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The new SharePoint has been released as a public preview, along with hopes by the Microsoft team of “leapfrogging expectations” (see the launch blog post). This post is the first of a series that looks at what’s changed from an intranet manager perspective, in particular things employees will notice and improvements for site and content owners*.
SharePoint continues to offer a very versatile basis not just for an intranet but also the hub of a full digital workplace. Most upgrades for SharePoint 2010 seem to have happened 2-3 years from when it was released in beta, meaning that many organisations won’t go live with SharePoint 2013 until 2014 or 2015. If you’re already on SharePoint and social collaboration is a key part of your strategy, then SharePoint 2013 is worth aiming for sooner rather than later, primarily for the improved newsfeed (activity feed) elements which help to cross silos. If your organisation mostly collaborates in a more structured way – around projects and documents – then there are still benefits from the newsfeed approach, but they are more marginal. If you primarily see SharePoint as providing a CMS for published pages, then there are few improvements that will make a big difference. If you don’t use SharePoint currently, then the new version offers a very rich platform not just for an intranet but as the basis of a digital workplace. Microsoft have done an impressive job with the cloud version of SharePoint (within Office 365), making a hosted approach an attractive proposition for smaller and medium-sized enterprises. Take control of your intranet, with Sam Marshall’s Intranet Success full-day masterclasses. I have a suspicion that mobile will be better at launch, or maybe soon after launch, than it seems at present. I hope you’re right about there being more to come with the mobile experience, but I think it would be a mistake for Microsoft to reserve a good mobile experience just for their own hardware. Printable Word's Templates, Resumes Templates, Certificate Templates, Rental Agreements and Legal Forms.
The meeting minutes are notes taken by the person who elected to write all the meeting minuets on a sheet of paper as a record of meeting. Thus, if you’ve been appointed by the company or tasked by committee to take notes, then you need to have a reasonable way by follow you can simply record the minuets of meeting.
Meeting Agenda Templates Meeting agenda is an important tool to make a meeting go smoothly.
2 Best Agenda Template An agenda is a document that contains list of all activities to be taken up in proper order. 3 Best Attendance Sheet Templates An attendance sheet can be used to record attendance of students, labor or attendees of a meeting.
This title page features a central vertical line which serves as the backbone for the rest of the text on the page. The template compiles as a standalone document to act as a starting point for creating a document but it includes instructions for integrating this title page into an existing document. This title page was originally created by Peter Wilson but has been extensively modified for this website. Ok that was dramatic (and I also just wanted an excuse to hashtag #basicbitch), but seriously…makeup (and specifically face contouring) can do some crazy shit, proven by the photos in this San Francisco Globe article. Let me admit that as someone who doesn’t wear heavy makeup 90% of the time, this overwhelms me. The new version has done a good job of playing catch-up with social features missing up until now, particularly for microblogging and activity feeds. My Site now supports a rich microblogging experience with a newsfeed of things you follow – and you can follow most things, including people, documents, tags and sites. Web parts have mostly been re-named “Apps” and architecturally SharePoint has been opened up to make it much easier to add third party apps.

Microsoft’s term for supporting mobile and full-screen versions of a page, as well as multi-lingual deployments. As an intranet manager, should you push to bring that point forward or is it right to take time over the transition? In most situations, it should be a viable alternative to add-ons like Newsgator or stand-alone tools like Yammer. In particular, if employees are still getting to grips with SharePoint as a change in collaborative behaviour, then delaying an upgrade may well make sense, as the change disruption will be more detrimental than the benefits of the feature improvements. Only specific features like video support might sway the answer if your current version doesn’t meet your needs.
However, for an intranet specifically, the starting point with SharePoint is still based around much more primitive building-blocks than other platforms such as Interact, ThoughtFarmer, Jive or Intranet Connections, and in many cases these would therefore be a much easier starting point. My guess is that Microsoft are pleasantly surprised by the positive (mostly!) reaction to its Surface tablet. Even if Surface\Windows RT are a hit, it will take 2 years+ to have a decent level of ownership, and is contrary to the groundswell of BYOD going on at the moment.
Meeting minutes are meant to describe different events of meeting which contains list of all attendees, list of issued discussed during the meeting, related responses and decisions taken for the issues etc.
Well, it’s a smart protocol develop by person who officially elected by the members of committee who’re going to chair a meeting. Apart of this, here in this article we’re offering you to download a meeting minutes template which assist you to account the minutes (everything discussed in the meeting) with ease.
The title is clearly visible in a large bold font and the template also includes a tagline, author name and publisher information.
Most of the time I’ll just do this (sans foundation) after my majestical Gleam routine.
If social and connectivity is central to your intranet strategy, then it’s worth pushing to move to 2013 early. Microsoft’s Office Marketplace should help intranet managers who sometimes find it hard to know what is available externally.
It is likely that other companies will begin to move into this space, leading to the risk of platform fragmentation that we’ve seen with SharePoint 2010 and social add-ons. One of the issues I’ve not really thought through yet is whether SP2007 users should jump straight to SP2013 or go via SP2010. Since the tablet is still not officially available Microsoft may not want to go public on SP2013 support for mobile at this stage, especially with potential announcements from Apple on iPhone 5 and perhaps a smaller tablet due in the Autumn.
I’d see it as more of a SharePoint 2016 strategy (should there ever be such a version). Full release of 2013 is still 6 months off, and add another 6 months to avoid paying for technical specialists to learn all the quirks and limitations, means you’d be planning a launch to employees late 2013 for a large-ish implementation. A typist takes meeting minutes during the meeting as short notes and then copy of these meeting minutes is sent to each attendee of the meeting.
The title page could be used for a number of applications but is best left with as few lines of text as possible. In other respects, 2013 will be a welcome upgrade for those already on SharePoint, but is unlikely to sway people investigating other routes.
There are numerous other improvements, and the App Store approach shows great potential, but few things are individually compelling from a non-technical perspective.
Main text on meeting minutes include meeting date, day and title, organizer of meeting, meeting place, names of attendees, list of issued discussed with all decisions, information about next meeting etc.
It’s a fact, if you don’t having a prefabricated template of meeting minutes then making the notes would be an arduous task.

