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10 Signs I Am In Love With You Pinterest Pictures, 10 Signs I Am In Love With You Facebook Images, 10 Signs I Am In Love With You Photos for Tumblr. There’s only one problem: the longer we live, the more we discover how little there is in this fallen world to rely on! You may think your job is a source of stability, but a slight turn in the economy could have you unemployed in a moment’s notice. God, in love, will allow your faux rocks of situations, people, locations, possessions, positions, or answers to be swallowed up so you cry out for his help.
Sunday after the morning gatherings, there will be a farewell reception for the Newcomb Family on the Tennis Deck of the Community Center. While the farewell has been long, while I often prayed for God to take my father home due to his diminished state (to die is gain, after all, when we die in Christ!), I am surprised by the weight of gratitude and grief I have after our final goodbye.
The time around Dad’s bedside and during the 24-hour vigil of saying goodbye was filled with prayer, Scripture reading, singing hymns, playing worship music, telling stories, and laughing.
I had the honor of caring for Dad through the night alone, and while it wasn’t enjoyable, it was other-worldly peaceful and an absolute honor for me.
I was in the presence of my old youth pastor from 30 years ago when Dad passed – how cool that God would provide that. The daily devotional book that I am currently reading (which I cannot recommend highly enough!) is called New Morning Mercies. By far, that assurance of his salvation is the most comforting aspect of his death, and the only reason why for Dad and me, death is gain.
HELP US MEET OUR GIVING GOAL!  To reach our budget for the fiscal year that ends May 31, we need a total of $425,000 this month. Memorial Day Service next Sunday, May 29, at 10:20am near the Peninsula Covenant Church Memorial Flag. Summer Suppers Dine with new friends (groups of 8-10) for dinner or lunch in homes or restaurants monthly June to September. Summer Service Opportunities Would you like to see hope that moves the children and families in our neighborhoods?
Discovery Bible Study (DBS) is a straightforward method that will help you to understand, live out, and share what God says to you as you meditate on His Word.
Plus Fix-it Team We are a team of smiling volunteers with willing hearts that will assist you with your project need that you are unable to do yourself. We are on the field trip of life and we’ve left the safety of the classroom, but we haven’t arrived at the destination yet. Second, many of us entered into a covenant relationship called marriage – and through marriage we are given a spiritual traveling buddy, if you will, with whom we walk toward Christ. Marriage to a person is not our ultimate destination; becoming like Christ and meeting Him face-to-face is our ultimate destination. In Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, there is a chaotic scene in which a whaleboat sputters across an unsettled ocean in pursuit of the great white whale, Moby Dick. PCC places a high value on their harpooners and part of that value is the granting of a sabbatical.
We have a tremendous staff team at PCC and they are graciously working with me to prepare for the summer (it’s going to be incredible!) and plan for the fall (look out!) in my absence. While in Israel this past month, I was reminded that the metaphors Jesus used for the life of ministry are frequently images of the single, the small, and the quiet, which have effects far in excess of their appearance: salt, leaven, a mustard seed.
Amidst our presidential primary races that can be so cantankerous, it is almost jarring when you come across gentleness and humility. The Greek word for gentleness contains undertones of yielding, kindness, patience, forbearance, and fairness. Jim, for over 40 years has been investing his time in coaching varsity girl’s softball at Carlmont High School.
Pat Gelsinger and his wife Linda are friends of PCC and God has called Pat to play on a whole different ball field than Jim.
Throughout his storied Silicon Valley career, primarily with Intel, EMC, and now VMware, Pat has been an outspoken ambassador for our Savior.
This Sunday, Pat will kick off our Hope that Moves Series speaking on Hope for the Marketplace. Whether it is on a softball field, in the technology field, or somewhere in between, God has called each of us to walk in gentleness. In studying the life of Jesus, you begin to see that the Shema (Deuteronomy 6:4-8) was central to His life, central to His teaching, and central to His ministry. Many experts would agree with me that this is a perfect summary of living the Christian life. For anyone who wants to understand what Jesus means by spiritual formation, the best place to start is the Shema of Judaism and His amended creed, found in Matthew 26:36-40. I look forward to this weekend and being led by and hearing how our team of 160+ students and adults lived Shema on their mission trip to Mexico. I was humbled and grateful for the time and my final question was this: “Can I come back and glean further from your wisdom and experience?” He chuckled, made a self-deprecating comment, and welcomed me back anytime I wanted.
And the chair relationship continued … there were memorable conversations in chairs on Catalina Island, in chairs at Starbucks, in chairs in my office, in chairs at the Community Center, in chairs in my home.
For a good part of a decade, when I was in the pulpit, Walt would sit in the pew and cheer me on through his countenance and after the service go out of his way to encourage me. As I write this from the chair in my office, I am aware that ours will still be a relationship of chairs, only Walt is occupying a chair with the great cloud of witnesses that Hebrews 12 speaks about. I am compelled to exhort us all to the lessons I learned from Walt: Love people, live authentically, side on the side of extravagant grace, laugh often, believe that God is a good, good Heavenly Father, and by all means, leave room in your life for an open chair!
A celebration of Walt’s life will take place on Thursday, April 14 at 2:00pm at the Menlo Church.
The choir singing on the patio; one man didn’t enter because he was enthralled with the choir and thought that was our Good Friday service. Communing as a body around the tables on Friday night and the prayer times I was able to experience with people. Entering the Gym in darkness on Sunday morning at 5:30am to pray with the team who would serve all day long producing five Easter gatherings. Experiencing my first sunrise service – having the sun rise behind me as I spoke about the resurrection!
Allowing the Word of God to do the work of God: watching God fill the room as we interacted around the theme of Hope That Moves.
This Sunday I have the honor of wrapping up the Gospel of John study teaching in John 21:1-14!
There have been a handful of times in my mere five decades of living that I have been overwhelmed at being face-to-face with unthinkable evil and atrocity.
Many aspects of our time there were unnerving, but it was the Children’s Memorial that was my undoing that day.
