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A Legacy Character is a character whose identity is passed down to them from an older character in the form of a title, job or persona for the newer character to assume.
A sidekick is written out of the story and the mentor chooses a new person to take on the sidekick's mantle. A character learns of their predecessor's legacy and is inspired to take up the mantle on their own.
The legacy is a title or code name passed along to every person to hold the position regardless of relation, and the title becomes their primary identity.
The legacy, so to speak, is parasitic or possessive and goes through multiple hosts over time. Outside of the work, Legacy Characters are especially popular as superheroes and action heroes, or any job that involves a Secret Identity. Adaptations of a work with Legacy Characters to other media often only reference the current or best known holder of the legacy, only referencing other incarnations as a Mythology Gag. This may become Generation Xerox if everyone around the Legacy Character is also a Legacy Character. Many involve a formal moment of Passing the Torch, when the older character hands over responsibility to the younger, or a Take Up My Sword moment, if the older character dies. Chibi-Usa, being in training to become the next Sailor Moon, although she only ever appears in-series as a Bratty Half-Pint Sidekick with a cute addition to the name.
In the manga Magic Kaito, the title character discovers his father was a thief, the Kaitou Kid, and takes on the job, to finish what his father started before he died. The eponymous character of Kino's Journey took the mantle of the person who "enlightened" her after he died.
In the 2013 CGI film this is hinted to be the fate of the new character Yama - the final version of the film is very vague and simply seems to suggest the idea; made even more ambiguous by the fact that it's unclear if Harlock is now dying or has simply been made mortal again. It should be pointed out that in the manga versions, Harlock's passed on the mantle more than once, and there are huge hints in the original SPCH manga that Daiba might have ended that way if not for creative fatigue on the part of the author. At the very end of Code Geass Suzaku takes over the role of Zero permanently, at the request of Lelouch (the original Zero).
In Death Note, L becomes one of these; Light and later Near adopt his persona and identity, though the "mask" is only a letter on a computer screen.
In the Universal Century (UC) timeline, the various Gundams (Mk II, Zeta, Double Zeta, Nu etc.) created after the end of the One Year War are all Legacy Machines, named in honor of the original RX-78-2. While Char Aznable has had no shortage of expies in other non-UC series, Gundam Unicorn's Full Frontal is (chronologically) his first in-universe legacy character.
Four years after the death of Neil Dylandy aka Lockon Stratos in the season 1 *final battle of Gundam 00, his Backup Twin Lyle took over his codename (as well as his orange Haro).
F-Zero Falcon Densetsu has Captain Falcon himself pass down the title of Captain Falcon just before the Falcon Punch.
Pretty Cure hinted at this in previous series, but it was not until HeartCatch Pretty Cure!
Gravion has one in the form of Raven, who was originally Sandman's assistant and passes on his memories through his mask to each successor, allowing each one to benefit from the accumulated knowledge and experience. In Saint Seiya Omega, Kouga takes Seiya's place as the new Pegasus Saint, so does Ryuuhou taking Shiryu's place as the Dragon Saint. The identity of "Glen Baskerville" is taken up by those who are chosen by the golden lights of the Abyss.
Alice inherits the title and powers of B-Rabbit in order to protect Oz, the original B-Rabbit. In The Case Study Of Vanitas, the eponymous Vanitas claims he's the human successor to the original Vanitas, a vengeful vampire born under the ill-fated blue moon.
Jojos Bizarre Adventure is split up into different parts (eight so far,) each focusing on a different member of the Joestar family (usually being the son or grandson of a previous protagonist) whose name can be shortened to JoJo (or GioGio in Giorno's case). The identity of Miko-chan of Otasuke Miko Miko-chan is passed down from mother to daughter—or, in Ayumu's case, mother to son.
Invoked in Rose of Versailles, when the Dauphin of France (Crown Prince) Louis Auguste learns of king Louis XV's death by Versailles' nobles coming to him shouting "the King is dead, long live the King", declaring him king Louis XVI even before the crowning.
Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: "Yurakutei" is a surname passed down from rakugo master to student, and "Yakumo" is passed on to the most successful student.
