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The company has a wide range of services from simple graphic design and concepts to fabrication of booth exhibits and signages. Projector carts are full featured AV carts built to support all of your presentation needs.
The bottom will easily support a personal computer with the top surface completely designed to put your laptop, keyboard with mouse or a digital document camera. Sturdy multimedia station includes an easy glide laptop shelf, two drop leaf shelves for your notes and equipment. Unity Audio Visual is a specialist integrator of high quality visual communications technologies and provides comprehensive system design, installation and support services for projects of all levels of complexity. Unity Audio Visual has built up strategic relationships over the years with all the major manufacturers and distributors in the audio visual industry which means we can source virtually any product including accessories and spares.
Because Unity Audio Visual is independent, we can supply virtually any product available on the market and provide an unbiased opinion of which product set is best suited to your requirement and as one of the larger suppliers of audio visual equipment in the UK we have the purchasing power to offer our customers competitive pricing across the entire range. Not only do Unity Audio Visual offer products that have warranties that are appropriate to their application and usage, we also provide full and unlimited technical support to all our customers.
With over 50 years combined Audio Visual management and installation experience, we are not only passionate about the industry that we work in, but years of acquired knowledge has taught us that the best results are only delivered when a true partnership exists between your business and Unity – simply put, we need to know what’s important to you, to design and install the best possible solution.
You should ensure that your impact is positive given that your abilities and professionalism are on display.

Pull-out shelf for a keyboard or projector and a lower shelf that fits your printer or other equipment. Not only does this get you off to a bad start but it also disgruntles the people you are presenting to. Here are some tips on how you can plan for an effective presentation but first, it’s important to learn the cheapest way to acquire this equipment.How To Acquire Audio Visual EquipmentDepending on your budget, you can either purchase or lease your audio visual equipment.
If you plan to use the equipment for only one presentation, then it wouldn’t make sense to purchase it. However, if you plan on making several presentations in a month, then it makes sense to purchase it.Leasing or renting your equipment is not only convenient but it is cheap. If you plan on using the equipment for a long time, you can get into an agreement with your lessor and sign a lease-to-own agreement. With a lease to own agreement, you can either purchase the equipment at the end of your lease period at $1 or fair market value.You don’t have to make any down payments or provide any form of collateral.
In addition, if you decide that you won’t need the equipment any more, you can easily terminate your lease.
Although this might attract a penalty, terminating your lease early is still an option to consider when you are not interested in leasing your audio visual equipment anymore.
If the equipment is not compatible then you might end up with a distorted picture or no pictures at all.Organize your technology properly.

Mucking around with technology while presenting will distract your audience and you won’t effectively get your message across. For instance, once you have acquired your projector, is there a suitable wall or screen to project onto?Consider the size of your audience.
This is important because it will help you choose the strength of the projector and the size of your screen. If you plan to project on a wall, don’t use a glossy wall because it will reflect the light.Is the PA system that you chose strong enough for the size of your audience? Will you be audible enough or will you need extra speakers and microphones?Final WordYou need to ensure that you lease the right type of equipment for your audience and for your venue if you want your presentation to go as planned.
There are many ways that you can cut back on costs when looking to acquire audio visual equipment.

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