As our group left the Children’s Memorial and entered back into the sunlight, there were no words, no movement, mostly tears. Most of you are reading this the day after another senseless terrorist bombing in Brussels. Once again on Good Friday, we will gather to reflect and experience the brutal death of our Lord, a death that we ironically call good.
The bottom line is this, friends: Our hope is not found in some nebulous dream of world peace, nor given this election year, in the person we put in the White House! The deepest longing of our soul is the all-satisfying love (translated above from the Hebrew word hesed in 107:1) of God – not in the abstract, but first-hand knowledge and experience, a tasting of God’s hesed, His fierce, loyal, and abundant commitment to our best.
As we enter Holy Week and focus on the sufferings of Jesus, my dear brothers and sisters in the PCC community who lament, may we be a community of grace, truth, and comfort. This weekend we will be looking at the trials and sentencing of Jesus the night before He hung on Calvary. Jim Melhus wanted a way to raise awareness and money for the Homeward Animal Shelter, where he works as a dog trainer.
Melhus donated a baseball signed by baseball greats Roger Maris, Mickey Mantle and Ken Hunt at Homewarda€™s annual Wags, Whiskers & Wine event Oct.
Maris now stands at seventh on the list, but the three players whoa€™ve hit more than 61 homers in a season a€“ Barry Bonds, McGwire and Sosa a€“ have all been implicated for steroid use. Jim Savageau was Melhusa€™ boss at OK Tire, and he happened to be a friend of Marisa€™ from Shanley High School and was part of the golf tournamenta€™s inner circle. The tournament came to town and, as was always the case in the early days, there was much revelry among the former Yankees and their friends. Savageau showed up at OK Tire a morning after such revelry and spotted Melhus a fair distance away performing his job as a tire installer. The signatures of Maris and Hunt have been authenticated by a sports memorabilia organization, which is very important to collectors. Galen Heinle of Big Nicka€™s Sports Cards in West Acres Mall helped the shelter authenticate the ball and said it has great value. Homeward Animal Shelter hopes Marisa€™ popularity can help with its mission of rescuing, sheltering, protecting and finding homes for dogs and cats. ESPN's announcement will come one day after North Dakota State football fans learned the network's "College GameDay" program did not choose Fargo. The following e-mail was sent to Minnesota State University Moorhead faculty and staff today.
MSUM President Anne Blackhurst has named Doug Peters, Director of Athletics, to serve as Interim Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs. Blackhurst also announced interim administrative office realignments that will be reviewed during the coming months. Drew Wrigleya€™s public confession of an extramarital affair seemed more like a staged political event than a genuine mea culpa, but what should we expect from a person whose political ambition seems to be outweighed only by his audacity? North Dakotaa€™s lieutenant governor got caught with his pants down and his answer was not to throw himself on the mercy of the court and say a€?Ia€™m sorry,a€? but to seat his wife next to him and talk about prayer and faith and the couplea€™s pastor. Yes, Drew Wrigley still really wants to be governor a€“ really, really, really wants to be governor a€“ and hea€™s doing what he can do to keep the dream alive.
This little pothole in the road opened last week when a blogger named Jim Fuglie, a former leader of the Democratic-NPL Party in North Dakota, dropped word of Wrigleya€™s messy personal life and a€?indiscretionsa€? in a post predicting state attorney general Wayne Stenehjem would replace Jack Dalrymple as governor. Wrigley responded swiftly by issuing a handful of interviews with select legitimate media, and a sycophant right-wing blogger, in an attempt (in public-relations terminology) to control the message. The lieutenant governora€™s adept handling of the nasty news, and North Dakota mediaa€™s lack of courage in insisting on more specifics or even offering tough commentary, seems to have worked.
This limp reaction to Wrigleya€™s confession makes it likely hea€™s feeling confident about his ability to make a run at the Republican nomination and, in deeply red North Dakota, the governorship. See, a real human being with real humility woulda€™ve issued a statement saying, a€?My wife and I are working through this very difficult time together. Instead, Wrigley essentially held a press conference with his wife at his side and admitted hea€™s still mulling a run for governor. Ita€™s particularly interesting when you consider the leak about the affair is alleged to have come from Wrigleya€™s own side of the aisle.
While Wrigley steadfastly refuses to give up on his dream of being governor, a run could be particularly nasty on his wife and family. Rumor has it Wrigley was carrying on with a married woman and the affair broke up her marriage. Somebody wearing such an obvious coating of veneer deserves to have it stripped away for the world to see.
Six anglers from Indiana have been cited for taking 676 sunfish and crappies over their limit from Upper Cormorant Lake in Becker County, Minn. Charges were filed late last week, according to Department of Natural Resources conservation officer Bill Landmark. If convicted, the anglers could face thousands of dollars in fines and revocation of fishing privileges for three years. BOSTON -- It took an empty-net goal by Boston University star Jack Eichel to seal North Dakota's fate Thursday night in the Frozen Four.
Boston U advanced to the NCAA Division I men's hockey title game with a 5-3 victory over UND, a closer victory than anybody saw coming when the Terriers were leading 4-1 with less than 6 minutes remaining. But the fact is the frantic finish can't hide the numbers: UND has failed to win a national championship in seven trips to the Frozen Four during coach Dave Hakstol's 11 seasons.
The first is the one most UND fans, and more importantly the school's administration, choose: Hak's doing a great job by getting his team to the national semifinals on a regular basis. The two coaches prior to Hakstol, Gino Gasparini and Dean Blais, won multiple national titles. Hakstol said he was happy about 50 minutes of UND's play, but thought his team didn't manage the puck well in the game's first eight to 10 minutes.
He also lamented the lack of bounces his team got through most of the contest, until Troy Stecher used a misplay by Boston goalie Matt O'Connor to score a short-handed goal with 7:50 to cut BU's lead to 4-2. So UND fans are left talk about another one that got away, and how gritty their team was and how the officiating and bounces just didn't go their way. But Hakstol continues to underachieve with a program that is the equivalent of the Boston Red Sox in college hockey. BOSTON -- North Dakota dropped two ugly games at the National Collegiate Hockey Conference tournament in Minneapolis in mid-March, losing to St.
