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AOL has completely revamped its email service with a cleaner design, a move that could help keep the 24 million users it has left from moving to competitors.
The service now features a design with less clutter and an ad bar that’s been moved from the top of the page to the right side. The personal adventures of digital nomad Frank Gruber in tech, startups, entrepreneurship, social media and life. Sporting a French gray color palette, AOL recently released a new AOL Mail Beta (codename: Cayman) to update the current web-based email product.
AOL offers free email accounts and 2GB of storage space and you can even select your own personal email domain.
AOL Mail’s design has not been refreshed in five years, so the company thought it was time for a change.

Notably, people can IM each other using AIM, Facebook chat, and SMS all while looking at the inbox. The company has slowly rolled out the new design to its users, and 50 percent of them were able to try the new design before the launch.
It offers a clean Ajax interface extending a users usable space and making it easier to manage and organize large quantities of email. Then, in 2009, Gmail overtook AOL’s 36 million users to become the third-place email provider behind Hotmail and Yahoo. Now AOL has 24 million monthly active users, while Gmail claims 425 million monthly actives. The biggest notable improvement is that messages can be read inline rather than via a pop-up window.

However, if pop-up windows are your thing, than you can also opt to open messages in new windows.
Users can now access email more quickly as the AOL Mail Beta has removed a click from the process.

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