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Are You Compatible With Indian WomenThis quiz will evaluate if you are compatible with Indian women.
I hope to eventually settle down with an Indian woman, will be in the US soon as well, I hope there is alot over there.NiccoloMDon't listen to troll. I think Indian women are the most beautiful in the world;however it seems most of them only will stick to Indian men. GuestHi, I'm an Indian gal and was engaged to a highly qualified, tall, dark and drop dead gorgeous Indian guy.
In my happy illusion, if we can marry one white women , I will cherish her as my wife, our mixed children must be very pretty and smart.
Oy fellow, you are going to come home from a cold christmas after telling my white sisters that you like her 'horses ass'. Oy fellow, you are going to come home from a cold christmas after telling my white sisters that you like her 'horses a#s'. The flings in life are like Ferarri's High Maintanence, the envy of society and is not really suited for everyday wear and tear.
Latest update as much as a woman cares for ur love, she also needs to know what ur love can buy for her.
Latest update as much as a woman cares for ur love, she also needs to know what ur love can buy for here. Haroondear hadishaits me haroon from pakistan and have traveled a lot in russia particularly in siberia if you are serious just contact me at sungtti - at - yahoo! My name is Josephine, i read about you in site and i decide to contact you hoping that you will accept my request,if you accept my request ,please reply to my email address (josephine_adam so that i will send you my photo and more about me, i believe we can make good friends.
Blonde, creative, sensitive, sensual, fun loving, friends, sports and nature.YouWhat about a beautiful lady in South Africa?sofiaMoroccan Female 23 yo. The Indian guys I dated were jealous and didn't respect that I have dreams and ambitions too. There are often a few foreign female students wandering around street, Whenever I see these white women, I am very excited. I am eighteen years old, and i am looking for a man to accompany or meet with to make him feel very happy and pleased. I am biloveual and very romantic.furqanyes i would like to meet youAbduli like and love you if you are serious contact me on +Nine Two Three Four Five One Zero Four Five One Zero Three Five Two Eight One Five Four Five One Zero or email me on alrazzaq_advertisers - at - Yahoo! Take this exam to see if you have what an Indian woman looks for in a an American man.Hi my name is Shandra, I am an Indian girl. So far so good, but then he started to push marriage on the pretext of not finding suitable time to tell his parents (blah, blah). I too love to drive Lamborghini and stay in resort and own a palace etc, but always thank god what I have….. I am very fun, happy girl age 22 and i am currently studying Bio-medical Science, so i have got brains as well as beauty.
I'd love if my partner is different from me starting from our skin,culture,tr It's so beautiful so spend time with a person who is entirely different from you I think you'll never run out of topics.
After this I couldn't bear the thought of being in a relationship and a steady stream of Indian men wanting to get laid kept hovering around me. I've nothing against Indian men they are good as well but I'd prefer a guy who is different from me. I don't sleep around, so didn't take them long to fade away in the horizon.Currently I'm with an American white guy (this just happened and I really don't have any colour facination) and he wants to settle with me, be a family. I am 35 ChloeHey if u think u can handle an american hottie then contact me my gmail c h l o e . I work full time as a project manager and private contractor and travel quite often around the US. I'm amazed at the fact that not only he cherishes, respects and deeply care for me but supports me in everything I do. I would like to share my life with someone I can love and he will love me back without beating me or brabbing my throat forever. I am looking for a classy, sophisticated gal to enjoy spending time with and possible something special? I am an average Indian girl living in California and my hope is to someday marry a white male.
So, as far as my personal experience goes, white men (and not trash which is there everywhere irrespective of colour) really knows how to make their women feel special.
Love and respect them unlike Indian, Bangladeshi and Paki men (who more or less than are similar in their attitude towards women). I am a white English girl with very long blonde hair and bright blue eyes and I am interested in meeting an Arab because I like Dubai men. I'm from England and come with sense of humour, pleasant disposition and enjoy a cultured mans company, so long as he makes me laugh. Money ll never make us happy!!VictoriaHi , i am from Slowakia , i am relly like meet whit u :) Please write me mail,i will send u photo. But I've read that thers lot of ragging of Indian students in America and also the Americans have always looked down upon Indian girls as ugly even though some r beautiful. Men from the Indian sub continent tends to be hypocrites, insecure and juvenile (certainly there are exceptions).

