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If you can't appreciate a woman when she is doing her best for you, then you don't deserve her.
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.
It's a man's job to respect a woman, but it's a woman's job to give him something to respect. This entry was posted in Love, Quotes and tagged date, dating, Girl, girls, girly, learn, life, love, man, men, Quote, Quotes, relationship, relationships, thankful, woman, women on November 2, 2012 by . Being single and a woman is sad, lonely, unfulfilling, and should be composed entirely by desperate efforts to NOT be single anymore.
We are products of a lifetime of gendered social messages that tell us that every woman needs a man – that to not have one, even for a moment, is a failure at womanhood.
And even though we (hopefully) don’t agree with this, we regularly reinforce this idea as we face single women and singledom in our daily lives. We tell ourselves when we are out of a relationship that we are lonely when we are, in fact, surrounded by people who love us. We routinely ask every unmarried friend, coworker, and family member that we haven’t seen in five minutes, “Are you seeing anyone?” as though it is a perfectly appropriate gauge of how they are doing.
We talk to our kids about their future spouses and weddings, assuming they will, of course, be heterosexual and get married. We reproduce notions of the ticking biological clock, the unfulfilling career path, the predatory divorcee, and the crazy cat lady. The social requirement for every person to ultimately enter into a heterosexual, monogamous, legally-bound partnership has been a norm throughout our nation’s history. This norm has been closely aligned with the idea of women as property, the control of women’s sexuality, and a gendered division of labor – ideas that have maintained sexist religious, political, and economic systems.
Even in recent history, our capitalist system has been facilitated almost entirely by married duos consisting of a woman who stays at home and a man who works.
Unequal marriages, and the gendered partnering process that aims to end there, are required to maintain the patriarchal order. So, for thousands of years, we believed these ideas about single women being lost, alone, unhappy, sad, and even dumb and ugly. If you’ve never enjoyed being single, I’m sorry, I think you may be doing it wrong (and maybe bought into some of the patriarchal myths about being single). When you don’t have your “one person”, sometimes you find out that you have…a LOT of people.

And without a partner relationship taking up so much of your time and energy, you can really dedicate yourself to nurturing these friendships instead. Good, long-term friends provide you with companionship, emotional support, and genuine love without strings attached. And, research shows you’re much more likely to stay socially connected when you’re single and less likely to die alone.
Whether it’s embarking on an adventure, taking a new career step, or even just staying home all weekend with a good book and your phone turned off, you won’t hurt anyone by doing so and you won’t owe anyone an explanation. Snoring, blanket hogging, restlessness, extended limbs, incompatible schedules……sharing a bed with another person is not always the sweet, eight-hour love cuddle we would like it to be. Partners who sleep together have 50% more sleep disturbance than those who sleep alone, which has direct negative consequences for physical, emotional, and mental health. And when you’re not seeing one person, you’re free to have a multitude of encounters of your choosing and spice up your life in whatever way best suits you.
It’s hard to answer these questions with absolute certainty when you’re trying to be a companion to another complicated human being, when your life is intertwined with another life. You negotiate a lot when you commit to another person, in order to consider both people’s needs and wants. Learn how to please yourself, how to soothe yourself, how to love yourself, all by yourself.
History is brimming with smart, independent women who never wore a ring or identified themselves as being a partner to someone else.
Think of the psychological implications of the message that you cannot live a fulfilled life on your own, by your own means, and on your own terms – that you have to seek out another person to be whole. This idea that this one person has to be our sex partner, financial partner, co-parent, and primary emotional support, while we do all of this for them, is simply not for everybody. The feminist movement has made great strides in changing the way people think about partnering by creating space for discussion around healthy relationships, utilizing gender-education to inspire more egalitarian partnerships, and fighting for marriage equality.
Because of this, many women today are engaged in loving and gratifying partnerships and this is a beautiful thing!
And yet, in a time of intense political discourse about marriage and family, single people very much need to be understood and defended.
Single women are routinely ostracized at work, stigmatized within their families, and stereotyped by the larger community.
I’m sure someone out there will read this article and imagine that I am writing in the defensive, at home on a Saturday night, curled up on my couch in a Hello Kitty onesie, eating a Lean Cuisine, and watching reruns of The Bachelor while I sob quietly under a blanket of cats, one hand impulsively Facebook stalking all my exes and married people everywhere, ready to pounce on the next penis-holding person I see, hoping that he will love me. Someone else will no doubt say that I am selfish and that feminism is ruining marriage and society at large and that “women just aren’t women anymore,” (accompanied by a tiny violin).

Another person will dismiss me as immature and misguided, imagining that I spend my days flitting about my city in high heels I can’t afford, engaging in a continuous string of superficial pursuits, and ending most nights drunk in a stranger’s bed – that one day I will grow up, realize how meaningless my life is, and generally come to my senses. But we get to choose what we believe, and we are the ones who are in control of the courses of our lives.
If you don’t want to be single anymore, you can seek out a relationship without hating, shaming, or dismissing the single life you have now. But if we believe that there are possibilities for happiness outside of traditional gender norms, and we don’t think that people should be ridiculed for stepping outside of patriarchal limits, and we don’t think women need another reason to be shamed, then we must accept the challenge. Katy Kreitler is a Contributing Writer for Everyday Feminism as well as a counselor and youth advocate. It is not physical attributes, because these start to go with age yet men still find an immense attraction to real women.
Running across fields into your lover's arms can only come later when you're sure they won't laugh if you trip.
This was true whether she was in a higher class and not allowed to work or in a lower class and could not make enough to support herself in the few low-paying jobs available to her. If you want to spend the night alone, you don’t have to have an awkward conversation about needing space. She can be found wandering the streets of San Francisco with a purse full of used fiction, a pair of emergency yoga pants, and half a burrito. Girls can look physically mature but they are still mentally young and this shows in a relationship. Have an awkward rendezvous that you will immediately want to forget, but end up laughing about for years. A true woman is mentally and physically capable of giving everything in order to please a man, and will always persevere no matter what life throws at her. Children need guidance, quality time, love and affection every step of the way in being raised having BOTH PARENTS in their life! When her heart is broken or her world is shattered she will pick up the pieces and learn from any mistakes, becoming even stronger in the process. This same woman can be incredibly tender with children and have endless compassion for the less fortunate while holding everything together with class and dignity. Little girls are attracted to bad boys, but a real woman is attracted by what is in a man's heart and soul instead of what he carries in his wallet.

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