A straighter example with Iida Tenya taking up his older brother's hero name Ingenium when the latter is permanently crippled.

Black Owl, a Golden Age superhero from Prize Comics, was the oldest comic example of this trope. May have been the book responsible for the revival of the Legacy Character concept in The Modern Age of Comic Books. After the series ended, Jack Knight handed off his Cosmic Rod to Courtney Whitmore, AKA Star-Spangled Kid and Stargirl, who was a product of a different legacy — her stepfather was Stripesy, the adult sidekick of the Golden Age Star-Spangled Kid. In the 1960s and 1970s, Marvel Comics had a character called "Captain Marvel" (not to be confused with the one who shouts "Shazam!"); he died from cancer in one of the first large-format graphic novels. The ultimate legacy character is Marvel Comics' size-changing hero Doctor Henry Pym; Pym has used five different superhero identities over the years (Ant-Man, Giant-Man, Goliath, Yellowjacket, and the Wasp), and no fewer than six people have adopted his discarded identities at various times. Scott Lang and Eric O'Grady have both used the Ant-Man identity (Lang is currently using it).
Twisting the shows storyline just a bit, Warner Brothers’ big screen adaptation maintains the basic plot of Barnabas Collins (Johnny Depp) who in 1752, along with his family, set sail for America where he became quite the heartbreaker. She also happened to be a jealous witch who cursed him, destroyed his family, turned him into a vampire and buried Barnabas alive chained to his coffin.
Now move up to 1972 where Barnabas is freshly dug up by an ill-fated construction crew and resurrected in Collinwood only to find his old family’s descendants in ruins. The trailer for DARK SHADOWS would have you believe that it’s a comedy along the lines of THE ADDAMS FAMILY or THE MUNSTERS. Johnny Depp as Barnabas, who even in death has a weakness for flesh, is definitely in his element here. Pfeiffer told me at the recent CinemaCon conclave in Vegas that she was a huge fan of the old TV series and openly campaigned and finally persuaded Tim Burton to give her the movie role. He was named one of All-American Men by our Man Crush Monday bloggers.Johnny Galecki is straight.
Why is it that in all those TBBT promo pics Johnny Galecki still features more prominently than Jim Parsons?
I would argue that Jim Parsons is the actor on The Big Bang Theory followed by Simon Helberg. Johnny Galecki looks good, like he dropped a pound or two, but not so much that he looks emaciated as seems to be the Hollywood male trend.
Rewatching I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER; been ages since I've seen this and only just realised Johnny Galecki (Big Bang Theory) is in it. Just read that Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco earn $1,000,000 per episode of The Big Bang Theory! Comuuuunque parlando di cose serie, non sono l'unica ad avere una crush per johnny galecki, vero? All of them have been sidekicks to the same guynote  One of them (Damian) was even a sidekick to another (Dick) during one of the latter's fill-in stints as Batman! Long Runners that span multiple generations of characters are the most likely to use them, but they can also be created as part of a back-story, such as a Secret Legacy.
Younger heroes carrying the mantle often get a Rogues Gallery to match their predecessors, either via villains having kids of their own (much to the parent's chagrin), or younger villains "honoring" their own villainous legacy.
If the Legacy Character is a descendant (probably because Lamarck Was Right), you've got yourself a Spin-Offspring.
This is also convenient in creating change without actually fundamentally changing a title character's book. The final arc of the manga implies that, on the future, she does indeed become the new Sailor Moon, since she brings her own quartet of Sailor Guardians (the former Amazoness Quartet) to help Moon in the final battle against Sailor Galaxia. GX Kaiser: after the previous owner of the title, Marufuji Ryo, did a Face?Heel Turn and defiled the title, his brother Sho begins waxing and waning in his desire to take it up himself and restore it to its original prestige.
It's noted in the beginning that Harlock has taken to space with the expressed purpose of looking for a place to die.
