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Ladies, summer’s almost here and that means days spent in the sun wearing cute dresses and strappy sandals. Everywhere you go these days, you see guys dressed like the next great beatnik writer, wearing rolled up skinny jeans, fitted tees, canvas sneakers, and plaid shirts. Even if your man can’t afford to book a flight to Savile Row and pay for a handmade suit, he can still get one off the rack and have alterations done.
Just because the weather is warm doesn’t mean he has to wear old t-shirts, ratty jeans, and shapeless swim trunks.

Longer than briefs, but tighter than standard swim trunks, they hit about three inches from the knee. You’ll be surprised at how a simple dart placed here or a stitch in the hem there can elevate a man to sartorial excellence.
Here are five great fashion trends that your man can get into, no matter his shape or size. A fedora can add extra panache to a suit or can spruce up an otherwise blah khaki and polo shirt ensemble.

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