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A picture-perfect family, full of love and passion for life, is threatened by the wife's dependence on alcohol in this heart-wrenching drama. We were re-watching the most recent Avengers movie trailer, when something caught our eye in one of the crowd scenes. Not just any type of red outfits mind you, but they appear to be some type of red latex outfits like you might see as a superhero costume. Suddenly, Kim Ji-Hyeok becomes a hidden son from a family that owns Korea's top company Hyunsung. NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson. And I do not agree with people hating on Lee Da Hee's acting, her role required that type of acting. I can't help myself but to keep watching it, the plot are not twist neither awesome just somehow it had me glued! I really really love this movie, i like the performance of Kang Ji-Hwan, he is a great actor..
Daniel Choi has excellent performance in this drama, so handsome, so hot, so evil, my bad boy. I really like the first 8 episodes of this drama but for the latter parts i guess the tempo drops and i find it boring. Greatly enjoyed this drama, but was severely disappointed in the decision to shorten it by four episodes.
No matter what happened in "Big Man", Daniel Choi rocked on in the best performance I think he's ever done.
Lee dae hee is a good and very talented actress, I cant understand why others dont like her.
This Drama has Been cut 4 episode from 20 to 16 due busy schedule and upcoming World Cup .. Jung so min so good actress ,she make this drama haven more good drama ,i see this drama just becuse of this girl .love you jung so min and stay natural beauty like alwas . The are alot alot comment about actress jung so min and she isn't haven the lead actress, lee da hee most feel bad about that .
I think jung so min make this drama haven more than good drama ,this girl so good at acting .
I hope the story will develop the love relationship between Jung So Min and Kang Ji Hwan as their chemistry is so naturally awesome.
I like the drama so far but I think the lead actress in not the right choice for this role ,am not hating on the person am sure she good person but but her acting is emotionless and the look she has in her eyes like she always tired and sleepy,I saw her in 3 different dramas , I felt am watching the same character but with different names and different lines, also her chemistry with lead actor is zero maybe less . I do have problem with characters,too and sometimes I can't understand them specially two main characters,but as an answer to "Join the conversation", ji-hyuk is not just a poor boy,he's an orphan that has lived her life with anger of having no family,you can see some kind of harshness in his manner(but is kind with people who have helped him). All of them with no substance,no character, shallow and hollow.Their sense of entitlement is atrocious but quite real within our society,it doesn't matter in which century you lived or are living,this is very real.

Kim Ji-Hyeok may have been brought up poor, but there is no need to make him look like an animal with no table manners.
I'm still trying to understand the relevance of the character Kang Jin-Ah in this story, she does or adds nothing to it. I know there are a lot of Playful Kiss and Secret fans here, but I really hope that Lee Da Hee stays as the lead. I think jung so min is the best actress in this drama.she know to act,and she so cute and pretty more than lee da-hee. If you freeze the crowd scene where everyone apparently kneels in front of Loki, then you will notice some interesting looking people among the crowd.In the middle of the crowd, there is one guy who seems to tower over everyone else, but maybe he is just refusing to kneel. At first, we thought the man could be a nod to Daredevil, but that wouldna€™t explain the woman in a similar red suit. He then meets Dal-Sook who runs a small restaurant at a traditional market. Kim Ji-Hyeok follows her like his mother and settles down at the traditional market. I wish they had ended up together, their chemistry was great and I liked the idea of how Jin Ah fell for him. She's not a versatile actress I agree but she works well in this type of role and she worked well here. I wanted things to work out for Jin Ah and Kim Ji Hyeok, they would have made an interesting couple. That's why I feel like episode 16's start was kinda weird and I saw "????" and wonder if it was just a mistake. I also thint that jung so min shold lead this drama becous alot people wach this series for her . And I personally like Lee Da Hee because of the another hit drama "secret love" i'm already excited about this drama's climax and denoument.
He becomes different, and wants to live the way he wants to, yes in a bad way, that leads him to be possessive and scary.
Everytime they make a scene at the table and they have to eat, he eats like a total slob.It is disgusting.
However, the most interesting two members of the crowd appear more toward the back of the crowd. Another possibility we thought of is that both Ant-Man and Wasp have been known to wear red suits. Could this be an easter egg that Joss Whedon included for Ant-Man and Wasp? Ji Hwan and Da Hee's character pairing didn't work for me at all because their roles-pairing seemed very typical.
Although I did not like inconsistency with her character, like one moment she was in love with Dong Suk (enough to try to kill a guy for him) and another moment she was falling for Ji Hyuk.
Gotta give it up for Daniel Choi too, his villain character was just amazing, he really creeped me out at times.
I love how colorful and crazy this character is and she made this drama very exciting to watch.

Very impressed with Daniel Choi's acting, even though I hated his character because he was so evil, this is definitely the most outstanding acting performance in the drama. Now all that they want is drag it till ep 20 with some or the other thing thrown in the story. She is good actress with natural beauy without plastic face ,tha way i love this actress so much . People complain that "Kang Jin Ah" is more spirited than "So Mi Ra," and therefore conclude Jung So Min is a better actress. A secretary or an assistant who do her job well, but is not an important person in the company. Also the way he kisses Jin-Ah so suddenly, just like a street rogue taking advantage of such a situation !
Anyways, will still watch this because I'm a big fan of Kang Ji Hwan even though I don't like the lead actress on this drama. Because the individuals are so far away in the crowd, the image becomes blurry when enlarged, so ita€™s difficult to say for sure.
He becomes romantically involved with a woman named So Mi-Ra (Lee Da-Hee) who he meets at the most important time in his life.
The story is good but somehow i think it miss with the introducing, i mean the introducing and how it end a little bit drag out of the story! It doesn't feel like the ending was dragged but it feels lacking and looks like it was a lazy ending. Even if ita€™s not meant to be a nod to Ant-Man and Wasp, ita€™s definitely unusual to see two people in red latex costumes in a crowd that otherwise appears to be dressed normally. I don't know why but it's a little bit doesn't make sense with the introducing of the story and the final goal about creating his own goal despite the goal is not being introduced when the show start!
Lee Da hee may be the lead, but she is just nothing, she could just be absent and still the writer could just find any small spicy interlude to drag this drama.
Sadly, people were already predisposed to dislike Le Da Hee because of her previous roles, and because Jung So Min in "Oh Ha Ni" from Playful Kiss. At first it seems like she's in love with him, even willing to kill off Ji Hyuk to save him. Which makes her cute because you can see that she dislikes that he is supposedly her "brother".
But she later came care for Ji Hyuk and it constantly bothers her that she worries about him.
Her feelings became hesitant for Dong Seok as she recognize that it was only an ideal, and that she never wanted to live in it.

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