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This is probably not gonna help much, but when i was a kid, I had a book on the Indian National Army. I am not much of an expert either - but there seems to be some excellent resources available for anyone willing to do research about the INA. Quote: In JapanThe Indian National Army (INA) consisted of some 85,000 regular troops, including a separate women's army unit named after Rani Lakshmi Bai (the women's combat army unit was the first of its kind in Asia). Acharya wrote:Japan's surrender also led to the eventual surrender of the Indian National Army.Why did the INA surrender with the surrender of Japan's Imperial Army?
At the end of the war, him and others like him were taken by the British and went through interogation and sometime later released.
He was in the train heading towards Syam one night when he crawled under the legs of the Jap guards and jumped out into some forests.
One day the tribe sent him to the local city market with some wares to be sold and other goods to be bought with the money.
Someway along the way he was caught again by the Japs and ended up in the dreaded location. Since I am a product of the east and the west, I have heard and know lots of stories from people who have lived these stories both in Europe and Asia. I think the trouble with Asiatic soceities is that they are very oral people when it comes to recording history.
I recall having read a book on the INA written by one of its top Generals - ShahNawaz, Sehgal, or Dhillon. Many rare photographs too.Request BR ( Jagan saar!!) follow up with that forum and get the info and the pics to be reproduced here.
One of the things I remember from the book written by the INA officer was about the issues they had in dealing with the Japanese Army, starting with food. The Japanese soldiers apparently were issued very meagre and frugal rations, just rice and dried fish IIRC. On 15 February 1942, Singapore fell to the Japanese army advancing southward from the Malayan peninsula. Major Fujiwara took them over on behalf of the victorious Japanese, and then announced that he was handing them over to Captain Mohan Singh of the Indian contingents, who should be obeyed by them as their Supreme Commander.
An amazing read and a very interesting account of the Red fort trials - including some elements on the contribution by Nehru and other prominent lawyers. This digital twist on a mystical, ancient faith is a growing part of India's multibillion-dollar spirituality market. As one of a handful of Hindu-Americans in her high school in Cupertino in the mid-to-late 1980s, Suhag Shukla still can't shake the memory of just how awkward a lesson in her ninth-grade class on India turned was for her. BJP general secretary Ram Madhav on Wednesday underscored the need for holding parleys between academicians and social leaders for evolving "objective and dispassionate" narrative on Hindu jurisprudence. I refused - holding off until I could ad-lib a random sentence with some choice third-grade words for my brutish classmates.
Myanmar’s vibrant Hindu community relishes its freedom of faith, but economic and political exclusion leads some to return to their ancestral grounds.
Signs of a vibrant Hindu community are everywhere in downtown Yangon; ornate temples peer out from between the tenements, and periodic festivals enliven the streets with rhythmic music, colourful costumes and offerings of sweet masala chai. The murder adds to a grim toll in past weeks, with an atheist student, two gay rights activists, a liberal professor, a Hindu tailor and a Sufi Muslim leader hacked to death. An elderly Buddhist monk was found hacked to death on Saturday in Bangladesh, police said, the latest in a spate of murders of religious minorities and secular activists in the country. Jihadists have been silencing or threatening voices of sanity because democracy and pluralism are anathema to them. The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) is an advocacy group providing a progressive voice for over two million Hindu Americans. Some 70,000 houses have been destroyed and another 530,000 homes have been damaged across 39 of Nepal's 75 districts. Going forward, either grants to FBOs should be genuinely inclusive, and widely engage non-Christian FBOs, or the next administration should seriously consider turning the clock back to the days in which the makers of US foreign policy and development assistance took seriously the First Amendment. Same sex couples deserve the same rights and respect granted to opposite sex couples, and we commend the Secretary General's efforts to treat all UN employees with equal dignity. Will you provide me the list of Reference Books to preparation of the JTO Exam in Telecom ? As you want I am here providing you the list of books that may help you to preparation of the JTO Exam in Telecom.

Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post ICL Telecom Unregistered Main Forum 1 27th March 2016 02:25 PM Telecom companies offer jobs to Telecom Engineers? The following errors occurred with your submission Okay Your Username: Click here to log in Message: Options Quote message in reply? A leading advocate having wide experience in matters of taxation, corporate planning and international arbitration, Mr. A practicing Advocate of Calcutta High Court in the fields of Taxation, Constitution and Arbitration, Mr.Choudhury has wide range of practice at all India level. As a member of the Executive Committee of Indian National Forum of Art and Culture, Shri Ghose is assigned with the responsibility of the press and publicity affairs of the organization. An Optometrist by profession, she is running her own optical showroom and has been working as a consultant optometrist and contact lens and low vision specialist.
