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Armenian First Legion took part in the ill-fated Persian campaign of the emperor Julianus Apostata  in 363. I think Armenian First Legion wasn't destroyed in 363, and later came a part of Byzantine army. The Roman army (exercitus) did not start out as the superlative fighting machine that came to dominate Europe to the Rhine, parts of Asia, and Africa. Roman soldiers had to march at an ordinary pace of 20 Roman miles in 5 summer hours and at a fast military pace of 24 Roman miles in 5 summer hours carrying a 70 pound backpack. In 390 Bezabda were taken by the Persians and a terrible bloodbath was held under the inhabitants and garrison.
It began like the part-time Greek army, with farmers returning to their fields after a quick summer campaign, then changed into a professional organization with long terms of service far from home.

The consuls had the power to recruit troops, but in the last years of the Republic, provincial governors were replacing troops without the approval of the consuls. Additional names indicated the place where the troops were recruited, and the name gemella or gemina meant the troops came from the merger of two other legions. These could be corporal (flogging, barley rations instead of wheat), pecuniary, demotion, execution, decimation, and disbandment. In war, a soldier who violated or failed to carry out the general's order could be punished by death, even if the action had been advantageous to the army. Nevertheless the legion seems to have survived this battle, because it appears in Notitia Dignitatum which have been written in 5th century. The Roman general and 7-time consul Marius is considered responsible for the change of the Roman army into its professional form.

Decimation meant one in 10 soldiers in a cohort was killed by the rest of the men in the cohort by clubbing or stoning (bastinado or fustuarium).
Roman soldiers built a wall surrounding the people to prevent supplies from getting in or people from getting out. It should first have been the garrison of Armenian lands which had been under the control of Roman Empire.

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