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Everyone is seeking for a happy relationship but abusive relationship does exist just like abusive relationship quotes. No one would ever expect to get abusive treatment in their relationship because when someone decides to be in a relationship, they expect their partner to love them. It’s kind of impossible asking someone to stop treating us in abusive way once they have started because it means that they don’t love us anymore.
Everyone must be longing for a happy, loving and perfect relationship, but unfortunately love life is not always like what we expect to be. Most people who are too in love will never let go those people who have abused their feeling because they are still expecting those people they love to change their abusive treatment into loving treatment.

We should never force our feeling to influence them too because their heart is already filled with hatred towards us. No matter if we are in a relationship or not, we all always want to be loved by the one we love.
It may be a harsh truth for some people, but once the one you expect to give you love give you abusive treatment instead, you should obviously let them go because that’s the only way you can do if you want them to change.
Expecting them to love us again is such a daydream, you should just accept the truth that they have changed and that you deserve someone who will treat you better. Sometimes those that we expect to love us, will do things we least expect them to do, like abusive treatment and comment.

When someone abuses us physically, it will obviously hurt us, but when someone abuses our feeling, it will hurt us much more.

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