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Professional Hollywood makeup artist, Melvone Farrell shows you techniques and tips for applying makeup on women of Asian heritage.
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The East Asian standards of beauty = porcelain skin, symmetrical face, small nose and silky black hair.
Today we want to share with you super straight, messy braided, ponytail, lush long versions with bangs, modern bobs, bouffant, mid-parting, retro and many other cool options that are so must have this year.
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If requesting a new password doesn't work, you can try sending an email here, just make sure you use the same email you've been using on this forum, and please have a look in your spambox if you're using Gmail. HK, Taiwanese and northern Vietnamse women are nice as well because they seem to be inbetween SE and NE asians. Informative educational video for learning how to do the techniques unique for applying makeup on Asian women. As with their other videos, the instructor goes over how she works with her own clients to help them feel at ease. Camera angles are great for being able to watch the demonstrations including very close up shots that are clear and crisp. While there are ladies who appear in stylish and natural shoulder length looks with split bangs and curls, this look is very easy to wear.

This video is made for the makeup professional and assumes you know the basics like how to mix foundation and choose a color. Cover how to hide scars and blemishes.? Miss Jena, TX, USA?I really enjoy--and learn a lot--from makeup instruction by Melvone. She has high standards for cleanliness and proper technique, and I always enjoy seeing how well she executes everything from everyday looks to subtly highlight a clients features, to runway inspired looks.
Nothing bothers me more than seeing other artists ignore the unique undertones of women who are not Caucasian, and seeing how Melvone carefully chooses foundation and cosmetic shades showed me her true talent.

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