlfriend, and the couple who got engaged in May.

But couldn’t an easier way to determine the same amount of slutty-to-alcohol ratio be to ask someone on a first date if they like any kind of liquor? Memories of Harris, or speculations on how he felt when he jumped in front of the train, run headlong into declarations of what Manguso doesn’t remember or what she’ll never know. The ugly manner of Harris’s passing, what Manguso calls “a bad death,” is likewise echoed in the perverse twists with which she often concludes a section of prose. She builds the plausible case that Harris may have jumped not necessarily due to his psychosis, but possibly due to akathisia, the intolerable physical sensation of restlessness that can come on as a side effect of antipsychotic medications. Or if they frequently find themselves compensating for their nervousness by drinking to excess and then waking up the next morning full or regret? You guys did meet online, right?) Unfortunately, these are also great indicators of whether or not you are out on a date with a sociopath. He wasn’t my father or my son or my husband.” But following Harris Wulfson’s death by suicide, his parents tell Manguso that she had been one of the most important people in his life.
Every few paragraphs she seems to try a different angle: now she quotes psychiatric case reports, and now she examines her own experience with mental illness. She struggles to understand the degree to which the suicide could have been his conscious choice: “I can identify Harris only with the body, not with the one who threw the body,” she writes.
Each man asked his girlfriend to marry him (and each was quite relieved when she agreed!) at a special event on a different day of the week. We are familiar with literature that elegizes, for example, a lost spouse: Joan Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking, John Bayley’s Elegy for Iris.

From the mishmash shape of the prose, we know that linearity and logic have been given the lie by Harris’s too-early death.
When he got lost driving in California, he phoned her in New York and she navigated him through. After all, how can a line of thought reach a graceful end if a dear friend’s life could not? She looks at her husband and realizes he hasn’t known her as long as Harris has known her, even if someday he will. His girlfriend was rushed to the hospital for emergency appendix surgery and he asked her when she came out of recovery (he thought it would help take her mind off the surgery). When my friend Daniel died at age 25, I remember my own difficulty writing about it — now stilted sonnets, now clunky blank verse — until finally I just read from Tennyson’s “In Memoriam” at his memorial.
The Guardians is a sort of love story that insists upon the irreplaceability of our true friends.“It’s tempting to try to claim I’ve learned something very important from the experience of Harris’s death,” she concludes, but she knows full well that what she’s written is less a textbook than a poem. Determine the first name of each couple, the day of the week (Monday through Friday) and the month that each got engaged, and where each engagement took place.

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