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1600s – Slave trade becomes avid around Nigeria among other regions in Africa being sent predominantly to North America and areas of the Caribbean.
Management still had Nigeria divided among the Northern and Southern provinces, and Lagos colony.
Post-WWII – Nationalism was widespread in Nigeria along with other African provinces in its desire for self-determination and their own constitution. October 1st, 1954 – Under new reforms in legislation under the British government, Nigeria came under a new name called the self-governing Federation of Nigeria. October 27th, 1958 – Due to further advancements in legislature, Britain approved Nigeria as sovereignty and the date to be implemented was October 1st, 1960. October 1, 1960 – Nigeria granted full independence from Britain or any other foreign influences.
January 15, 1966 – a small group of army serviceman originating from southeastern Igbo region, succeeded in assassinating the federal prime minister and ousting the government.

May 1967 – Amid rejection from the Igbos for constitutional reappraisal, the Igbos hoped to achieve self-determination separate from the rest of the country. Nigeria with Democratic Republic of Congo, boasts the highest number of churches in Africa. The post is good in its allround form but there are some details that could use improvement. Lieutenant Colonel Emeka Ojukwu emerged as the leader of the Igbos and initiated in declaring the new “Republic of Biafra”. The government instead put their main priority on economic advancement, with the help of their major export: oil.
Parts of Nigeria have been in contact with Christian missionaries since the late 15th century, almost all areas of Nigeria have had some form of association with Christianity by the late 19th century. The constitution was established as a parliament, with each region able to self-govern, but in terms of foreign affairs, the federal government would handle defense, and commercial sectors among others.

The military assumed authority, but was unable to control the masses as tensions increased between different ethnic groups and to establish a new constitution suitable for the whole of Nigeria. A civil war transpired as a result and in 1970 the “Republic of Biafra” was defeated, now reinstated into Nigeria.
This led to a huge massacre of the Igbos in the north, as a result majority of Igbos seceded to the east. A majority of the mass gathering of the Catholic missions represents the elite families in the respective areas in Nigeria. Christianity is the most widespread around the middle and southern regions of Nigeria where Igbo and Jiaw regions where Catholics make up 98% of the population.

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