Such chatter was quelled in a big way at the NCAA West Regional in Fargo a couple of weeks ago.
Questions for Hakstol and his players following UND's 4-1 victory over Quinnipiac in the regional semifinals naturally centered on "bouncing back" after such an awful showing in the NCHC tournament. As Grand Forks Herald beat writer Brad Schlossman pointed out Wednesday in a discussion about the Frozen Four that will air on KFGO today, Hakstol nibbled around the edges of why UND played so poorly in the NCHC tournament. The narrative has definitely changed as UND readies to play Boston University on Thursday night in the national semifinals. Hakstol has taken his share of arrows for Frozen Four disappointments -- and much of it is deserved after UND allowed Boston College to score seemingly at will in three straight semifinals matchups from 2006-08 -- but a year ago in Philadelphia was a different story.
UND seems to have put talk of the late-season flop and the season-ending injury to Mark MacMillan and everything else behind it. It will be interesting to see how UND fans react should their team fall short of a national title again. That was the clear talking point of UND's postgame press conference: The page has been turned. I am solidly on the left side of the political ledger, but took a very cautious approach to the story.
The police report indicated a night of drinking, followed by arguing, followed by the throwing of objects and physical contact. If we learned anything from Baesler's situation it is that domestic ugliness infects even the relationships of the supposed high and mighty. We also learned, again, that situations the media try to turn into black-and-white, right-and-wrong, this-is-the-way-it-is arguments rarely are. A peek inside a domestic situation is an uncomfortable look at reality, not a partisan argument.
He'd just watched his very talented offensive team get steamrolled by a much, much better offensive team, 92-75 in the quarterfinals of the NCAA Division II tournament.
The Knights finished the contest shooting 61 percent from the floor (37 of 61), which is outstanding for any basketball team. But the most impressive player on the court was Whitehead, a 5-foot-9 scat back of a point guard who dominated both ends of the court against MSUM.
Despite nearly getting run over at the end of the first half, the Dragons found themselves down just six points, 49-43, at halftime. The Knights won the Division II national title in 2011 and returned to the Elite Eight the next season. Bellarmine's coach is Scott Davenport, who served as an assistant under Denny Crum and Rick Pitino at Louisville. Bellarmine was the subject of a lengthy New York Times article in January, focusing on their remarkable shooting and the practice drills Davenport uses. The mentality of everyone on the floor is, I may have a good shot, but theres always a chance to get a better one for someone else, junior forward George Suggs told the Times.
North Dakota State football fans are familiar with the type of stadium needed for a Major League Soccer franchise. Toyota Stadium is a 20,500-seat open-air venue that is, by today's standards, functional without being outlandish. The stadium and surrounding complex (which includes several practice fields and in total covers 145 acres) were completed in 2005 at the cost of $80 million.
I'm passing along this information because Minnesota is now embroiled in a brewing MLS soccer stadium controversy. Because the franchise will not be awarded to the owner of the NFL's Minnesota Vikings, Zygi Wilf, the new team cannot play in the nearly $1 billion stadium being built in downtown Minneapolis. So the owner of the MLS franchise, Bill McGuire, wants a new stadium in downtown Minneapolis. Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins, is being paid for, in part, by a sales tax in Hennepin County (Minneapolis and western suburbs). The immediate opposition to a soccer stadium is baffling, if for no other reason than this would be the financially least painful facility to build. The new Vikings stadium will cost an estimated $975 million, of which $498 million will be state and city tax dollars.
So the state isn't willing to help fund a facility for a major-league soccer team, in a state in which tens of thousands of kids play soccer?
Me; “Do you think America can get out of this tragic mess and eventually reunite as Americans, instead of Blacks versus Whites? Seems there are a number of elected positions that could be eliminated if we were serious about streamlining government. Oddly enough both of the statewide offices you are recommending being eliminated are the only two Republicans in statewide office.
You'd think some of the motley crew he surrounds himself with would , between them, have enough sense to figure out what the unintended consequences would be. Under the president’s new amnesty, businesses will have a $3,000-per-employee incentive to hire illegal immigrants over native-born workers because of a quirk of Obamacare. A Department of Homeland Security official confirmed that the newly legalized immigrants won’t have access to Obamacare, which opens up the loophole for employers looking to avoid the penalty. The Health and Human Services Department, which oversees Obamacare, referred questions to the White House, which didn’t reply to a request for comment. Meanwhile, Obama maintains that bringing undocumented workers into the workforce is a good thing. PRESENTED BY GOOD FAITH MINISTRIES (An arm of International Interfaith Ministries of which Dr.

The music for Now Thank We All Our God was set to harmony in 1840 by nineteenth century Romantic composer Felix Mendelssohn, who himself was a devoutly religious man. But, but the Emperor said they wouldn't get anything but non-deportation under his edict.  Did he lie , again? Wouldn't it be great to live in a country where the laws were decided by , oh say, a legislature made up of elected people who took their job seriously and looked after the people who voted for them and even the ones who didn't? The tragedy in the thinking here is many of us African American senior citizens can remember when the Ku Klux Klan had a freehand to punish blacks unto death because no Southern all white jury would ever convict them. PRESIDENT OBAMA’S executive actions will allow illegal immigrants who apply for work permits to be eligible for Social Security and Medicare, the White House says.
Great Let's dump 5 million more on the broken system before we fix it.  Way to go Barry, you sure do represent all of the people don't you?
The one thing the president didn't mention is that if it weren't for the immigration system we have in place, he would not be here and definitely would not be the president of the United States.
Every other riot I've ever heard of was touched off by some spontaneous event that exploded into mob violence long before any media trucks arrived. From the beginning, Officer Darren Wilson's shooting of Michael Brown wasn't reported like news. The media are in a huff about the prosecutor being "biased" because his father was a cop, who was shot and killed by an African-American. Evidently, the sum-total of what every idiot on TV knows about the law is Judge Sol Wachtler's 20-year-old joke that a prosecutor could "indict a ham sandwich." We're supposed to be outraged that this prosecutor didn't indict the ham sandwich of Darren Wilson. Liberals seem not to understand that they don't have a divine right to ruin someone's life and bankrupt him with a criminal trial, just so they're satisfied.
