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Gadgets, beauty items and grocery items are some of the things that folks love shopping online. YouTube recently changed the default settings for channels (including those that already had links enabled) so that social media links don’t show up on your channel banner.
I recently saw this IKEA hack and realised it might be an improvement on my last laptop mount.
I’ve been experimenting with some of the cheap class d amplifier boards available on eBay from china.
I had the idea that it might be more useful to have an overdrive with a contour control rather than a traditional tone control on it.
1) The first idea I had was to have a volume pedal with a built in footswitch (like a wah). I’ve been wondering about tinkering with a guitar amplifier that runs of a 9V power supply for a while now. Overall I think I liked the tone of the red board more, but I’ll probably put both in some projects. Eventually realised it’s worth paying for cast iron enamel cookware, but this is normally really pricey. Are boutique pedals that much better than mass produced pedals (whether made in the west or in the far east)?
You may want true bypass if you’re putting the pedal before a fuzz or other germanium vintage vintage pedal.
For things like long press or tap tempo in a single switch (although this is possible with relay true bypass as well). You can have switching with things like MIDI or other remote options (again possible with a relay too). It’s been one of my little tone quests to fine a humbucker which has a truly good single coil sound when split. You could even have the single coils as hum cancelling single coils, so that in both modes there is no hum, another problem with conventional coil splitting. The number one reason why tube amps seem to be perceived louder in volume for the same wattage seems to be soft vs. Now the difference between tubes and solid state is that after that threshold tubes have soft clipping and solid state has hard clipping. Now it is true that you can achieve soft clipping with various solid state components, but that will be limiting the total volume of the system, not pushing it above the rated specification for the power amplifier transistors. Adding to the confusion there also seem to be variation in how loud two tube amps with the same power tubes or power rating can be. I’ve got screenshots of how to do it, but after doing it the sound produced is pitch and distortion artefacts and is basically unplayable. I installed a USB hub in my pedalboard because I was sick of having to remove pedals to get to the the USB sockets on the pedals. This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while, my ultimate 5 way pickup switch wiring.
This is the first isolated power supply design to fit under a Pedaltrain Mini (or nano or metro).
I had one of these, but I found it passed noise back when my computer was on the same power supply. If you’re daisy chaining and need just one or two pedals isolated, this can be a cheap addition.
93.5?42?36 (mm) These outputs are independently filtered outputs, but not transformer isolated I believe.
95?38?29 (mm) Overall slightly smaller than the mooer, and according to the manufacturer isolated outputs. 93?38?31 (mm) Pretty much the same size as the DC-Tank, but doesn’t say the outputs are isolated.
Battery powered solution that fits under newer Pedaltrain Minis and original ones if you’re willing to cut away part of the bottom. Like the Soul Food, this is supposed to be pretty close to it’s original, The Mad Professor Sweet Honey.
I’ve recently been interested to see if the recent band of analog solid state guitar amps are starting to catch up on tube ones. It starts of with some boutique amps, the Award Session Blues Baby and Ethos Overdrive Amp. The standard switch is just a two position switch (off-on) which connects both the live and the neutral wires to the transformer. The new switch is a three position switch (off-on-on), in the middle position only one half of the switch is on, and in the full on, both are.

2) Connecting an additional red jumper lead from P11 to the other half of the switch and the red transformer wire (formerly in P11) to the switch. I first added built in jack sockets using plastic cliff style sockets because I had some already and they keep the ground isolated from the Pedaltrain chassis.
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The Macbook Pro 13″ fits perfectly in the IKEA Dokument letter tray, and the mesh design allows better cooling than a flat shelf. Notice I had to cut some of the plastic housing from the input jack, as well as bend the legs to make it all fit. I tired a Diago Little Smasher which was loud and great for distorted tones, but not quite loud enough, or enough bass for clean. They should certainly last longer than the ceramic or other nonstick pans I’ve used in the past. I can’t change what most people think, but it helps me to just get my ideas out somewhere.
Buy what you can afford, support people doing new designs, because part of the cost of the pedal isn’t just the components, but the time taken to design it, which fewer people will do if their designs just get made for cheap in China. This seems to have been the problem with lots of BOSS pedals in the 80s and 90s, which is probably why the true bypass fad started. These pedals sound classic when they’re working with your pickups impedance, not with the impedance of the output of a buffer. An Idea I had recently though was to combine a true single and a single coil-sized humbucker in one, so that instead of a splitting a humbucker, you’re simply switching between two different pickups in one enclosure.
I saw this working with something like a Seymour Duncan STK-4 and Lil’ 59, or a Dimarzio Area 67 and Pro Track.
As illustrated in the figures below, tube amps will still get louder above their rated power, while having less noticeable, and even desirable distortion and compression. Some solid state amps may tend to have linear volume controls, meaning the volume increases evenly over the entire sweep of the volume pot. I tried with both the built in audio interface and my Presonus Audiobox USB, and neither worked. The hub I used is non-powered, I’m not sure if some other pedals might require a powered one. Makes it much easier to access the coil tapping options of the Catwhisker S-Bucker and made me realise that apart from on traditional Gibson instruments, all humbucker guitars should come with a 5-way switch rather than 3 position and separate coil tap switches.
I wanted something to pair with my Lovepedal Eternity Clone (tube screamer, with more gain and high end).
I chose the Eternity clone for more gain and it seems to have more complex sounding harmonics than a standard tube screamer. There’s the IKEA napkin holder which I tried for a while, as well as this basket idea.
I understand that digital is getting close in terms of tone, but I’m thinking more about feel, and I still think you need analog for perfect feel. Fender soon started adding DSP and modelling as they moved on from Frontman to Champion series and class D amplifiers seem to be becoming more popular for their size and efficiency, and I think even with the smaller manufacturers sticking with it, and even it is technically possible, it will be hard to get near a tube amp simply because there have been so many manufactures constantly working on trying to make great sounding tube amps, and there are far fewer solid state ones. I happened to have a spare power switch with an insulated case that I just use to connect them together. However these are less than ideal because the contacts are exposed and can short or get dusty. When you click the footswitch the pedal changes to become an expression pedal (and the audio signal just goes straight through). I also tried ceramic coated stainless steel, but these were expensive and still didn’t last that long. I ended up getting the 28cm frying pan, 24cm frying pan, 28cm wok and 30cm shallow casserole to add to my two Le Creuset casserole dishes. It does make them slightly easier to handle, although their still noticeably heavier than stainless steel or aluminium cookware. Wong who has worked with many of the well known Chinese brands now has his own pedals with Tone City. You still see people on forums simply saying one is always better, but it is of course more complicated than that, and you may want one of the other depending on the situation.
When companies rate amps for power that rate the wattage where the total harmonic distortion (THD) of the power section is below a certain threshold. Phillip McKnight has an excellent video showing different perceived volumes from similar wattage amps, and even how a higher rated solid state amp doesn’t sound as loud. Some tube amps may tend to have logarithmic volume controls, meaning the volume increases more at the beginning of a potentiometer’s sweep.
Some people have managed to get it to work though, so maybe some interfaces work better than others. They’re done in such a way that both a 2 humbucker guitar and a strat style guitar (SSS or SSH) sound as close as possible in each position. I didn’t have time to do a comparison video, and it was more I just wanted to write down my thoughts on these much hyped pedals for myself as much as anybody else.