The novelisation and a leaked draft of the script are far less ambiguous about Yama taking Harlock's place. Which is actually kind of messed up, given the first thing Lelouch asks Suzaku to do as Zero is kill him. The GM (itself an example of this, being a mass-produced version of the Gundam) and the Zaku have also had their fair share of similar-looking and similarly-named successors as well. Princess Pretty Cure has at least one previous generation of Cures which correspond to the current ones- Cures Flora, Mermaid, and Twinkle were preceded by Cures Flora, Mermaid, and Twinkle.

It was the name of the first master of Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu, and since then, every master (except Kenshin) has taken that name as an alias so that they cannot use their style to seek glory for themselves. It also apparently disguises them quite well, since Ayaka was quite capable of passing herself off as a slender bishonen despite her curves.
The current Felix Walken is Claire Stanfield, who purchased it off "a really hot thirty-year old dame" so he could have a legal identity to marry Chane with.
Characters known to have held this position are Levy, Oswald, and Gilbert (although the latter was never actually fully realized), and later, less conventionally, Leo inherits the title. Notably, rather than carrying on his predecessor's work of cursing vampires, he uses his inherited tome to cure them of those same curses.
It's not an official title in-universe (as the nickname is usually just given by random people,) but it's treated as such in the meta sense (to the point that if two JoJos are in the same scene, the newest JoJo is referred to as such, while the older one just goes back to being called by his real name). It's not fully an example, as the wielders keep their own identities, but they do share some of their goals, and becoming "the symbol of peace" seems to be a recurring thing. During World War II, the original Black Owl joined the army, passing his costume to Walt Walters, father of Yank and Doodle, the superhero twins (and fellow Prize Comics characters) he once teamed up with.
It was eventually revealed to be the Legionnaire Starboy AKA Thom Kallor, who had previously spent time on Earth-22. In the 1980s, a Coast Guard officer from New Orleans named Monica Rambeau gained energy powers and took the name "Captain Marvel".
Carolyn is played by Chloe Grace Moretz while Jackie Earle Haley is the family’s hired helper. If people within the universe don't realize that there's a new man behind the mask and thus start spreading rumors he can't die, he's got Legacy Immortality.
If the young character, parent, and grandparent each make a unique name for themselves instead of passing down a persona it's Three Successful Generations. He's finally given the mantle (and subsequent deck) by Ryo after Ryo's brush with This Is Your Brain on Evil, and Sho proved himself worthy of the honor by using the deck to successfully defend against a rival bent on eradicating all trace of the Cyber-Style dueling method that made the title of Kaiser so famous. Hermes mistook her mourning the original Kino for saying her name, and she just ran with it.
The end of this series saw him and Tadashi Daiba locked in a Mexican Standoff after Harlock gave Tadashi one of his guns and said, essentially, "Kill me before I kill you. The tradition carried on to other timelines, in which the Gundam's successor is usually identified by the familiar white, blue, red color scheme. He fell into obscurity and the Super Speed superhero concept was revamped into a new character, Barry Allen, in The Silver Age of Comic Books. One version even appears to have been inspired by the Ziggy Stardust song of the same name (complete with a Lampshade Hanging saying it was the other way around), which the original character preceded by about thirty years. Eventually, she traded hero sobriquets with the genetically engineered son of the late original Captain, who then operated under the name "Captain Marvel". She’s the witch who cursed Barnabas to his fate of the living dead, preventing him from marrying his beloved Josette (Bella Heathcote) who just happens to be the new Collins family governess. If an already existing superhero takes the legacy, it may end up as a Second Super-Identity. The credits rolled before anyone shot, but it sure looked like a "Dread Pirate Harlock" ending. If a character is introduced as a temporary legacy to get him an audience before giving the legacy back, its a Legacy Launch. However over the end credits we see Daiba walking away and Harlock and crew waving from the deck, so it would appear Daiba just told him where to stuff it.
Later, Barry met a Jay who existed for real on another Earth in a story that established the DC Multiverse. The Cosmic Retcon event also established Jay was a real person who still had inspired Barry.
As of 2014, Monica Rambeau goes by "Spectrum" while a girl named Kamala Khan is the new Ms. Wally served as the Flash for many years until the mantle passed to Barry's grandson Bart Allen.

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