The reason most grand jury investigations result in an indictment is that most grand juries aren't convened solely to patronize racial mobs. The night of the riot, Obama said the law "often feels as if it is being applied in discriminatory fashion." Maybe, but not in this case -- except toward Officer Wilson.
I know liberals were hoping they had finally found the great white whale of racism, but they're just going to have to keep plugging away.
Anyone following this case has seen the video of Big Mike robbing a store and roughing up an innocent Pakistani clerk about 10 minutes before being shot by Officer Wilson.
They know Brown's mother was recently arrested for clubbing grandma with a pipe over T-shirt proceeds. Liberals will say none of that is relevant in court, but apparently they don't think actual evidence is relevant either.
TV hosts narrated the riot by saying it showed "the community" feels it's not being listened to. The community doesn't want black thugs robbing stores and sauntering down the middle of its streets.
WE can just chalk that speech up to another Obama story akin to the ones he told about keeping your Dr, cheaper insurance, etc., etc.
Recently, I had a white police officer make me feel that he was determined to insure I had a police record.
Therefore, this white officer wrote me a ticket with a date to appear in JP Court for not having the insurance card. I was driving in this same car a few miles down route 13 from the first stop and this same New Castle County white police officer stopped me once again. This white policeman was so eager to get me a record he failed to see the temporary license plate the Delaware Motor Vehicle had issued that was in the back window. I no longer could contain my disdain when I gushed forth reminding this white offer that I wrote national commentaries. I got a letter from the court informing me that I missed my court date and they intended to take my driving privilege. I chatted with a JP Court lady via telephone where it was concluded that I needed to make a second visit to the JP Court.
The young white lady’s willingness to help reminded me of the kindness I received in New Castle when an officer reminded me that my plate was out. When I take a holistic look at my stops they suggest that the police must have new technology that reads license plates and run criminal checks on potential drivers whilst people are driving.
The only Americans who can legitimately object to immigration are native Indian-Americans, President Barack Obama told his Chicago audience Nov. Obama denied any moral or practical distinction between native-born Americans and future migrants. That action freezes the enforcement of immigration law against 12 million illegals now in the country and also against every new migrant who makes it over the border. Numerous polls show Americans want to reduce or stabilize immigration, and also oppose Obama’s immigration policies by a factor of two-to-one, three-to-one or even four-to-one. In fact, Chicago and the United States is overwhelmingly populated by native-born Americans who work, live and learn best in stable neighborhoods and classrooms. The award of work permits to four million illegals will provide more revenues for government, Obama said. His forecast of a $170 per year gain claim also ignores evidence that more immigrant workers can swamp the labor market and drive down wages for Americans. But Obama was far more passionate when making his ideological argument for mass immigration.
The Statue of Liberty doesn’t have its back to the world, he said, trying to portray the monument as a colossal invitation to migrants. The many immigrants who arrive have to be treated equally under the law, Obama said, segueing into his progressive agenda. Obama’s praise for mass immigration reflects his long-standing belief that migrants can join with Africans-Americans, under the guidance of the progressives who run the Democratic Party, to win political power and wealth from Americans.
That hope, however, was frustrated by economic competition between Americans and migrants, he wrote. A little surprised that there has been no local story on the NAACP here in Delaware who wrote Markell a letter saying there was something fishy about this whole deal.
Illegal immigrants will receive huge payments from American taxpayers under rules now being imposed by President Barack Obama’s unilateral amnesty.
The illegals will get work-permits and Social Security cards, and will be required to pay taxes, according to Cecilia Munoz, the former immigration lobbyist who is now a top Obama aide. That means they’re part of the tax system, she said, when she was asked if the illegals would get annual payments under the Earned Income Tax Credit program. According to the Internal Revenue Service, two parents with three or more children would receive up to $6,143 in 2014 if they earn less than $46,997.
A family with two kids, and an income of $20,000, would receive $14,590 in taxpayer funds this year alone. Parents who earn less than the threshold would get $3,305 if they have one child, and $5,460 if they have two children. The EITC program is already poorly monitored and may be subject to large amounts of fraud, according to critics. A new NBC poll shows Latinos do not overwhelmingly support President Obama's decision to thwart Congress on amnesty through executive action. There's just a six percent difference in Latinos who do and do not support the President's plan to rewrite immigration law with an executive order. Despite what the media would have us believe, immigration reform is often at the bottom of the priority list for Latino voters and a majority want enforcement before a comprehensive overhaul. Generally speaking, registered Hispanic voters were far more likely to support tougher security and enforcement measures than non-registered voters. This is no surprise, he probably looks like a bobblehead doll when agreeing to everything that come out of Obama's mouth. As expected, newly elected Coons wasted no time in getting back in Obama's lap as he voted against the Keystone Pipeline [S.2280]. Maybe someone should remind the Enemy Within the Oval Office that the 2014 election resoundingly declared that the direction in which America is being pushed is not the path the people of this Constitutional republic want to take. Constitutionally, to prevent unbridled actions that veer dangerously close to treason, there are orthodox means for Congress to deal with loose-cannon presidents who refuse to submit to the balance of powers instituted by our Forefathers.
By declaring war on a president who is clearly an adversary of America, the Congress can then exercise the legal power to round up, detain, and deport ISIS terrorists, MS-13 gang members, illegal alien criminals of every stripe, as well as the thousands of human time bombs harboring deadly diseases that have already sickened and killed scores of our people.
Under different circumstances, Barack Obama’s contempt for the very document that protects him would make him subject to a separate set of rules.
Federal drug enforcement agents showed up unannounced Sunday to check at least three visiting NFL teams' medical staffs as part of an investigation into former players' claims that teams mishandled prescription drugs. The investigation was sparked by a lawsuit filed in May on behalf of former NFL players going back to 1968. Federal prosecutors have conducted interviews in at least three cities over the past three weeks, spending two days in Los Angeles in late October meeting with a half-dozen former players — including at least two who were named plaintiffs in the painkillers lawsuit, according to multiple people with direct knowledge of the meetings who spoke on the condition of anonymity because prosecutors told them not to comment on the meetings.