In my opinion, this pedal is much more transparent EQ wise than the clone, it really has a very flat frequency response. It didn’t have enough gain for me though, and with the dynamics I had to go rear humbucker and hit pretty hard to get much dirt. If I was doing something taxing it would overheat a little, so I drilled some holes where the fan is, but that didn’t really make that much difference. Still even if you like modelling, you still need an analog power amp to hear it, and it does seem that a consensus is emerging that power amp and its interaction with the speaker that effects the feel the most, but more on that later. There is also no strain relief on the cables which could be unreliable for the solder connections. My solution was to use the insulated plastic switchcraft style sockets which while square, still seem to fit the Neutrik strain relief covers. It switches between two separate gain pots for clean and overdrive, removes the clipping diodes for clean, and adds a lead master in overdrive mode. I kind of wish I’d used the deeper 1590BS instead of a 1590B so that there was a little more room. While the quality is never going to be on par with Le Creuset, they still feel very solid, have stainless steel riveted handles that stay cool, and a decent thickness of enamel.
The amount you pay for a product made in America is also going towards skilled designers that spend more time tweaking a pedal till it sounds good.
There are some places in China where electronics waste is just being dumped, hurting people there, but eventually all of us as it gets into the food chain.
This is generally not for the amp as a whole, but the specification of the power tubes or transistors in the current configuration and supply voltages. It’s basically an implementation of the Blues Deluxe presence control on the Blues Jr.
I like a 5 way because its faster than having to switch your main pickup selector and a coil tap at the same time. The clipping options and large usable gain range give a wide range of tones, though they are all grittier than the Soul Food. I was looking for something else, and eventually decided on a cheap IKEA wooden shelf mounted with u-shaped brackets.
Session say that we use solid state pedals for overdrive, so why not like a solid state amp, but there still seems to be something about a tube amp, and how pedals were designed to go into one. The international model has different wire colours, and more transformer wires which use the clips on the circuit, so I had to work things out myself a little bit.
I found that flexing the cables would bend the contacts and stop them being in full contact with the jack that was plugged in. I did some tests with this setup in separate enclosures, and there was very little hum, but as you can see from the video, there is tons when in the same enclosure.
This not only includes the circuit, but the layout of the PCB, which can affect things too. JOYO too seem to have moved on from just copying other designs to some more unique products in recent years.
The bass control I found didn’t really cut any bass, but can boost as well as add fuzz, making this one of the most versatile overdrive pedals around. I just made my own out of the same aluminium I used before, but I’m sure there are other brackets around like these robot servo brackets. Once applied to your purchases, you would not have to pay the full value for the items - but get Applebees discounts instead. Some boutique companies also individually test components to find the ones within really tight tolerances.
Makes quite a special amp with the other Billm mods, a Warehouse Guitar Speakers ET-65 and salt and pepper vintage grill cloth.
Gain wise, low gain is definitely where this really shines, but because of the mid range I liked it better with front single coils than front humbucker, and the bass roll off made my bridge humbucker sound thin. The transparency makes it work well with humbuckers and single coils, although some more mids would help for single coil solos.
I could see how it would work really well for certain situations, but similar tones can be achieved rolling off the tone (or even volume knob) or a mellow front humbucker, and I found it not as versatile for more aggressive tones.
The Eternity drive does have a mid boost, but not as much and at a different frequency than a tube screamer.
There doesn’t seem to have been as much effort into replicating that entire system using solid state components. Still it would be cool if a real manufacturer did something like this and sorted out all the issues because it doesn’t sound bad other than the hum. I see why people like it, it does a similar job to a tube screamer pushing a overdriven amp, though different and more refined. I also installed a WGS ET-65 speaker in my Blues Jr, which gave it a sweeter high end, so having an overdrive leaning that way as well was overkill.

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