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Our friends over at MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute recently released The State of B2B Content Marketing in North America. The results reveal that B2B marketers are spending more, using more tactics, and distributing their content on more social networks than they have in the past.
The following infographic provides a visual interpretation of the most revealing stats from the report. Web services include SOAP-RPC [1], asynchronous SOAP with specific profiles, RNIF [2], and ebXML TR&P [3]. Figure 2 depicts a UML diagram of a simple purchase conversation definition from the perspective of the seller. InboundXMLDocument and OutboundXMLDocument also serve to declare an ID for the document that can be used within the rest of the conversation definition. Transitions define all the permissible orders of interactions but do not specify under which condition which permissible sequence is chosen. Its specification does not contain the sub-elements InboundXMLDocument and OutboundXMLDocument. The final interaction and the transitions to the final interaction need to be defined in such a way that it is clear for each participant when a conversation is finished. For conversation executions to be deterministic, transitions should be unambiguous at all times.
The following XML document is a WSCL specification for the example conversation shown in Figure 2.
Our goal with this project was to create a brand for the Disqus business team that centered around color. When we embarked on our project to create a new B2B site for our business, we looked far and wide to find the right firm. It’s a fascinating report revealing insights into how B2B marketers are using content marketing techniques and the biggest challenges they face.
Another standout from the survey found that 90% of respondents are doing some form of content marketing, but are not necessarily doing it correctly.
It clearly shows us that content marketing is not a fad and will continue to be a driving force for marketers, while at the same time indicating that the majority are still struggling to find a process that works for them and are having trouble garnering buy in from the C-suites.

Previously, Jason was Senior Manager of Social Media at Marketo and focused on optimizing social for lead generation and driving revenue. When you subscribe to our email updates, you understand and agree that Marketo will send you email invites and updates, ranging from events, webinars, new content, and more, based on your settings. A service that supports this conversation definition expects a conversation to begin with the receipt of a LoginRQ or a RegistrationRQ document.
There are four main elements to a WSCL specification, as depicted in the UML model shown in Figure 3. In the following example, the definition defines an input document that conforms to a purchase order schema defined in PurchaseOrderRQ.xsd. For modeling the cases where a request message initiates several response messages, several interactions have to be used. An empty interaction, End, is introduced with various transitions to it, and is referenced in the attribute finalInteraction.
The name is the shared piece of information needed by both parties so they realize the same conversation type in their service implementation.
This can be achieved in two different ways, depending on the service framework and interaction protocol used.
Not color in the traditional sense of the word, but color as in people adding color commentary using the vastly popular Disqus platform. We moved more towards less overall colors in the final Website, instead relying on splashes of color and the logo color animation to bring the idea to life. The header features several online discussions using the Disqus platform to showcase the meaning of color. He is a regular contributor to leading marketing blogs such as Social Media Examiner, Social Media Today, and Marketing Profs. The purpose of WSCL 1.0 is to provide and define the minimal set of concepts necessary to specify conversations. WSCL supports only XML schema specifications of payload because schemas seem to be the prevailing means of describing data exchanged on the Internet. A PurchaseRQ document triggers the Purchase interaction; a QuoteRQ document triggers the Quote interaction. The only purpose of this interaction is to signal the listener that the initiator is no longer interested in continuing the conversation, and that the listener does not have to wait for a PurchaseRQ or QuoteRQ that may not be sent.

In the end, the color logo is contained within a talk bubble, which subtly indicates what the color brand is all about. We also showcase the Disqus engine and advertising opportunities more since the focus is on business and not consumer. They worked tirelessly under tight deadlines and demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and quality of work.
The logo changes color slightly on the page using CSS and some Javascript to add life to the logo. WSCL specifies the XML documents being exchanged, and the allowed sequencing of these document exchanges.
The expectation is that WSCL will be extended for more complex Web services frameworks; for example, multi-party conversations, quality of service attributes, transactions, or composition of conversations. Underneath the black and white text of the digital page is where Disqus empowers people to add color to content.
WSCL conversation definitions are themselves XML documents and can therefore be interpreted by Web services infrastructures and development tools. Although this conversation is defined from the perspective of the seller, it can be used to determine the appropriate message types and sequences for both the seller and the buyer. WSCL, a very simple and basic conversation definition language, does not directly support the specification of non-XML payload-like binary attachments.
The buyer simply derives his conversation definition by inverting the direction of the messages.
Yet the attribute hrefSchema is optional, which allows the schema definition to be omitted in case of binary payload. If a conversation is published in a UDDI directory, the conversation name could be a tModel key.

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