The lawsuit alleges the NFL and its teams, physicians and trainers acted without regard for players' health, withholding information about injuries while at the same time handing out prescription painkillers such as Vicodin and Percocet, and anti-inflammatories such as Toradol, to mask pain and minimize lost playing time. I don’t like it when my flights are delayed and I have to rush to make it to a conference on time. No human being enjoys feeling like they’re living in the sinking sand of unpredictability, disappointment, or danger. Maybe your house is paid off and your home represents stability, but every physical thing is ultimately in a state of decay.
As you struggle through the slippery instability of sinking sand in a fallen world, your weariness should be a sign.
We will be praying for our ministry, thanking outgoing leaders, voting on and welcoming incoming leaders, and approving our next fiscal year’s budget. I loved that as a child and was NEVER embarrassed by that greeting, even through adolescence. While for the first time in my 51 years I am fatherless in one sense, God made clear throughout this journey that in Christ we are never Fatherless. Dad gained a better experience by far through his death in Christ, and I gained an increased hope in the coming Kingdom.
We are excited to announce that we have received a matching gift, so your gifts marked “Year End” (up to $25,000) will be doubled!
Join the PCC Mission team at the schoolhouse on the lawn from May 15 to June 12 to learn how you can serve alongside our community educational partners: Redwood City Reads (Generations United) Able Works, Bayshore Christian Ministries, and Peninsula Literacy Coalition. At Our Lady of Loretto in Novato where I went to school, the teachers grouped a few students together with a chaperone so no one got lost. When Jesus comes or when we die in Him, we will have arrived, but until then, we’re still vulnerable. Through small groups at PCC, we look after one another, care for each other, and encourage each other.
Because of that, at PCC, we are intentionally doing everything we can to encourage and equip every married person for the journey. We are bringing in world-class communicators, nationally known marriage experts, packing the event with amazing and practical seminars, loading lots of laughter and even cutting a deal so every PCC’er gets the conference at a reduced rate (use the code pccmarriage for 40% off!). Please do yourself a favor and prioritize this event over everything you have going that weekend. I owe it to her and to God to tool up and know God’s blueprint for marriage so that I honor God and empower her on this field trip we’re on called life! The sailors are working fiercely, every muscle tense, all attention and energy concentrated on their survival.
The church is Pequod (the 19th century whaling ship in Moby Dick), traversing through our dark world where chaos is inevitable and immense energy needs to be expended. We dreamed big, prayed audaciously, and God answered in incredible ways, not the least of which was the provision of a grant from a foundation to fund my sabbatical. The good news is that PCC doesn’t hinge on any one staff person; our true Lead Shepherd is Jesus and He has gathered an incredible team of under shepherds to lead this church. I’m not in crisis by any means, but to be honest, it frequently seems more compelling for me in the work of ministry to assume the work of the oarsman, laboring mightily in our moral cause, throwing my energy into the fray.
In the above passage, God calls us all to countercultural gentleness, but what does gentleness really mean? The gentle person Paul has in mind in Philippians 4:5 does not insist on his or her own rights or privileges. It is his conviction that God has called him to serve as the lead pastor of the 19,000 employees who call VMware home.
It would have been the first verse he learned, a verse spoken over him multiple times a day as a child and spoken by him multiple times daily as an adult. Most, if not all, of the people who heard Jesus quote part of the Shema had repeated those words that very day. In these few sentences, we are given straightforward instructions on the most important parts when it comes to living out our Christian faith before our families, our neighbors, our brothers and sisters in Christ, and the world. Soon after I called Walt, who had recently retired from his long and successful tenure at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church. I marveled at Walt’s heart for ministry and have incredible memories of Walt and his wife Metta serving in and through our local schools. He always would speak of grace, of his love for people, of his utter disbelief that God would use someone like him. There is a generation of men and women behind us all who would benefit from the relational investment we make in their lives. In other words, the farther away from God we get and our culture gets, the less hope we have. The last time I experienced this was in Jerusalem with members of our PCC community two years ago. The Children’s Memorial, hollowed out from an underground cavern, is a tribute to the approximately 1.5 million Jewish children who were murdered during the Holocaust. After a while of silence and reflection, we boarded our bus and headed to the Garden Tomb, an authentic first century tomb in a garden like setting that is beautiful and tranquil. That and other headlines that fill our homepages have raised within me a compulsion for what awaits us all this coming weekend.
The degree to which we have known the presence and power of God’s love is the degree to which we get a sense for how devastating it must have been for Jesus to lament as He bore the judgment of God against sin.
The physical pain was excruciating (literally!), yet it was nothing compared to the shock and horror of being forsaken, for the first time of His whole eternal existence, by His Father. When He said this He identified with all our laments, for underlying all our laments are two questions: “God, where are you?” and “God, if you love me, then why?” For the first time in all of eternity, Jesus felt the absence of the Father’s presence and the uncertainty of His love. May we step into each other’s laments, not to give answers but to lift each other into the presence of our Jesus, who lamented Himself and who, through His Holy Spirit, can alone bring comfort, perspective, hope, and healing. Many still view Maris as the a€?truea€? record-holder because he did not use performancing-enhancing drugs. This was the first year of the Roger Maris Celebrity Golf Tournament and an all-star lineup of ex-New York Yankees were in Fargo. Chad Markuson, Associate Athletic Director, will assume additional responsibilities during Petersa€™ interim appointment.
It is hard work looking contrite, but you do what you gotta do when the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is the governora€™s mansion.
Rumors of Wrigleya€™s wandering eye a€“ as well as other body parts a€“ had been swirling in political circles for some time, but Fuglie was the first to throw them out publicly. There were certain limitations put on the interviews and Wrigley would not address specific details of the affair. Whether or not I run for governor is the last thing on my mind as we work to save our marriage of 17 years. He also said the affair did not have an effect on his current job, which he will not resign. The hot rumor is that Stenehjem supporters were calling media and bloggers to tip them off on Wrigleya€™s dalliances. If indeed Stenehjema€™s supporters were trying to take him down this early, whata€™s to say they dona€™t have more dirt on the lieutenant governor? If Wrigley carried on with the other woman for, say, three years a€“ well, thata€™s a lot different than a one-time liaison.