I am very pretty and also wealthy too, but I am unable to find a suitable man in England as they do not live up to my expectations. I graduate from med school here in August from the University of Washington and have a few questions. They simply have noo idea how to respect women folks.AnaHi, I have been married to an Indian guy for three years now but we have lived together only for 10 months in US (I moved to US after marriage). I'm very attracted to Indian women, but I'm timid because the culture seems more conservative. I mean do most of the American guyz think something really very ugly about us Indian girls?PallaviHey Joe.. There was another guy in my class, we had lunch together, he was so sweet to me, but he was Mexican, so i didn't give him much importance, but I am kinda debating in my head whether or not to go out with him again because I really want a white guy.. I live in the middle east for 6 years and I want to find a good hearted wealthy Arab husband. I'm a Malayali (a type of Indian found in India) and I am an NRI ( non resident Indian ) I think all races are beautiful and it's difficult not to like something from each race.
So I went back to India and returned after an year when I secured admission in a University. I was scared that he would make me feel devalued again and make me feel like I am a burden on him, that he is obliging me by feeding me. Please i am looking for real ARAB Investers to make my Small Bussiness grown up please i am realy looking forward from help of my real Arab Business persons.
I don't fit the category exactly as in I'm not average typical looking Malayali girl I am curvy, fair( light skin), have small #C h e s t#s, short, not fat, have long thick black brown hair, brown eyes and thick eyebrows.. And by Indian girls, i don't mean Native Americans, but rather from the country of India,, you know what I mean.I also would like to know if there are Indian girls who prefer white guys?
I often get mistaken as a Lebanese or Arabic or Egyptian girl Would you find me attractive ?
That's me.JoeyWell I like indian girls, then again though I like them not only for their beauty but for their intelligence. This isn't to say that people are less intelligent in western countries, its just that I noticed with many of the women I have dated over the years very few, even given that I knew they were smart, could hold an intellectual conversation with me.
Also, I have a part time job at the university but he refuses to support me financially, although he does expect me to help him financially when required (and I have). Indian girls, and I think of this more as something to do with their upbringing are very intelligent and the conversations I've had with them can be very good. Her husband doesn't love her or give her any attention at all and she wants out of the relationship but he won't give her a divorce. WayneI am a white male and I have dated two indian women, the second I am still in a relationship. And I have learned that the only way she can get out of this and still maintain contac with her family is for HIM to divorce her. I am deeply in love with her and I know she loves me too, but it seems that she has lost hope that she can ever get out to be with me.
I'm totally attracted by You and I would be happy to establish a true genuine friendship or a relationship with an indian. They want a loving relationship for the long term and they are focused on pleasing their partner. I work in the CBD and I see so many Indian girls going to Universities where I live in Adelaide and love their style. I think it ironic that Indian families tend to be prejudice against anyone but there own race, considering they have faced discrimination themselves but do not hestitate to bestow this on their own family. This platform is not good to talk personal things you see.I am sure you will agree with it. West Indian families tend not to be this way so much but east indian families are definately discrimitory in thier views. So I have to just sit here knowing that she has to go home to this guy who cares nothing about her while I sit alone yearing to be able to share my love with her. All the best for your future!DeepikaI'm an Indian woman in her 30s and happily married to a Caucasian American man.
I received a request by an indian to stay in touch with google hangouts but i dont know if it is you.
I come from a very liberal Indian family and to be honest, it's hard to find liberal Indians. These forum is created by non Indians to deviate indian girls mind and to fall down the confidence of indian boys. I currently study in one of the india's top engineering college in computer science stream. I am really hurted by seeing the above comments of indian girls that only by facing few # silly # in Bombay or delhi or in any other city, you marked all indian boys as superstitious.
I'm highly interested in white guys,not just because they are white but for their attitude towards their woman.
Internet is not the way to get all answer of life, we have to see around us and to see reality. They treat them equaly,and with respect and love.white men are more openmind compared to Indian guys.

Indian guys belive in controlling,treating their woman like some object,rather than love or respect..
I really had a very bad experience in my past with an Indian,which lead me to a broken marriage. Behind success of every man there is hand of a women in the form of mother,sister and specially of wife or lover. So everyone should get the second chance to prove themslves that they are not always wrong. I believe my interest for creating a new family with a white Man would prove me right in every espect..
I doing hard work and my friends also, including girls and boys so that we can contribute in progress of country.
I have the dream of making multinational company and I am doing hard work for it and just in the same way the whole country is engaged in the development. And i am here thinking that after all this comfort and wealth you couldnt no one fullfill that space in ur heart. I know that there are some person who don't know how to respect girls and even few boys and girls don't know how to talk and respect other boys and girls and to parents also and these due to lack of education. But it is not the fault of indian boys, it is the fault of the parents who learn the children social evils from childhood. But all is changing and the people learning to respect all girls, and also to themselves which they neglected from years, also to the waiter of the small restaurant to whom they were order in ego. India is a developing country and to change the status into developed all boys and girls have to work together. Because it is a developing country and still world compare India with America then after developed America will be nothing in front of India.
I started working in Tampa florida, which has a large Indian community and I started to get to know some Indian people.
It take the advantage of indian philosophy of non violence and divided india in two major religion hindu and muslim for internal fighting and nearly for 250 years these people robbed india on the tip of gun. The color prejudices in India and was introduced by the white peoples and ended by Mahatma Gandhi and wife Kasturba Gandhi.
Now these time the white people making fraud forums and sites on which they write stories from there mind and fire the flame of hate among indian girls and boys.
I would like to get to know you as a person if u feel the same.I will be waiting to hear from you !
I don't know this forum is real or fraud but I request to all indian boys and girls to comment here to show there inner love towards the girls other wise we will regret on our attitude.
So irrespective of race, I am looking for those few men in the world who are matured, responsible and a man of guts with the right attitude. Problems are: my perception is that all Indians want to remain culturally exclusive, and, if not themselves, face great pressure from their parents and the larger Indian community to marry Indians and retain their cultural heritage. I would love to get married with white man as i find them more understanding and attractive. Sathya Sai years ago suggested during a personal interview that I should marry an Indian girl. I married a white girl and had a daughter with her, but after she accused Sathya Sai of being a sect I left her and divorce followed.
SivamHi, I am a 39 year old divorced man from Poland who would like to marry an Indian girl.
Years ago, Sathya Sai suggested to me during an interview that I should marry an Indian girl.
I am 17 soon 18 in a month and because I live in New York and have white friends there might be a chance I might end up with one. Lol.stacyi suppose a chubby girl is not what you are looking for or a woman that wants a baby asap. Indian girls are truly the most beautiful, motherly natured women, indian men, well are a different breed..
Indian women truly deserve love and respect, just give this to them from your heart, and she will give you everything more than you would have expected. Dear white guys, if you are serious about leading a peaceful loving married life till death.. I wish to find the right for me too :)TerishaI am a 23 year old, South African Indian, electronic engineer. My email is f r e e m a n a r d i e @ GooglegodHmmm, I think you are looking for a women who will exchange herself for money. Only 1 genuinely very rich and kind hearted arab man can save save me I am an extremely beautiful classy intelligent, girl .

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