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The flirty good morning wishes for husband are sent early in the morning through text messages and has flirty quotes.
The flirty text message for the cute guy friend is sent to the male friend to express the likeness feelings for him. The flirt birthday wishes for the friend include best flirty quotes as well as birthday wishes for the friend’s birthday.
The funny flirty wishes for friend is humorous filled and include romantic funny quotes for the friend.
Dear friend, I wish you a fabulous birthday celebration with many fun filled moments of love and happiness.

The wishes can be sent along with gifts for hubby to make him feel good and make his morning beautiful. The flirty wishes include flirtatious tone words and are sent in a fun way for the friends. You are like the beautiful sunrise which brings freshness and bright happiness into my life dear.
I hope a charming person like you always continue to fill my life with happiness with your smile. I send the precious gift I promised you and wish me to be that so that I remain near you always.

The flirty text wishes can be sent along with gifts for the male friend and include flirty quotes for him.

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