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I am sorry to inform that it is no longer possible to rate or review an app if it was downloaded using a developer’s promotional code.
If a developer updates his own application, he will receive 50 promo codes to give to friends, the press or use it for his own promotion. Some developers had been told that it was no longer possible to review applications that are downloaded with a promo code, others know nothing about this new rule. This message has been around for a long time, you normally see this message when you try to leave a review of an app that you didn’t bought. When it comes to Apple products, the online Apple Store is a place to get the widest selection and newest products. The Apple Store is famous for its software that allows gifted people to create original works, whether you’re interested in photography, video production, web design, music creation, or design and publishing. We geeks aren’t known only for our tech savvy, but also for our abilities to organize and categorize. Finally, if you haven’t already jumped on the iPad bandwagon, you can order one from this website, or get a second as a gift with a personal engraving.

Developers use them to allow reviewers free access to their applications, and they have become a great way to give away apps. Starting last week, App Store users cannot review apps that have been downloaded using a promo code.
More than likely, this change is designed to help curb the positive effect of promo codes on reviews. It may have something to do with the difference between the American and International App Store, or how long it have been since the promo code is used. When it comes to saving, people search for Apple Store coupons and Apple Store promo codes. You can now get personalized engraving for your newly purchased iPhones and iPods too, and nothing will say I love you to a fellow geek like an engraved gadget. You could for example hire reviewers, to make sure that your application will get good reviews.
People who have downloaded apps with a promo code are sometimes able to leave a review, but it also happened that a review wasn’t placed in the App Store after submitting the review.

Apple has added this check some time ago, because it was possible to review every app, regardless of whether you bought it or not. We techies love this mouse’s revolutionary multi-touch technology with built-in software that lets us configure it anyway we want – not to mention its sleek design.
Apple also carries other top quality MAC compatible software including Adobe’s Create Suite, Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator CS5, Flash, and Dreamweaver. For several days it seems that users that downloaded a application with a promo code, are no longer allowed to review the application. While there typically are no Apple Store promotion codes or discount coupons available, they usually have special deals, free shipping offers, and discount prices. You can even jump right onto iTunes from the AppleStore and download music, movies, and television so you can crank it up while tinkering with technology.

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