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The synopsis for episode 11 (via SpoilerTV and CBS wesbite) states that Matthew Gray Gubler's character will not only have to play Cat Adams' cunning cat-and-mouse game, but he will play a pivotal role in taking down The Dirty Dozen. The uber-smart BAU team member will have to use his intelligence to not just take down Adams and defuse a bomb, but he will also have to help the BAU take down the hitmen targeting Garcia. While we don't know what it was that Hotch found out about The Dirty Dozen at the end of the midseason finale of season 11 of "Criminal Minds," it's safe to say that the major breakthrough will help the BAU devise their strategy to take them down. CBS announced today the 11 teams racing around the globe for the opportunity to win the $1 million dollar prize, on a special dating edition of THE AMAZING RACE.

While the Dirty Dozen threat looms large over the BAU (behavioral analysis unit), Reid and the team will encounter a bigger problem in the form of his blind date.
The BAU will implement an elaborate strategy to try and take down the vicious group of hitmen. The show kicks off the most extreme blind dates ever with a 90 minute premiere on, Wednesday, Feb.
We also get to know that Adams has planted a bomb large enough to not just take out the restaurant in which they are having their deadly date, but the whole block.

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