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Micromax's sub-brand Yu Televentures is finally about to roll out Marshmallow update to the Yureka, Yuphoria, and Yunique. Amazon is currently running a promotion on its online retail store that sees the 7-inch Fire tablet discounted to just ?39.99. The Big Android BBQ for 2016 has been announced for Europe and will take place between August 14-16. CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.
We’ve heard plenty of rumors regarding the mythical iPhone 5, and this particular analyst claims that Apple will have its upcoming handset ready for customers in the third quarter of this year. Apple will remain impervious to a broader decline in consumer demand throughout the technology industry through the release of its third-generation iPad in the first half of 2012 and the launch of a thinner iPhone later this year, analyst Katy Huberty wrote in a note to investors detailing takeaways from a recent trip to Asia. Huberty also predicts that an iPad 3 will launch in the next few months — a claim that most of the industry seems to agree with. Don’t really like that prototype… I prefer the one from Macrumors, that was great! Can somebody explain to me why you are referring to the supposed next generation as the iPhone 5? To have my car phone software upgraded to the latest version (Sep ’09) I have been quoted a whopping ?486 +VAT. Thanks for the info, but I have a mild form of OCD when it comes to things like this and it really gets on my t*ts when things just dont work. I have just paired my new iPhone (v2.2) with my car (BMW 530d) and afterwards found that my sat nav failed, I lost all the radio stations and the iDrive became unstable.
So I find myself this morning taking the car back to the dealer so they can re-load the entire software back onto the car, which BMW tell me can take up to 10 hours.
Had I know this and the expense its causing I would have left the iPhone in a box at O2 (who have stuck there heads in the sand on this one) and gone back to my trusty old Blackberry. I had a similar problem very early on with the original iPhone where I would answer a call and start a conversation then about 20 seconds the third party couldn’t hear me but I could still hear them asking repeatedly if I was still there. With the old iphone or almost any Nokia, voice quality is just perfect, so it’s not the car I think!
I’m from Portugal and I own one 5 series from February 2008 with ipod connector that works fine with idrive.

I just bought one Iphone 3G and the bluetooth connection works great, no problem with all number, making calls or with contacts.
Have read in one of your comments on your blog (or Apple or BMW) that there is a list of specific problems that mean BMW will upgrade the iDrive software. I have a 2005 535d Sport, so the version is probably quite old and it is about to go out of warranty. The HTC Wildfire S is a successor of the HTC Wildfire and unveiled back in February at MWC.
Recently there was a report that HTC Wildfire S would be released on May 13 in UK and up for pre-order.
With Cyanogen ending exclusivity with Yu earlier this month, the vendor has commenced work on a custom user interface dubbed Yu-Open-OS.
New touch panel technology will apparently make the next iPhone thinner, and Huberty notes that a new casing material will also keep the device’s form factor slim. We clearly label these rumors as, well, rumors, in the title so people can choose to read or not. I also need to know whether it will fit in the BMW snap-in adapter I have for the original iPhone or will I have to buy another cradle from BMW? Following the instruction in the manual I was able to pair the two units… However, strangly it all decided to stop! After a long roundabout between Most phone companies and software connection features, Samsung and Blackberry seem to suit. Anyone have any ideas on how I can just get the f*cking thing to work would be most appreciated. There is meant to be a connection to an external aerial to give a stronger signal but I’ve never noticed this. I get no bluetooth connectivity neither does the phone get picked up once snapped into the cradle. I am also looking to upgrade my current mobile phone, but want something that will be fully compatible with the idrive system. If you’re nano and iPhone work ok then you can rule out the cable and any connections along the way. Or do you mean the third party reports that you’ve gone very quiet but still audible?

I eventually found that turning my wi-fi off prior to getting in the car fixed this but I believe iPhone update 2.01 fixed that for me and I no longer needed to turn off wifi to keep a good connection. During the conversations my voice fades away for seconds and that makes impossible to communicate. Carriers have been aggressively pushing 4G as of late, so it makes sense for Apple to at least include compatibility for the technology in 2012’s iPhone.
Most of us do like rumor articles as long as they’re concise and cite a source, or especially multiple ones. Prolonged forced insertion into the cradle will badly scratch and damage the back and top edge of your iPhone 3G. That is to say, music still playing, but no control in neither the iDrive system, nor the iPhone.
4 weeks after the X5 disply still shows the name of my iPhone as paired but fails to pull any of the addresses or indeed send or receive calls! I am thinking about an iphone 3G, is this a wise choice?, I see from the above posts that there have been some compatabilty issues, will there be any software conflicts? If you have access to another iPhone does that behave in the same way, if not then your iPhone may be to blame.
I must admit, I was completely oblivious to the world of incompatibilities between BMW and iPhone before this happened. Also, if I go for the iphone, can I use the internet connection on the phone through the idrive system?
Since both vehicles and iPods are pretty much new, I’d suggest calling the dealer and describing the situation to him, if necessary go down and demonstrate the problem to them. Alternatively are there any other phones I should consider that work well with the idrive system. In my car however, everytime I stop the car and restart, I have to unhook the iPod and plug it back in before it will be recognized again. I have a first generation nano and an iPhone (I know, too many iPod devices), and both of them seem to work fine.

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