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American Airlines admitted today that a plane it used for a flight from Los Angeles to Hawaii last month was not certified to fly an extended trip over the water. On August 31, American Airlines Flight 31 took off from Los Angeles International Airport and landed safely at Honolulu International Airport. ABC News aviation consultant John Nance said ETOPS certification really means the plane has "all the bells and whistles." Nance said he would tell the passengers on this flight that they "were in no real danger" and there was no more risk than on any other flight.
Written by Debra Schroeder Leave a CommentAug 31 2015 Today is the last day to book flights to Hawaii using American Airlines miles. After September 1, 2015, you can still use American Airlines miles to book flights to Hawaii on American Airlines and Alaska Airlines. I’ve put together a list of flights you should book today if you want to redeem American Airlines miles to Hawaii on Hawaiian Airlines. Even if you don’t live in any of these originating cities, you might need to connect through them to get to Hawaii. Today is the last day to book Hawaii flights using American Airlines miles on Hawaiian Airlines. You won’t be able to redeem American Airlines miles for flights to Hawaii starting September 1, 2015.
Want to get more travel tips, learn how to travel for free, find out about travel deals, and maximize your miles and points? About Debra SchroederDebra Schroeder is a former 12-year travel industry executive and Master Cruise Counselor, flies over 180,000 miles a year, and has been collecting frequent flyer miles since 1994. The owner of this website is not a financial planner, investment advisor, legal or tax professional. American Airlines is offering low one-way airfares to Honolulu for fall travel from several cities across the U.S. I arrived at DFW airport a bit early, so since there was time to kill I did it in the travel lounge. The lounge in terminal D is quite nice with lots of free snacks, drinks, and good work space.
Being a frequent flyer I’ve traveled first class many times, but never on a trans-oceanic voyage. Now, American Airlines is not known to have the most luxurious first class cabin around, but it’s definitely nothing to sneeze at. Unlike the cattle section at the back of the plane, first class actually has two trays so you can keep a ton of stuff in front of you at the same time.

Since the rear tray can be slid forward to connect with the front tray, the seat also has the ability to slide forward about a foot in order to allow you to work in that area like a desk. Although they were selling crappy food in the back of the cabin, in first class we were treated to a four course meal designed by celebrity chef and TV host Sam Choy.
First comes a small dish of warm tropical nuts accompanied by your choice of wines and followed by a nice warm, moist towel to freshen up with. Next was a salad comprised of fresh greens, asparagus, tomatoes, radish ribbons, cucumbers and a roll. The main course was a choice between short ribs topped with soy ginger sauce or four cheese ravioli.
In addition to normal overhead lighting which is controlled by a button on the armrest, there is also a dual-level LED on the seat in front that can be used to illuminate the front tray when it’s dark in the cabin.
The armrests between the two seats can be raised to create a fan-like divider for privacy when sleeping beside a stranger. Since the chairs have the ability to recline outward at the feet to raise your legs, they also have built-in foot rests so that your feet have a platform to rest on.
At the opposite end of the chair, the headrest will expand upward and even swivel to different angles as well as fold in on the sides to cradle your head as you sleep. One last thing… in first class you get a nearly full sized pillow as well as a large thick quilted blanket to snuggle up under.
You’re on a business trip with tight schedules and you need to arrive fresh and mentally prepared.
I now have a firm idea of what I could expect from the First Class 767 seating, but no idea of how it differs from the 747, or indeed which one you prefer. Thank you, Im disabled with a bad back and leg and a nice comfortable chair would sure be good on a 5 hour flight. You guys will enjoy this trip and I think you’ll find that it was well worth saving the miles up for.
Having had the pleasure of my company sending me to India this past spring, I too know the joys of non-coach travel. In what is believed to be an alarming incident of negligence, American Airlines admittedly used the wrong plane for a Los Angeles to Hawaii trip last month. The incident reportedly happened on August 31, 2015, when American Airlines Flight 31 took off from Los Angeles International Airport and landed safely at Honolulu International Airport.
All twin-engined aircrafts that are used to fly long distances over water need something known as an ETOPS (Extended Range Operation with Two-Engine Airplanes) certification.

On August 31, however, someone seems to have goofed up and prepped a non-ETOPS certified aircraft for the Hawaii trip. American Airlines also claimed that they have made necessary changes to their software to ensure such goof-ups do not happen again. While aviation experts agree that that this should not have happened, they also believe that the aircraft was in no severe danger and that it was as risky as any other flight. However, the airplane was not ETOPS (Extended Range Operation with Two-Engine Airplanes) certified and therefore wasn't approved by the Federal Aviation Administration to travel over the Pacific, the airline said today. But not so great news if you live in other cities where you have limited options or if you have a connecting flight. Flight deals from Midwest and East Coast cities served by AA, in particular, were priced the lowest we’ve seen from a national carrier in some time. My husband good man that he is says because of the hardship of a plane flight, we either go were I am comfortable or not at all rather then ending up freezing and spazing in those little cubicles in the cheap seats. We’re spending ALL of our hard-earned miles on this trip and I wanted some validation that it was worth it. They've been working for 35-plus years and they need to retire [amen] but they can't afford to with pensions being cut." Then another flight attendant told me that American Airlines must've paid the FAA a lot of money for them to allow a 757 to fly over water since there are only four life rafts and they don't hold enough people. Drone Strike Resulting In The Death Of Taliban’s Leader, Akhtar Mansour, Viewed As A Win For Peace In Afghanistan — But Is It Also A Message To Pakistan? According to ABC News, American Airlines earlier today admitted to using an aircraft that was not certified to fly an extended trip over water for a trip to Hawaii last month. The FAA does not approve aircraft without ETOPS certification to fly over the Pacific Ocean.
The FAA is looking into the incident and more details shall be made available as and when they become available.
American Airlines themselves have two different types of Airbus A321 Aircraft — the A321H that is ETOPS certified and can fly to Hawaii, and the A321S that cannot fly to Hawaii. That wasn't a very comforting thing to say to a passenger while he is 37,000 feet up over the Pacific Ocean.

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