If true, the lieutenant governor would be what is known among the commoners as a a€?home-wrecker.a€? Ita€™s quite likely the husband (ex-husband?) of the other woman is quite aggrieved at this turn of affairs. He just wanted us all to know that he didna€™t break any governmental ethical codes and the affair didna€™t affect his job performance, so ita€™s all good. He entered Thursday's postgame press conference in his usual terse and defensive mood, and proceeded to tell the assembled media that he didn't want any questions about perspectives on the season. North Dakota State football fans, with the resources the school puts into the program and the tradition it has, wouldn't stand for 11 years without a national title.
There have been a number of memorable flops in the Frozen Four, fueling the "Fire Hak!" crowd. Hakstol, in his usual terse manner, quelled such talk by saying his club "turned the page" after the trainwreck in the Twin Cities.
Turns out, Schlossman has since learned, that UND's players and coaches were fighting a nasty bug that weekend that drained nearly everybody connected to the team, including strength coach Mark Poolman and team doctor Greg Greek. A club many counted out prior to the regionals is now again viewed as a strong contender for the national title. UND played well in a semifinal against hated Minnesota, only to see the Gophers score with 0.6 seconds left to take a 2-1 victory. Hakstol said it several times and the UND players queried by the media -- Drake Caggiula, Troy Stecher and Tucker Poolman -- repeated it, too. 15 a juicy tidbit picked up by media in Bismarck, Fargo, Grand Forks and every other major city in North Dakota.
She countered with a statement saying "an argument escalated to the point where I was concerned for my safety.
I said on my KFGO program, and wrote in a blog, that we should all just quiet down and let the process play itself out. In an interview with Forum News Service, Baesler stuck by her story that she was just trying to get out of her fiance's home. And, in the end, none of the witnesses provided much clarity other than agreeing nobody saw any of the thrown objects hit Tschosik, the alleged victim. Perhaps that is a good lesson to remember: Domestic violence isn't the exclusive domain of the poor, the minority population, the uneducated, the hourly workers, the regular people. To read Mike Nowatzki's report for Forum Communications is to be part of that awkward, uncomfortable moment that is part alcohol, part emotion, part fatigue, part violence, part jealousy, part rage and a dozen other things.
Whether it was layups from Jake Thelen (12 of 16), 3-pointers from Rusty Troutman (3 of 3) or driving bankshots from the ultra-talented Chris Whitehead (8 of 13), Bellarmine simply had too many weapons for the Dragons. He was shooting 67 percent for the season coming into the contest, and shot 74 percent last year.

Whitehead was essentially unguardable with his quickness off the dribble and when he wasn't scoring an easy layup, he was zipping a pass to Thelen or Josh Derksen for an open jump shot. As MSUM's Tyler Vaughan said after the game, "If you give up 49 points in the first half, things aren't going to go well." Yet, the Dragons were still in the game. It was the most victories in a season for an MSUM and the school's first trip to the Elite Eight since moving to Division II in the mid-1990s.
He also coach with former Kentucky coach Tubby Smith while Smith was at Virginia Commonwealth. The Knights are the best shooting team in Division II at 53.4 percent and star post Jake Thelen, a 6-foot-7 senior, shoots 67 percent.
They lead the nation with 372 3-pointers and have Division II's best assist-to-turnover ratio.
Toyota Stadium in Frisco, Texas, home of FC Dallas of the MLS, is where the mighty Bison won the last four Football Championship Subdivision national title games.
It doesn't seem an unreasonable request, given the orgy of stadium-building in the Twin Cities the last decade or so. Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk, a DFLer and a huge union supporter who would seemingly love more union construction jobs, has said state money for a soccer stadium will not happen.
If the MLS franchise were to require an 18,000-seat stadium, it could be constructed for -- what?
Much of the rest of the cost of the stadium will be offset by the NFL and naming rights, which will be sold by the Wilfs. Those movies, while based on history, did not give rise to healthy, constructive conversation.
You started your career as a teacher, then spent a decade as a national speaker before morphing into a radio talk show host. It’s time to break those bonds and cast aside the exploitation because Socialism always fails, no matter the agenda.
At the County level, the Sheriff job is basically a paperpusher with no arrest or protection power.
Today we further thank You that Jesus is not only our Savior and Intercessor in Heaven, but the Good Shepherd here on earth through the Holy Spirit for all who follow Him.
In addition to composing the many secular instrumental and vocal works that have captivated and enchanted listeners for generations, Mendelssohn also composed a number of sacred choral works, and was a catalyst in the revival of interest in the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, when he conducted a performance of Bach’s St.
This present case looks like a modern morphing of yesteryear's atrocities perpetrated against blacks. This time, the networks gave us a countdown to the riot, as if it were a Super Bowl kickoff. They might want to come up with a more productive way to spend their time, inasmuch as they're about 0:100 on white racism sightings. It's certainly relevant in the court of public opinion that the alleged victims are a cartoonishly lower-class, periodically criminal black family. She said "the child" (292-pound Big Mike) never had his hands up and the cop only fired when "the baby" was coming at him. They are put in a position no white person will ever be in and do the right thing by telling the truth -- then go into hiding from "the community" being championed by goo-goo liberals.
After teaching my 2 classes at Delaware State University in Dover, DE , I asked my Samsung Galaxy III to give me driving instructions to the JP Court.