This marks perhaps the most significant event in the annals of India's fight for independence.
These troops were under the aegis of a provisional government, with its own currency, court and civil code, called the Provisional Government of Free India (or, the Arzi Hukumat-e-Azad Hind), and recognised by nine Axis states - Germany, Japan, Italy, the Independent State of Croatia, Wang Jingwei's Government in Nanjing, Thailand, a provisional government of Burma, Manchukuo and Japanese-controlled Philippines. Bose himself visited the place and the Japs made some drastic make over and treated the Indian slaves a little better for a few preeceding days. Two days later, in an impressive ceremony held at Farrar Park in the heart of the town, [British] Indian troops were handed over to the Japanese as prisoners-of-war by their commanding officer, Colonel Hunt. Mohan Singh then spoke to the Indian POWs, expressing his intention of raising an Indian national army out of them to fight for India's freedom. E-commerce sites also have popped up for Indian Muslims as well as minority Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists.
What is more, HAF insists that the curriculum be culturally competent and equitable in comparison to the presentation of other religious traditions.
They all strained their eyes to see where I had gotten my sentence from, leaving them momentarily distracted. This was after a public hearing on the matter, where several parents and students gave testimonies. The Foundation interacts with and educates leaders in public policy, academia, media and the public at large about Hinduism and global issues concerning Hindus, such as religious liberty, the portrayal of Hinduism, hate speech, hate crimes and human rights.
Ghose is a young entrepreneur and has gained accumency in printing technology, photography, graphic arts photography, and, last but not the least, in computer graphics.
An avowed social worker since her childhood, she was at one time engaged with HelpAge Indias activities and now holds regular eye camp to help the poor, destitute and disabled persons. Khan is the Chief Co-ordinator-cum-Liaison-in-Charge (national and international relations) of the organization.
In particular I want to know its strength, its war aims and plans, and its class composition. He held a preliminary discussion with some prominent Indians in Malay and Burma in a meeting in Singapore on 9 and 10 March, which was attended by Rashbehari Bose, a veteran Indian revolutionary exile living in Japan for the last quarter of a century.
This process would require very careful guidance, with a firm hand, to prevent anarchy and chaos. By promoting the Hindu and American ideals of understanding, tolerance and pluralism, HAF stands firmly against hate, discrimination, defamation and terror. He is member of the International Bar Association , Supreme Court Bar Association, Bar Council of India and Indian Council of Arbitration and has got extensive legal practice in India and abroad. He was the Adjunct Professor of Law at Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal, and is the author of several legal treaties, each one of which has been globally acknowledged. Ganguly is the Vice-President(II) of Indian National Forum of Art and Culture, the honorary Vice-Principal of INFAC Academy and the standing Vice-Chairperson of the INFAC Examination Board and the body holding the All India Merit Test Contest in Performing Arts. As a social activist, he is engaged ,amongst others, with the Amnesty International and is also an online volunteer of the United Nations. Bandopadhya is the honorary Principal of INFAC Academy and the standing Chairperson of the INFAC Examination Board and the body holding the All India Merit Test Contest in Performing Arts. An armed assault on the citadel of the British Empire in India was the only alternative left to deliver the country from bondage.
This government participated as a delegate or observer in the so-called Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.En route to India, some of Bose's troops assisted in the Japanese victory over the British in the battles of Arakan and Meiktila, along with the Burmese National Army led by Ba Maw and Aung San. As a social activist , he is connected with several social and philanthropic organisations. Mr.Choudhury is connected as a social activist with many NGOs of national and international repute.

As an ardent cultural and social activist, she is associated with a number of cultural and social bodies in India in various capacities . Dey was a former President of the Publishers & Booksellers Guild, Kolkata and a special invitee to the Executive Committee of the Federation of Publishers and Booksellers Association of India, New Delhi. Chatterjee was the Vice-President of Association of Professional Performing Singers (APPS) and is connected with many social organizations in various capacities. While other leaders of the Indian National Congress fell short of realizing this fact and thus betrayed a lack of pragmatic approach to the turn of world events that provided India with a golden opportunity to strike at the British by a force of arms, Bose rose to the needs of the hour and was quick to seize that opportunity.While Bose's compatriots in India remained totally wedded to an ideological creed (non-violence), which at that time could only serve the British and postpone the advent of independence, and while their ideological interpretations of the new revolutionary regimes in Europe-again largely influenced by British propaganda-prevented them from even harboring any thought of seeking their alliance and co-operation in the struggle against a common enemy, Sublias Chandra Bose alone had the courage to take the great plunge, thus risking his own life and reputation, solely in the interest and cause of his country. The Provisional Government and the INA were established in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the Bay of Bengal, part of the British Indian Empire under Japanese occupation.
