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Search engine marketing (SEM) touches on many aspects of your marketing campaign from app description, to press release to configuration of paid ads.
When it comes to search nothing is more important than the keywords you choose to attach to your product marketing destinations. Ask your friends, coworkers or users to describe your app and what terms they would use to search for it. Maintaining and grooming your keyword list will come in handy for future press releases and paid advertising like AdWords when the time comes for your next marketing campaign.
You will definitely want to incorporate these keywords in the metadata of your web marketing site for your application.
The biggest step in mobile SEO is to make sure that you have a mobile optimized marketing page. When building your mobile site make sure you consider site performance, rendering and speed. You should also utilize Google’s Mobile Keyword Tool to see which desktop terms work and don’t work as well using this medium and perhaps what new keywords should be added. The key thing to remember for search engine marketing is that it takes time for the keywords to be crawled and used by the search engines. Knowing this, make sure you give enough time to start to judge your results and make modifications.
If you are in a hurry, you can try to speed things up by submitting your sites to the engines directly but there is no guarantee on the turn around for these requests. Damit Du auch unterwegs keine aktuellen LEGO® News verpasst und stets up-to-date bist, gibt es jetzt auch PROMOBRICKS als App fur Google Android und Apple iOS Smartphones und Tablets. Gib Deine E-Mail-Adresse an, um diesen Blog zu abonnieren und Benachrichtigungen uber neue Beitrage via E-Mail zu erhalten.
HinweisPROMOBRICKS ist ein nicht-kommerzielles, privat betriebenes AFOL-Projekt - nach dem Motto "von Fans fur Fans". LEGO® ist eine Marke der LEGO® Gruppe, durch die die diese Webseite weder gesponsert noch autorisiert oder unterstutzt wird. Die Cookie-Einstellungen auf dieser Website sind auf "Cookies zulassen", um Ihnen das beste Surferlebnis moglich zu geben. As many of you know, my Halftone app was featured by Starbucks as its Pick of the Week this past August.
They’re so useful that I decided to make my own app promo cards for an upcoming event (larger image).
It took me a little time to simplify the workflow, but if you follow my instructions closely (and optionally use the included templates), you should be able to create your own cards in an hour or two. I love MOO, and I especially love their rounded business cards ($23.99 USD for a set of 50 as of this writing). To generate the unique cards, we’re going to use the little-known but very powerful data-driven graphics features in Photoshop. Here’s a sample file of ten expired codes that you can use during your design and testing phases.
The next step is to merge the data file with the template to create intermediate Photoshop PSD files, each containing a unique code. For Destination, choose Folder, then click Choose… and choose a folder for the PDF files that the batch process is going to create. Go to MOO (and if you use my affiliate link, you and I might get some credit…thanks in advance).
In the Corners area near the top, make sure that the Rounded icon is selected (if you want them rounded, of course). This technique can be used for anything where codes or unique text (and images too, by the way) need to be included in a design. But as this is everyone’s goal, you will also need to find ways to make sure that you are not only in the results but that your ranking is high enough for users to find you. So making sure that you spend some time and effort thinking about search engine optimization (SEO) at the start of your marketing will maximize your campaign.