I love to walk in Battery Park  - New Castle, so my guess is the officer may have seen me before. 24, as he made an impassioned ideological plea for endless immigration, cultural diversity and a big government to manage the resulting multicultural society. That inflow brings in roughly one immigrant for every four Americans who turn 18 each year, even though wages and the number of native-born Americans with jobs have both flatlined since 2000 amid increasing competition from migrants, stalled productivity, accelerating technology and changing trade patterns. The edict also awards work-permits to roughly four million illegal immigrants, and puts them on a fast-track to citizenship. 25 speech, Obama downplayed the existence and interests of native-born Americans as he championed the arrival of many non-English speaking students in Chicago schools. Since 2000, median wages have stalled and the number of native-born Americans with jobs has remained flat amid the annual arrival of roughly one million legal immigrants, 650,000 guest workers and millions of illegals. That estimate is based on many assumptions, including claims that migrant workers will not usually compete against Americans for better jobs, and that the migrants will earn more money because of government intervention. But the sample size here is small (just 110 Latino respondents), so the numbers have a high margin of error. Notice how NBC was sure to add a note questioning the numbers due to a small sample size, ignoring that the margin of error could also result in more Latinos being against executive amnesty. Just 31 percent ranked the issue first or second, compared with 62 percent for the economy, 57 percent for health care, and 45 percent for education. For example, 64 percent of registered voters said they supported employment verification to determine if job applicants are lawful residents, compared with just 46 percent of non-registered voters. The Keystone vote was Senator Mary Landrieu from Louisiana's last chance to get enough support to try and win her runoff election and good old Chris just stuck it to her. A declaration of war affects legalities and duties related to acts of aggression against America. As a matter of fact, as each minute passes Barack Obama is adding numbers and manpower to an apostate force.
Therefore, although Congress declaring war on a president is not possible, based on Obama’s disregard for the fidelity of the Constitution, doing so seems like an acceptable option, however far-fetched. Because never in the history of the republic have we witnessed a leader who has commenced hostilities against his own nation with such vigor, determination, and pigheadedness.
As tempting a fantasy as it might be, we do know that Congress cannot literally declare war on a sitting president. The San Francisco 49ers' staff was checked at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, after they played the New York Giants. They did not target specific teams, but were done to measure whether visiting NFL clubs were generally in compliance with federal law. The number of plaintiffs has grown to more than 1,200, including dozens who played as recently as 2012. I don’t like having to go to a second store to find what I’m looking for because the first store sold out!
Yet, our marriage is still marred by sin, and this reality introduces pain and unpredictability into something stable that we’ve been building for many decades. Family was the most prominent value of his life and having that value being lived out before him was rich! In addition, I am grateful for the 3-4 mentors in my life who have served for decades as spiritual fathers to me. Then they paired us up with a friend and told us to hold hands and stick together to ensure that we didn’t wander off.
No other agenda should outweigh this purpose for marriage – preparation and companionship on our journey toward becoming like Christ. This month we get to host the Refreshing Your Marriage Conference on Friday evening, May 20 and Saturday, May 21. In the pages that follow, a metaphor of a cosmic conflict between good and evil unfolds: a turbulent sea and demonic sea monster versus the morally outraged man, Captain Ahab. This past fall, I submitted a sabbatical proposal that was approved by our Leadership Team. I love the battle and joining you and others on the front lines of ministry where the battle rages fiercely. It is, then, a strategic necessity that I intentionally and deliberately ally myself with the quiet, poised harpooners, and not leap, frenzied, to the oars. It is on the doorpost of every Jewish entryway, and many devout Jewish men have it placed in a small box (phylactery) strapped to their head. It is the daily prayer of recommitment that has been recited morning and evening for many millennia by Jews all over the world. I just have this recurring vision of Walt, in whatever eternally outfitted body he now occupies, walking into the Grand Hall of Heaven, wide-eyed and soul-filled at the overwhelming sense of joy and wonder, repeating to himself, “I knew this would be good, but I had no idea it would be this good!” I see him clapping at the presence and sight of the Savior he loved so much.
Memorial candles, a customary Jewish tradition to remember the dead, are reflected infinitely in a dark and somber space, creating the impression of millions of stars shining in the firmament. Good Friday and Easter Sunday are needed this year more than ever, and I don’t want any of you to miss it. For many others and for me, it is this service on Good Friday that makes Easter Sunday so impactful.
All lament should lead us to Jesus, in whom our sorrow and pain finds ultimate identification and hope. On the cross, the wrath of God was poured out on Jesus as the whole weight of the world’s guilt bore down on His shoulders.
Melhus said Savageau told him that Mantle was a) extremely inebriated and b) perturbed Maris had already signed on the a€?sweet spota€? of the ball, so Mickey nonchalantly scribbled his signature. As a long time media jackal, I learned long ago to root for great stories and somebody as blindly ambitious and narcissistic as Wrigley shrugging off an extramarital affair to pursue political power is a heckuva tale. Faithful people can forgive a man succumbing to a weakness of the flesh, but a multiple-year affair requires planning and conscientious effort and lying.
He's won three regular-season conference titles in his 11 years, and four conference playoff championships. UND continues to be one of the premier college hockey programs in the country, as it was under Gasparini and Blais. Perhaps they'll add how the team was lucky to get this far after losing leader Mark MacMillan to a horrible season-ending injury and how it bounced back so nicely after a lost weekend at the National Collegiate Hockey Conference tournament.
This had the hardcore base of UND hockey fans ready to begin their talk of "Fire Hak!" again. Cloud State before a fiercely partisan full house at Scheels Arena to earn a seventh trip to the Frozen Four under Hakstol.
Ultra-conservatives who didn't like Baesler because she's an unapologetic advocate of Common Core -- the education standards hated by ultra-conservatives -- took shots at her. But they got it rolling at the end of the first half there and we kind of got left behind," Walthall said. Senior guard Jordan Riewer, averaging 16 points a game, can hit a trey from pretty much anywhere across half-court. According to a story in the Dallas Morning News, the complex is booked 250 days a year and draws 1.8 million visitors annually.
The "At Large" County Commissioner on Levy Court is a waste since they typically go around acting like they are a second commissioner in each district. JC Stanley, (ordination name) Heggelund,  our Senior Pastor, on WNLC in New England while he served as a contact chaplain for the armed forces during the Vietnam War. Matthew Passion in 1829, in a performance of the same in Berlin where it was received with high acclaim, over a century after it was first composed. And why -- as almost everyone is saying -- are we supposed to praise the "peaceful protests"? The grand jury documents make perfectly clear that Big Mike was entirely responsible for his own death.
