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The fact of TRUMP'S love for money rips away his mask as a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.
SCOTT AND THE DECEPTION THAT CHARISMA MAGAZINE AND MANY OTHER CHRISTIAN LEADERS AND ORGANIZATIONS ARE PURVEYING. The WHITE ROSE SOCIETY was a group formed by students Hans and Sophie Scholl and a band of Christian friends and professors.

Their common goal was to stand against the Nazi regime that was terrorizing their country in the early 1940's, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY TO DECLARE THAT CHRIST WAS THE SUPREME POWER AND NOT ADOLPH HITLER.
They would then take as many as 2000 of them at a time and randomly distribute this bold writing in cities such as Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Vienna, Frieburg, Saarbreuken and Mannheim.
As a result of taking part in these activities, seven of its members were executed between February 1943 and October 1944.

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