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Recently, TOAST announced that Drift Girls, a racing game in which you will pit your team of lovely ladies against the vicious street-racing gangs that roam the streets in neon-glowing and spoiler-raising sports cars, is available on Android and iOS. Now all players can fulfill their fantasy of becoming a city-saving, street-racing millionaire who swoops in on a suped up coupe to take beautiful girls out on dates around town.
In the world of Drift Girls where violence is replaced with high-speed street-racing, you’ll have to make sure your car is top of the line. Interested gamers can follow its official Facebook Page or Twitter to get more information.
Leta€™s face it: taking photos with your old-school camera felt cool in a way that pulling your iPhone out of your pocket never will.

Walnut and bamboo are both durable, and each case comes with a thin felt pad to cushion your shiny glass phone against the wood.
Rumor has it that the 36 year-old actress Tara Reid is dating Fawaz Gruosi, who is the founder and president of de Grisogono, and is one of the most famous watch and jewelry makers of his generation.
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It’s the game for a new generation of gamers looking for unbridled, unabashed innuendo with a light-sprinkling of drag-racing drama.
So take it to the garage where the lovely Hannah can get her hands dirty oiling up and screwing nuts to build the best drifting car possible!

The case slides on in two parts over each end of your phone and wona€™t crack, scratch, or splinter.

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