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Shakespeare’s comic romance plays out amidst the brittle high spirits of a post-war house party, as youthful passions run riot, lovers are deceived and happiness is threatened – before peace ultimately wins out. Christopher Luscombe directs the second of Shakespeare’s matching pair of comedies that rejoice in our capacity to find love in the most unlikely places. 27 photos in galleryWhen I was in college, in approximately 1995, I was obsessed with Ralph Fiennes. I still kick myself for not going to see him in Hamlet on Broadway when I was living in NYC.
Even with all the creepy characters he’s played (Francis Dolorhyde, anyone?), I also succumb to his hotness. My college roommate (1997) also had a photo collage shrine on the wall of our dorm – just above her bed. All of my early obsessions were so much older than me, terribly British and always in questionable roles. I had the same huuuuuuge crush on him during his peak hotness (Quiz Show and the terrible, terrible Strange Days). The older he gets, the more he looks like a younger Liam Neeson, which isn’t a bad thing, but it is a thing.

Oh and did you know Ralph Fiennes played Heathcliff in a version of “Wuthering Heights”?
That third photo (which I believe was actually from Premiere) was also the centerpiece of MY Ralph shrine!
The English Patient is one of my fave movies of all time, but not sure that would be the case if Ralph weren’t in it.
Call us to book on 01902 716 055, or click on the blue time link on the right of the screen for on-line booking. I admit though, that I was torn between two fantasy lovers and split the shrine between the fine Mr.
He’s still pretty good looking and it must run in the family because his brother played a very attractive Martin Luther (and from all my studies of history, Martin Luther was decidedly UNattractive). The world-weary Benedick and his friend Claudio find themselves reacquainted with Beatrice and Hero. He’s horrible in that, but struts around medieval Belgian quaintness in a seriously awesome coat and is still very lovely to look at. As memories of conflict give way to a life of parties and masked balls, Claudio and Hero fall madly, deeply in love, while Benedick and Beatrice reignite their own altogether more combative courtship.

There were obscure photos that my friend Katherine and I got by actually GOING INTO THE MICROFICHE at UCLA’s massive research library to find.
I literally did more library research on Ralph Fiennes than I ever did on any other subject in college (in fairness, as an English major, I wasn’t required to do research as much as I was required to Read Things and then Think Deeply About Themes and Symbols, so that one day at the library sounds more impressive than in fact it was). It was an extensive collection of rare and hot Fiennesiannia and it made me realize that a great way to teach kids about all the wonderful resources to be had at your library would be to assign them to find all kinds of dreamy photos of the celebrity with which they are currently obsessed. And so, today, on the…er, one-week anniversary of the release of the final Harry Potter movie (what? I was out of town last Friday), what better time to take a look back in time at the Hotness, past and present, of El Fiennes?

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