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Thought For The Day -No matter how much madder it may make you, get out of bed forcing a smile. On the other hand, sometimes people say something harsh or do cruel things and it has nothing to do with you. Sometimes, no matter how much you want to help someone or how much you think your advice (or the advice of professionals) will help, they just don't want it and will lash out at you. I will never forget the piece of advice my chorus teacher gave us after we, a group of sixth graders, completely butchered a song.
I can count the times that I've lost control of my emotions and exploded on someone on one hand. But the most important part to learn from all of this is that hearts are muscles and they get tougher. While countless articles, films and documentaries have chronicled the lives of both America’s most famous sex symbol and the Queen of Jazz respectively, most leave out an important detail: their friendship with each other. These are the ones who have no consideration for anything having to do with the feelings of others.
Like in Stephen Chbosky's book The Perks of Being a Wallflower, in which we accept the love we think we deserve, we accept the help we think we need.
At the same time, you learn that there are nice people who will appear seemingly out of thin air to aid you in your time of need. But at times, it's better to forgive so you can be at peace with yourself and move on instead of holding onto this giant piece of regret, or anger, or hatred, or jealousy, or some other emotion that eats at you raw until you bleed everything you have out. These people are the ones you don't appreciate until after everything is said and done, until after you played that big game or submitted a thesis or finished revising a book.
Though I don't believe in regrets, I do think back to those instances occasionally and wish they could have ended up differently. There have been many nights of being utterly alone, feeling the loneliness and worthlessness consume you until you are barely there, sitting in bed, just waiting to go to sleep.
We learn to appreciate what we have and that time is fleeting and should not be wasted on people who don't deserve it. Marilyn, who idolized and was inspired by Ella, supported her friend in the face of racism, by helping her get her first gig at a prominent nightclub in 1955 by promising to sit in the front row of the audience every night for a week.

They hit your parked car without leaving a note, cut you off while waiting in line at Whole Foods and literally knock you out of the way on their mad dash to the subway, so you face the closed doors instead of them. They will do anything to manipulate their way out of a bad situation and into your heart, only to shatter it once it's in their grasp.
You can try to move a mountain, but that mountain ain't budging if it doesn't want to be moved.
Though there are a few different levels of "rock bottom," I feel like I've hit quite a few of them.
These are the people who aren't quite a**holes, yet they passed the threshold for just being a nice person.
It's a horrible thing to go through, and more often than not, it's instigated by the statements and actions of those who were around me when I had already boiled over. Though it sucks, we do have the ability to cut people out of our lives who shouldn't be there. I'm not saying everyone is doing this or that it's right, but it's just that sometimes, the judgment against these people needs to be taken with a grain of salt that maybe they are living with a pain that they are still trying to deal with, but just don't know how to handle it. And each time, random people seem to come out of nowhere to offer a word of advice, a small piece of kindness, a shared appreciation for life.
But sometimes, there's some memory, some action so pronounced, that had so much meaning, it's wedged in your heart forever and nothing you can do and no amount of time will ever dull that feeling or take away the pain. They are cunning and they are wise and they know what the best is and they will not settle for less and on that note, they force you to not settle for anything less, either. Overall, our lives should be spent on the people we love, the things we're passionate about and on living each day to the best of our ability. That voice in your head, the one that pops in like Jiminy Cricket advising you to not do that scary thing you're about to do, becomes more affirmative.
These people help you learn which pain you can put up with and which pain you can part with. Thankfully, when situations like this happen, when the chaos on the outside seems to overshadow everything on the inside, it's the time when you need to look inward.
And with the breakups, you learn more about yourself than if you were still in a relationship.

You discover another side of you that you wouldn't have thought possible until the world crashed down on you and then forced you to get up. These are the people who mean the most to you, who have been there through the best times in your life as well as the worst.
And once they've found that nugget, once they've found that soul that needs some encouragement, some advice, some tough love, they pursue it and they stretch your potential until it's almost your breaking point (and sometimes, until after your breaking point) and then you feel so many emotions until it's all over and you realize they were your guardian angel (or guardian devil) who picked you up from the ground, shook the dirt off of you and kicked you out into the world and watched you exceed their (and your) wildest expectations.
Look deep inside yourself and learn how to find inner calm, inner peace and clarity in your thoughts. Because, sadly, you needed a few jerks and the voice of experience to put things into perspective. They've celebrated, laughed and cried with you, and their achievements are your achievements, too. These are, again frankly, horrible people (or just very bored) who are looking to cause trouble and if you are in the way, good luck. And sometimes, as I reflect on this now, maybe I was that kind stranger who helped someone on their bad day when they needed it most.
Or, in the worst-case scenario, just work out for a million hours and let the endorphins do the work for you. Overall, the people who hurt you the most are ones who you let in, so it's a double-edged sword.
But when you know you've found this person who always pushes you to succeed, you'll never feel better.
Basically, a heart broken by an a**hole is, sadly, the best kind of lesson to learn because this forces you to be better, forces you to get up, brush the pain and hurt from your body and move on.

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