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Ok, so you’re 40+ years old, divorced with a kid or two (or possibly more — God bless you!), and you have just awoken to the realization that you’re single, too.
When you can simply order in a ‘human’ like a Margherita and coke on the go, how can dating be any more than a shopping experience at your fingertips? Don’t take me wrong- there are still a handful of us who want lasting love and have, resignedly, taken to the modern means like Tinder to get one, but too often the look-out for filet mignon results in a constant eye-out for the sumptuous buffet spread out there.
Rewind to the times when dating actually meant something that had nothing to do with our mobile screens save for fixing a time to see each other! Fast forward to now- and the chances for biting the dust are slimmed to zero- coz how can you feel bad about a text unanswered when a hundred others are all sitting in your inbox asking to meet up!
When all you get to see before deciding whether or no you’d like to meet the person is a bunch of cleavages or chiseled abs that look all the same for most pictures topped with a bunch of similar ‘wannabe’ profile descriptions – why’d you even bother? While traditional dating required someone to (wo)man up and approach a person to feel the implosion of a universe inside when the person reciprocated, Tinder and its kin have removed made it as easy as a dropping a line in the water and feeling the dull tremor of a hundred nibbles. With online dating in the picture, there is an ever-heightened sense of ‘expecting’ the Heidi Klum-type girl you saw in the profile picture and an even-more-gross sense of entitlement to other gains- coz, hey, you got a swipe-right from me, shouldn’t I be getting somethin’? Suggested read: Science approves the ‘friends first’ strategy for dating – but is it all good? In a dating landscape where emoticon flirting is the new first date ‘candlelight dinner,’ romance has possibly gone in the backyard to take an easy dump in the open!
When you have already stalked your way into someone’s lives before you meet them for the first date, there will be no butterflies-in-your-tummy feeling- so don’t act surprised!
A lover of love, I am forever looking for ways to garnish the ‘elation’ on the ‘relationship’ platter.

Online dating is tough, especially when guys are expected to send the first message - and girls never reply! Here's a real life example of a message that will leave most girls shaking their heads, staring blankly at the computer screen. I am a very very good lover and have the skills, size, and experience to make it pretty fun.
First of all, don't lead with this unless the girl has made it crystal clear that all she wants is sex. Many times these sites are so many times when you find true love in this way, eat, meet deception.
They often do such things about her family, which are identified the girl as her emotional. Eyeing someone at the bar, passing a shy smile, chatting him up and feeling the *feels* – only to take it forward and find that one great connection that made you bid a happy goodbye to the dating world was IT!
You can even send a flirty text to the person sitting across the bar without as much as glancing up at them. And what’s more- you can have ten lines in the water- so ten times the output as opposed to the Captain Ahab’s aim of spearing that one elusive soulmate!
So, with the idea that what’s ‘meant to be’ will ‘come to be’ in a matter of a click (or swipe), we never allow any potential relationship to get off the ground- for hey, nobody’s got any time for getting-to-know-each-other-dates and more! What’d the poor guy do- the abbreviated text-message cycles and Facebook status validation gives him an upset stomach! Maybe -- and it's a big maybe -- a really nice girl might be inclined to say thanks, but more than likely she gets messages like this several times a day.

And choice is a spoiler, like that super-rich dad who shells out wads of green whenever his angsty teenaged daughter decides she needs some, without as much a peep about what is it that she wants to do with the cash! Of course, there was the risk of rejection but all of us (men included) took the swing-or-miss approach to find lasting love, coz let’s be honest, what other option did we have? Listen - starting out with a friendly hello is a good opener, but it's not a conversation starter. In fact, we talked for nearly two hours and were getting along well.He told me in the course of the conversation that a good friend of his had died recently and he took it hard.
Result- you have so many choices- you can never narrow it down to one- and you are as single as ever! He said he did, and that he also had a microwave.Then he added, “But I really hate it when it rains a lot. It kind of floods in the tent.”All I could say was, “Wow.”He’d mentioned in his email that he’d been to New York recently to visit his mother, so I had to ask, “What do you do when you go out of town or to work? Aren’t you afraid someone will steal your stuff?”He just shrugged and replied, “No, it’s OK.

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