He asked for the car insurance card that I did not have because the vehicle belonged to a family member.
He leaned in the passenger side to study the dash board where he saw the problem had been corrected. It also sharply increases the annual inflow of 650,000 guest workers for blue-collar and white-collar jobs sought by Americans.
Non-registered voters, on the other hand, ranked immigration reform as their highest priority. Additionally, 55 percent of registered voters backed increased border-security measures (fencing, drones, police, etc.), compared with 45 percent of non-registered voters.
Regrettably, right now we have a president who defers to absolutely no one and he’s the one guilty of committing those aggressive acts. Next on his agenda of destruction is to outdo himself by completely rejecting the clear midterm election message conveyed to him by the American people concerning immigration. Moreover, right under our noses the person responsible for repelling invasions is exploiting one to create eclectic armies of individuals, some of whom have threatened to one day subjugate our nation’s citizens physically, economically, spiritually, and culturally. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers' staff was checked at Baltimore-Washington International airport after playing the Redskins.
Agents requested documentation from visiting teams' medical staffs for any controlled substances in their possession, and for proof that doctors could practice medicine in the home team's state. Any violations of federal drug laws from 2009 forward could also become the subject of a criminal investigation because they would not be subject to the five-year statute of limitations.
Most of you reading this at PCC have walked with me to one degree or another on my long farewell with Dad and the seemingly never-ending road of Alzheimer’s. But here is the good news: Jesus came, lived, died, and rose again for complex people like Bob Gaddini.
Or if the harpooner is exhausted, abandoning his assignment and becoming an oarsman, he will not be ready and accurate when it is time to throw his javelin. For the months of June, July, and August I will be shifting the focus of my work from leading the church to leading my soul. I will be seeking these tools in arenas that are most life giving to me; mentorship, family lineage, church history, travel, solitude and adventure. They stand out with their consistency, smiles, generosity of spirit, and faithful, steady walks with our Lord Jesus.
A thought has dawned on me here in the Holy Land: should I not intentionally make the Shema central to my life as well?
And I can almost hear the applause of heaven from the many people Walt led to Christ who preceded him in death. The names of murdered children, their ages and countries of origin can be heard in the background. If Jesus was God’s answer to the laments of humanity, how did He end up in the most lamentable position of all? While ita€™s unfortunate this very private matter has become public, I hope the media will respect our privacy as we work through it together.
UND gets the players it wants, it doesn't lack for money or staff or fan support or anything else. Bob Babich, had he not bolted town after a 2-8 season, would not have lasted in Fargo much longer. Those of a more left-leaning nature took cracks at her because she's a Republican and she had personal issues. Peoples opinion's of Kirsten Baesler's and Todd Tschosik's relationship, I said, should not be based on political parties, but on what actually happened that night. At one end of the stadium is a stage area that can be used for concerts -- like the annual Jimmy Buffett festival that draws the stadium's biggest crowds. Mark Dayton, also a huge union supporter who touted the jobs that would be created as he acted as the top cheerleader for the new Vikings' stadium, has said he would oppose a Hennepin County tax to pay for a soccer venue. Because the end-run to avoid a public vote on a county sales tax in Minnesota (which would most likely be "no" when it comes to sports stadia) is to get permission from the Legislature. It’s a question that has left a myriad of sociological, philosophical and psychological babble in its wake . This was a critical time for him as he was taken prisoner in the Soviet Union before the Iron Curtain fell, for giving out Bibles translated in Russian, after being a guest at the University of Moscow.
It was only because of racial politics that this shooting wasn't dismissed without a grand jury, at all. Obama’s speech did not mention the unpopular work permits or the fast-track to citizenship. Just before the election he was all over the news touting his great support for more jobs for the citizens of Delaware and the whole United States. Congress must do whatever is necessary to deprive Barack Obama of the power to continue his ongoing attack against the nation he was elected to protect.
The Seattle Seahawks, who played at Kansas City, confirmed via the team's Twitter account that they were spot-checked as well.
Being that we are in our Hope That Moves series at PCC, I wanted you to read it and be ministered to by it as I was. Dad grasped that late in his life, after retirement, and placed his faith in Jesus as the atoning sacrifice for his sins.
The desire to be obedient to our calling, the unique nature and challenges of our calling, and the spiritual opposition of the Kingdom of Darkness all involve us in the anarchic sea which is life on battlefield Earth, where the souls of men and women, boys and girls are being fought after for all eternity.
My goal is to engage in a holistic diagnostic of my life, entering into analytics of the spiritual, physical, marital, familial, relational, emotional, and pastoral dimensions of my life. I honestly forget the specific issue I was having, but some PCC members were upset with me and threatened to leave the church if I didn’t do such and such. As Peter reflected on the resurrection hope he mentioned that it is a hope that moves, a hope that is alive.
The times are too desperate to play it safe – let’s be bold and invest in relationships and invite people to join us at one of our gatherings. North Dakota Nice, or perhaps fear of reprisal from the statea€™s all-powerful Republican Party, won the day. Craig Bohl was nearly run out of town after finishing 3-8, but rallied in a big way to construct a dynasty. Nothing -- repeat, nothing -- is as simple as the media (myself included) try to make it seem. Plenty of dough, to be sure, but peanuts compared to all the stadia built in the Twin Cities since 2000.
And now because the White House, Justice Department and Civil Rights charlatans like Sharpton and Jackson found a crisis to exploit, Michael Brown’s family and all the folks in the vicinity have to pay in unrest and property damage.
After I laid out the whole situation, Walt, who was between bites of sourdough bread dipped in olive oil, looked at me and said, “That’s it? That is my primary calling at PCC: to sequester, hear from God, intercede for His church, and live obediently from my communion with Him. Are you kidding me?” He then laughed (he had the best sense of humor!) and said, “Gary, you think that will do you in? Let them infect another church with their venom.” He then proceeded to share with me from his wealth of wisdom about church dynamics and how I will never please everyone!

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