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On the spectrum of creepy inanimate objects you try your best sex moves on, what’s a step below Real Dolls (NSFW) and a step above kissing the back of your hand? If you’re on a date this Valentine’s Day, and you see these babies casually strewn about your date’s couch, you'll probably want to notify the authorities immediately and hide in a small, enclosed space until they arrive. King was inspired to make the pillows after finding a CPR dummy and dozens of rubber removable mouths in the dumpster next to her apartment complex. The result looks sort of like a cross between a sculpture by Polish artist Alina Szapocznikow and something you’d find in the Urban Outfitters’ home section, with a little bit of your worst nightmare tossed in for good measure.
While King says the response to her makeout pillows has been somewhat divided—“the reaction from anyone over the age of 25 tended to be variations on ‘that's really creepy,’ and anyone under the age of 25 thought it was hilarious and awesome”—when she posted the guidelines for making the pillows on Instructables, the demand for rubber dummy mouths was apparently so high that she’s now charging $5 each for them.

Instead of rummaging through your bag for your wallet or phone, keep both protected and in place. This is the Instructable developed by Emily Grace King for how to make your own practice kissing pillow.
Thanks to lilco, who agrees the best kissing practice is done in the mirror so you can look deep into your own eyes and realize just how weird you're being. Geekologie is a geek blog dedicated to the scientific study of gadgets, gizmos, and awesome. While it's handy for getting many of us to work and back in decent time, public transport sure can be a nightmare.

So don’t be surprised if you’re flipping through Skymall on your next flight and you see one of these monstrosities peeping at you from the cover. Inspired by the desire to create something beautiful, Sarah Seven has ready to wear, special occasion and bridal lines.

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