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The paddle and blade are made with a carbon glass weave reinforced outer wrap and air channel construction to give the stick a unique combination of performance, durability and shock dampening capabilities. The Supreme ONE.9 also comes equipped with GRIPTAC technology - a tactile area at the shoulder of the stick that provides for better grip. A goalie who catches with their left hand and holds their stick in their right hand is a regular goalie; you will need to order both catch glove and blocker as regular as well as the stick. I was wondering what size paddle and what blade pattern would be the most similar to a CCM stick size 26in and a P39 blade pattern.

Categories: Bauer Hockey Skates, Bauer Junior Hockey Skates, Bauer Supreme Skates, Clearance Skates, Junior Hockey Skates. New for the fall of 2012, Bauer Hockey is releasing the Supreme One.9 Limited Edition skate line. This composite composition also works with the stick's air bladder core to reduce weight and stick vibrations. The Bauer Supreme One.9 LE hockey skate is an anatomically correct fit that maximizes the skaters stride.

Low density foam surrounds the core of the blade and lowers the weight while providing direct puck feel. Bauer Hockey is the current leader in the hockey skate industry and the anticipation for the new Bauer One.9 Supreme LE hockey skate has been off the chart.

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