Getting an outside opinion from someone not as close to the product is an optimal way to figure out what actual users need when it comes to search. Make sure you understand what your top or priority keywords are versus the long tail terms. Whenever your product grows to add new features or your industry changes to include new terms, make sure that you update the metadata for your marketing pages, product descriptions and other sites. A fully optimized mobile page will rank higher in the mobile search results than that of a desktop page so it is in your best interest to have this created when you are developing your online marketing presence. You will also want to leverage the keywords you are using on your desktop version but cater it for mobile. Also, you may wish to start your efforts early through a coming soon page both for desktop or mobile even before your product is released – including your priority keywords both in the metadata and visual text on these pages. Wenn Sie diese Website ohne Anderung Ihrer Cookie-Einstellungen zu verwenden fortzufahren, oder klicken Sie auf "Akzeptieren" unten, dann erklaren Sie sich mit diesen. I visit Starbucks daily for my morning caffeine fix, and over the course of a couple weeks, I managed to collect a small stack of the Halftone cards. The general technique should also work on older versions of Photoshop, though you might not be able to use the templates or the action that I’ve provided in this post.
But, if you’re going to have them printed professionally, you need to take the code generation date into account. If you’re using Apple promo codes, the text file you download from iTunes Connect is very close to the correct format. If you plan to use MOO, you can either use a PSD template from their Templates and guidelines page or you can download the customized version that I’ve created to save time. This layer doesn’t have to be visible (I hide mine), nor does it need to contain any text, but the custom action provided later uses this to automatically convert text layers to vector shapes before creating the MOO PDF file. Anything goes, as long as it fits within the safe area for printing (indicated in the templates). If Preview is checked, you’ll see a code from the data file in your design, confirming the data connection.
If you’re using my template, be sure to hide the Background for Design group and unhide the Background for Submission group. First, the action finds the layer named Text Sentinel, then it selects similar layers (meaning: all text layers).
Click the menu icon in the upper-right corner of the Actions panel, and select Load Actions…. When it’s done, you should have a folder of PDF files that are ready to be uploaded to MOO. So, take a moment to create a separate Photoshop file with a design for the front of the card. Change Color Conversion to No Conversion (since the templates already include the correct color profile), and change Profile Inclusion Policy to Include Destination Profile. Choose Rounded Corner Business Cards from the Business Cards menu at the top, then click on the Use your complete design button. Navigate to the PDF folder you created earlier (that should include your front design too) and select all of your PDF files. I'm Mike Swanson, technologist, owner of Juicy Bits, and former Microsoft employee of 12 years. In using keyword tools like Google you will be able to learn upfront which keywords should result in the most searches and what the competition is for each. As your product is mobile, it is definitely important to make sure that you optimize for mobile search.
In addition, this page will be of better use to the users who click on it, as they won’t have to work (pinch, zoom etc.) to use it. They’ve proven to be a fantastic promotional tool and a very handy way to give someone a free copy of the app. Other than Photoshop and a simple text editor like TextEdit or Notepad, no other software is necessary.

With global distribution and the fact that the codes have no visible timestamp, I’d suggest computing the expiration date as the date that the codes were generated + 27 days.
I’ve designed the front of my cards to feature the app name, a short tagline, and its icon.
Note that the standard Business Cards template on the MOO page will work with both square and rounded corners.
Click OK to exit the variables window (note that the previewed code will return to your default text, but there’s no cause for alarm).
This replaces the nice rounded corners that are helpful during the design phase with a full-bleed background color. Next, it converts those text layers to vector shape layers, and finally, it exports the file as a MOO-compliant PDF. The expedite fee is very reasonable too, especially if you want to maximize the time you have before your promo codes expire.
If you design your own cards using this technique, add a comment to this post with a link to photos of your project.
Leverage those words that work for you to be sure that your product comes up amongst the rest. Key industry terms are extremely useful as are any sub-brands that may be associated to your app. This way, you’ll be on the safe side, and users who try the code on the 28th day may be pleasantly surprised.
They also allow you to upload full designs where the back of each card is completely unique (though the front has to be consistent across the batch).
There’s nothing to indicate free codes on the back (like there is on the Starbucks cards). This is the name of the variable we’ll use in our template, and Photoshop requires the variable name on the first line. The text-to-shape conversion needs to happen at this step in the process, because there’s no other way to get the promo code text into a vector format.
Depending on the size of your files and available bandwidth, this is a great time for a quick coffee break.
That way, I could print a whole set of 50 MOO promo cards and not worry about the expiration dates, because I could always buy more.
I can imagine an app where I provide a template (perhaps just a simple PNG image), define a location for the code (with some simple font formatting controls), and point to my text file of codes. Your positioning statement and elevator pitch you mastered describing your app’s purpose and benefits are a great place to gain some valuable keywords. You will also want to identify opportunities where relevant keywords produce little competition as these terms have a larger chance of pushing you up the rankings for this result. As an example, for codes generated on October 1st, I’d suggest using an expiration date of October 28th. You should be able to follow similar steps to print your own cards or to upload them to another service. Click Choose… and navigate to the folder you exported your intermediate PSD files to, then click OK.
Just keep going until MOO pops up a warning to tell you that you’ve reached 50 cards. Of course, I can always update an app to get a new set of 50 codes, but I don’t like the idea of updating an app just to get more codes.
The more I think about it, MOO should add the ability to upload and merge the codes right on their site.

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