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Planning a wedding might have its tribulations, but married life is when the real work kicks in. While we’re always open to tips for a happy marriage, some sources of wedding advice are more reliable than others.
We hit up our happily hitched readers, reached out to our married friends on Facebook, and contacted some of the best wedded wedding bloggers in the biz. We asked them for their number one tip for a happy marriage, and the responses we got back? But on your wedding day, standing next to your new husband, surrounded by family and friends and an awful lot of love, it really is just all a backdrop.  Never forget that. Have a life outside of the relationship—and enjoy it. While it’s easy to fall into a regular routine with your partner of work, home, sleep, repeat, it’s important to make time for your solo self, whether it’s a date night with your best gal pal or volunteering at a local shelter. Too much focus on your relationship can actually harm it, so step away every now and then, you’ll be surprised at how satisfying it can be. Bonus: it’ll give you something to talk about when you get home other than what to do for dinner. Marriage is give and take– a balancing act of the perfect and imperfect and the deserving and undeserving.
I think the key to a good marriage is communication (even during the hard times!) and a good dose of humor.
My parents used to play this dumb game where they’d see who had the most pennies on them at any given moment.

I believe this combination of laughter and patience is one of the truest expressions of love. My top piece of marriage advice (at least in my own marriage) is to not get too worked up over tiny things.
Remember that no matter how beautiful your wedding day is, you should to aim to have the same beauty and love in your everyday lives as a married couple. It can be trying, it can be testing, but as long as you embrace each other’s flaws and allow your partner to make you the best version of yourself, you will find new ways to fall in love everyday. Believe in your love for each other… Always remember you chose to choose each other, and remembering that choice on a daily basis makes you an amazing team, able to face anything life throws your way!
So much sound advice there, I love how communication, understanding, and making time for eachother are common threads that run through everyone’s advice. Thanks so much to everybody who shared their wisdom! We were super young and went through a lot to get to this season of our lives, but one thing has been a consistent source of encouragement in our marriage… HELPING OTHERS!
Meshing two individuals raised in different homes with previously unrelated worlds, requires a lot of adjustment.
It’s the little things that really add up day after day and make everyday life manageable. My mother-in-law told me that all of those little somewhat-cute-somewhat-annoying things in our relationship would come to annoy the crap out of me over time. Life, and marriage, is full of hard stuff, and if you can’t laugh together, smile together, and hug together, it will be a rough life.

Making dumb jokes and cuddling together over a beer and a movie (or doing whatever you both love together) is one of the best parts of marriage. You have opinions and he has opinions but at the end of the day, are they really worth fighting about? We’d love to hear your tips for a great marriage, please do share them in the comments below! But don’t keep it inside and not discuss it, you want a healthy relationship, not an explosive one. Luxuriously Rustic Southern Wedding in Fall Romantic Pink Wedding with a Touch of Rock 'n' Roll Cool Southern Wedding with Urban Vibes and Luxe Blooms Real Bride Diary: Why is Choosing a Wedding Photographer So Hard! Appreciate the other person for all the little things they do, don’t take them for granted. Then I pick them up, giggle more, hand them to him and give him a hug. He laughs too and tries to remember better the next time.

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