By SharePoint 2010 the main challenges for an intranet manager had become governance and user adoption. In like manner, our format of meeting minutes will provide you tips and ideas that for sure will assist you to get started with writing and preparing effective meeting minutes within no time. Governance has definitely been improved, but adoption has been less substantially addressed. For example, the user experience for content owners is still over-fiddly and at the moment the mobile experience is well below what will be needed over the next 2-3 years.
Moreover, the new version has done little to reduce the complexity involved in producing and managing a SharePoint-based intranet for business owners of sites and content.
Education is open to all regardless of their ability to pay.In a recent Facebook post discussion, a Scottish friend of mine shared about the stark difference between how Scottish folks and Singaporeans view education. They are encouraged to do a degree in subjects that interests them and that will stimulate their personal growth as an individual.To them, whether that skill is learned at university or somewhere else is another matter. Gone are the days where our education system churn out batch after batch of model Singaporean worker prototypes and direct our youths to courses to fill specific labour gaps in the market.Our education system now question the skills and competences that our youths require to adapt and succeed in this fast shifting global arena. Multiple educational pathways are now created to cater to the different strengths and interests of our students. We recognise the fact our children do not progress at the same pace when it comes to education. While we celebrate and push those who are academically inclined to go further, we must offer opportunities for late bloomers and less privileged to have a chance to catch up and compete on equal grounds at a later stage.It is also high time for us to acknowledge and accept that there are other non-degree routes to success. Just as we accord a high level of respect for MBA-armed CEOS, we should also realize that skilled technicians, highly trained mechanics, talented craftsmen, accomplished artists, or anyone who has honed his craft to an exemplary level, deserve our respect too. For example, in the People’s Association, there is a single scheme of service, whether you are a graduate whether you are a diploma holder, you join the same scheme of service, you join at different points, but after that, your advance is based on merit and there have been many non-graduates who have progressed to senior manager positions based on their ability to do the job well.”Over at the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), it has been pushing for performance-based equal employment opportunities for over a decade.
These initiatives may not be called ASPIRE, but they are definitely effort to help workers climb up the career ladder, regardless of the academic qualifications they hold.Through the years, NTUC has implemented a variety of different programs and initiatives to charge changes at the organizational level, as well as to train and better equip workers with skills so that they can have an equal share of the progression pie. For instance, through the implementation of Skills Redevelopment Programme and Job Redesign Programme, the labour movement has reviewed and redesigned jobs and also re-skill workers so that there is improved employment opportunities for all.The Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications System (WSQ) is also worth a mention. Almost a decade old, the WSQ unlocks avenues for workers to obtain nationally recognized and industry-relevant qualifications. This results in leveling the playing field relatively, so that even those who are not highly educated or degree holders have a chance to advance professionally. The WSQ develops skills and education framework that are industry-specific, and focuses on the development of job-based skills and competencies.
Industries that the WSQ has covered include Aerospace, Community and Social Services, Floristry, Healthcare Support, InfoCommunications Technology, Security, Marine Workplace Safety and Health, Tourism Management, etc. Employers may be pleasantly surprised by the fresh perspectives brought in by graduates who are not trained specifically in the particular field.
Listen to your child and find out where his or her interest lies, they are more likely to do well in a subject they love than one which they loath. We makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or found by following any link on this site.AspirantSG will not be liable for any errors or omissions in this information nor for the availability of this information.

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