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If you’re reading this article because you want to know if you and your best friend of the opposite s*x can be more, the truth is that I have no idea. It took me a long time to confront him, and it wasn’t until I made a snap decision to take a step back from the friendship.
I felt like I didn’t need to seek a deeper connection with someone else because my fake relationship filled the void. In my fake relationships, it was only my fake boyfriend’s job to be there for me as my friend.
Don’t get me wrong; you can totally have s*x with your friends, but a friend with whom you spend all of your time? Well, you stick around anyway, as you would rather have this person in your life than not at all.

Don’t hide your feelings if you find yourself in love with someone who’s supposed to just be your friend because falling for your friend will ruin the friendship, even if you ignore it. D relationship wud safely b in d just frnds zone if one or even both of them av someone in dia love life. This is something we have heard our whole lives, but I believe that guys and girls can just be friends.
We would never court each other because that would be gross — and I know the feeling is mutual. Then, I would get mad when my fake relationship didn’t fulfill my needs, despite how ridiculous the notion of this gripe may be. But, maybe the friendship would self-destruct faster and stronger if I didn’t share my feelings.

Hope that one day, he miraculously realizes what a wonderful life you two could have together? But there is an adage I hear from my parents when I was growing up and it says, “What kind of play can exist between a dog and a tiger?

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