The delegates representing several East and Southeast Asian countries present at the conference decided to form the Indian Independence League to organize an Indian independence movement in East Asia. He is the Founder of International Citizens Forum and Indian National Forum of Art and Culture. She is the wife of Litterateur Taradas Bandopadhya and daughter-in-law of distinguished litterateur Bibhuti Bhusan Bandopadhyay. In January 1941, while under both house arrest, and strict British surveillance, he escaped. On the Indian mainland, an Indian Tricolour, modeled after that of the Indian National Congress, was raised for the first time in the town in Moirang, in Manipur, in northeastern India.
Choudhury Medical Society and Vidya Vikas Bhavan; President of Adarsh Hindu High School having strength of more than 13000 students and also the President of International Citizens Forum. As a devout culture and social activist, she is connected with a number of social and cultural bodies in India. After an arduous trek through the rugged terrains of several countries, with an Italian passport under the assumed name of Orlando Mazzota - (in which he was aided by underground revolutionaries and foreign diplomatic agents) - Bose appeared in Berlin, via Moscow, on 28 March 1941.Bose was welcome in Germany, although the news of his arrival there was kept a secret for some time for political reasons.
The German Foreign Office, which was assigned the primary responsibility of dealing with Bose and taking care of him, had been well informed of the background and political status of the Indian leader through its pre-war Consulate-General at Calcutta and also by its representative in Kabul.
At the time of the Great Bengal Famine of 1943, during which millions died of starvation, Bose had offered (through radio) to provide Burmese rice to the victims of the famine. Bose himself, naturally some what impatient for getting into action soon after his arrival in Berlin, submitted a memorandum to the German government on 9 April 1941 which outlined a plan for co-operation between the Axis powers and India. The British authorities in India (and in the UK) naturally refused the offer.When the Japanese were defeated at the battles of Kohima and Imphal, the Provisional Government's aim of establishing a base in mainland India was lost forever.
4500A set of poorly edited (typos ABOUND and sometimes do serious violence to the etxt) primary source volumes on the INA in Asia (Europe is totally ignored). While there are many items of interest to us, I have so far found nothing in any of direct relevance to awards, but many of these documents are interesting reading for the specialist, and maybe only for the specialist.
In a supplementary memorandum bearing the same date, Bose requested that an early pronouncement be made regarding the freedom of India and the Arab countries.[2] It is significant to note that the memorandum did not mention the need for formation of an Indian legion. Evidently the idea of recruiting the Indian prisoners of war for the purpose of establishing a nucleus of an Indian national army did not occur to him during his early days in Berlin.At that time the German government was in the process of formulating its own plan for dealing with Sublias Chandra Bose in the best possible manner. 4500 into the basic currency unit, the BWM (British War Medal), you are left wondering if this is worth BWM 6?Cover added. The Foreign Office felt itself inadequate to discharge this awesome responsibility without referring the whole matter to Hitler.
While this issue was being considered at the highest level of the government, Bose's own requests as set forth in the submitted memorandum, made it far too complicated and involved to be resolved at an early date. Nevertheless, through several sympathetic officers of the Foreign Office, he continued to press his requests and put forth new ideas.Finally, after months of waiting and many moments of disappointment often bordering on despair for Bose, Germany agreed to give him unconditional and all-out help. The two immediate results of this decision were the establishment of a Free India Center and inauguration of a Free India Radio, both beginning their operations in November 1941. These two organizations played vital and significant roles in projecting Bose's increasing activities in Germany, but a detailed account of their operation lies outside the purview of this paper.
It should suffice to say that the German government put at Bose's disposal adequate funds to run these two organizations, and he was allowed complete freedom to run them the way he liked at his own discretion.In its first official meeting on 2 November 1941, the Free India Center adopted four historical resolutions that would serve as guidelines for the entire movement in subsequent months and years in Europe and Asia.
The radio programs were broadcast in several Indian languages on a regular basis.When the new version of the history of the Twentieth Century India, and especially the episode of the country's unique struggle for independence comes to be written, it will no doubt single out but one person who made the most significant and outstanding contribution among all his compatriots toward the emancipation of his motherland from the shackles of an alien bondage. During World War II this man strode across two continents like a colossus, and the footsteps of his army of liberation reverberated through the forests and plains of Europe and the jungles and mountians of Asia.

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