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The PlayBook has been wooing me for the last month of my life, and our extended courtship has been a roller coaster ride with glorious peaks, and gloomy lows, and yet; in the end, I’m left with a sense of optimism. If I buy a WiFi only tablet, it seems like a bonus to have access to unlimited data for web browsing and email when I’m not home, thanks to BlackBerry Bridge.
As a BlackBerry owner, I scratch my head when tech pundits slam the PlayBook for the lack of a native email client. I understand the omission of an SD slot on the PlayBook because my BlackBerry has an SD card which I can browse using Bridge Files**. When I use BlackBerry Bridge, suddenly my phone’s face becomes a suave, handsome 7-inch rectangle with bullet proof build quality that feels amazing in hand.
Sans the benefits of BlackBerry Bridge, the PlayBook performs like an Ethiopian long distance runner, and doesn’t even break a sweat. While we’re on the UI, it is the single most enjoyable experience I’ve had on a tablet to date. The PlayBook has all the hallmarks of something that should be spectacular, but having been written off by the majority of the tech press, has become dangerously underrated. If RIM was serious about casting its net as wide as possible, it feels irresponsible to not at least bundle the PlayBook with a BlackBerry.
I’m patient enough to know that the PlayBook will experience an eventual efflorescence as the software improves to run on top of the solid hardware, but not everyone is. Unfortunately competing with the iPad means coming out of the gate at full tilt, with a canister of nitrous oxide. I start streaming a full screen, 1080p video from YouTube, and it feels like the pixels of the WSVGA display are making love to my retinas. In general, since the PlayBook is still relatively new, some web sites don’t quite know what to make of it.
Finally, when Bridged, your user agent string appears to be that of your BlackBerry phone’s browser, and it’s annoying to get served up mobile versions of sites when you’re viewing them on a tablet. Ultimately despite its imperfections, the PlayBook has won me over and it will definitely leave a void in my life when I have to return the review unit.
It’s mostly software problems, and with a few updates and some shiny new apps, the PlayBook could be spectacular.
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So, T-Mobile sent me their Blackberry Curve 3G (the 9300) a while back, and I promptly asked the newsroom if there were any Blackberry aficionados who wanted to try it out.
The big changes with this Blackberry, according to my T-Mobile rep, is that this 3G phone has the capability of doing voice over Wi-Fi.
After a while though, the violent mood swings and the smell of whiskey on her breath at noon on a Monday isn’t endearing anymore. If only it could kick its drinking problem and penchant for all night bingers, I could bring it home to meet the parents. I just connect the PlayBook to my BlackBerry and suddenly my email, web browsing, calendar and BBM experience is amplified.
I’ve been happy with apps from the headline acts and so the PlayBook’s lack of initial app selection isn’t a deal-breaker for me. If it wasn’t for the back of the PlayBook heating up slightly under heavy load, you’d never be able to tell that its under any kind of strain as the UI experience remains smooth, and true multitasking is effortless with the added benefit of 1GHz of RAM. Nothing that Apple or Google produced so far comes close to the experience on the PlayBook.
RIM’s attempt at depicting the PlayBook as a tablet for everyone meant that the media placed it head-to-head with the people’s computer, the iPad.
I marvel at the smoothness of the video and the sound from the stereo speakers splash down my ear canals like chocolate milk. After playing a few rounds, my thoughts wander, and I remember SketchBook, the app designed by The Astonishing Tribe, the design firm RIM acquired in December last year.
Rdio simply blocks me, and it’s clear that Google will need to do some work on Docs to remedy the disappointing experience on the PlayBook. It’s not for everyone, but if you love your BlackBerry and you’re looking for the spaghetti to your meatballs, the PlayBook won’t disappoint. It has the hardware foundation, RIM just has to start delivering on its promises, apply some polish, and keep it together. A native email client is one compiled and written for the device, which arguably the PlayBook has.
I know a lot of people who LOVE their Blackberries, have gone so far as to say that you'd have to pry it out of their cold, dead hands before they'd give them up, etc.
There are very few surprises with this phone, which combines e–mail, text and social media messages.

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It features news, reviews and commentary on technology, social media and other related topics. It’s the best browser RIM has ever produced, and certainly trumps anything I’ve ever used on a BlackBerry. Arguably taking cues from WebOS, the PlayBook’s zero-button solution uses simple gestures for navigation. It’s difficult to do what the iPad does, and the reality has started to sink in for competitors, who have reportedly slowed down tablet production by as much as 10% since March this year. I swipe up, and the video effortlessly moves up to the multitasking area, revealing the app selection screen. It really is a beautiful app, and I daydream about the future user interfaces of BlackBerry devices. Of course, there’s Blackberry messenger, which allows you to message someone on the system directly.
Press Forward contains contributions from Daily Press staff and local writers Eric Fadden, Keith Ainsley, Joe Dorn and others in the Hampton Roads community. It felt natural within a few of minutes, so natural in fact, that I’ve found myself accidentally attempting these bezel-originating gestures on other devices. What average consumer wants to spend money on a tablet with promises about future, when the iPad already delivers and is cheaper? I Google “PlayBook hardware reset” and find some frantic forum posts and replies that says something about pressing the media buttons. On one hand it eats Flash-heavy site like We Choose The Moon for breakfast, and yet fails at times with Flash compnents on Google’s Music Beta. I’ve also noticed that the Flash implementation on the PlayBook doesn’t support running Flash objects simultaneously in multiple tabs. Instead, objects that lose focus when switching tabs will pause, and then resume when you switch back.

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