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Art in World History, a Berkshire Essential, put readers in touch with art from the Paleolithic period and the millennium-long heyday of porcelain, to performance art of the postmodernist world. David Christian is a professor of world history at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, and co-founder, with Bill Gates, of the Big History Project. Karen Christensen is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Berkshire Publishing Group and a writer specializing in sustainability and community with a focus on China. From Midwestern roots to a life in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, and New York City, Karen has been ahead of the curve on issues ranging from green and local lifestyles to the importance of online networking and global entrepreneurship. Karen, who worked as a chef and caterer during college and loves to cook for family and friends, is currently developing an online platform for everything connected with eating Chinese as well as a major Encyclopedia of Chinese Cuisines.
This Is Africa, one of Berkshire's acclaimed "This World of Ours" series, provides a brief, engaging history of a great and too-little-known continent - a land rich in resources and troubled by conflict, now home to over a billion people speaking more than a thousand different languages. They explore fundamental questions about the origins of art making and the case for including visual studies in world history.
Karen went to high school in the Silicon Valley and moved to London after graduating from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 1981. Often traveling to China for business and pleasure, she specializes in international community building and global education.
This book explores Africa’s interrelatedness to other regions and cultures throughout history and examines its growing economic and political importance to other nations.
The volume balances and interweaves regional coverage with cross-cultural perspectives - when trade brought Chinese silk to the Romans in the first century CE, or how celebrated 19th-century Japanese printmakers used one-point perspective, a Western technique.
He is the author of Maps of Time: An Introduction to Big History, which won the World History Association book prize (2004), and is writing a history of Central Asia. Beginning as a speaker on women’s issues for the UK Green Party when Margaret Thatcher was prime minister, Karen has worked with consumer and research groups, and has spoken to women all over the world about products and services, and about their priorities and values.

Overviews on vernacular architecture and textiles examine how the study of these art forms can provide insight on a people's aesthetic sense and development, as well as on the cultural, political, and socioeconomic aspects of their lives. He is also the author of Living Water: Vodka and Russian Society on the Eve of Emancipation and (with R.
She is the creator and publisher of the 10-volume Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability, the definitive educational resource written by 1,000 expert authors and now being translated into Chinese. The Sochi Games, the Russian Great Power Ideal and the Legitimacy of Vladmimir Putina€™, Euxeinos, 12, pp. In: Proceedings of the International Scientific Symposium Sochi 2014 Olympic Games and Georgian-Circassian Eco-Cultural Environment.
K voprosu o dopolnitela€™nyx konstrukcijax (na materiale cova-tushinskogo (bacbijskogo) jazyka. International conference a€?The Georgian language and modern technologiesa€?, Chikobava Institute of Linguistics at the Georgian Academy of Sciences, Tbilisi, 20-21 October 2009.
Ergativnosta€™ v cherkesskix jazykax [=Circassian clause structure (in Russian)], School of International Migration and Ethnic Relations, MalmA¶ University, 213 p. Her own environmental books, for adults and children, have been published in the UK and the United States translated into French, German, Swedish, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and both traditional and simplified Chinese, and she was senior editor of the 4-volume Encyclopedia of Community, published by SAGE.
Papers from the conference, November 28-30 2008, Department of Language, Migration, Society, MalmA¶ Universisity. In: Lingvisticheskie chtenija a€“ 2010, tsikl 6, Materialy mezhdunarodnoj nauchno-prakticheskoj konferencii, 27 Febr. Kidev ertxel inpinitivis sakitxisatvis dzvel kartulshi [One more time on infinitive in Old Georgian], In: Kartveluri memk'vidreoba [Kartvelian Heritage], Kutaisi 2, pp. Dopolnitel'nye konstrukcii v kabardinskom jazyke [=Complementation in Kabardian (in Russian)], Department of Linguistics, University of Lund,A  350 pp.

Eliot” a memoir about working with Valerie Eliot, was a cover story in the Guardian Review) before writing a bestselling environmental handbook.
Papers from the conference, June 17-20 2005, School of International Migration and Ethnic Relations, MalmA¶ University, Sweden.
Karen returned to the United States in 1992 and became a publisher herself, developing worldwide networks in fields including leadership, community, sports, international relations, and Asian studies. He has spoken about big history at the TED Conference, the World Economic Forum, and on the Comedy Central program The Colbert Report.
She was elected to the board of the Content Division of the Software & Information Industry Association and to the National Committee on US-China Relations, a group of political, business, and academic leaders.
Papers from the conference, June 17-20 2005, School of International Migration and Ethnic Relations, MalmA¶ University, pp. Utas (eds.) The Role of the State in West Asia, Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul, Transactions, Stockholm, pp. BA¶rjars (eds.), Complement structures in the languages of Europe - more preliminary surveys. She frequently speaks and writes about publishing technology, intellectual property and copyright, and the book and ebook industry.

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